Solar activity shifting into over-drive: Is something accelerating the solar cycle?

March 28, 2011 – The Sun seems to be entering a new phase of dynamism.” Radio emissions like these are caused by plasma instabilities in the sun’s atmosphere above sunspots. With the sun becoming ‘radio-active,’ it’s no coincidence that sunspots are emerging in abundance. Leading the way is behemoth active region AR1176, shown here in a photo taken yesterday by Larry Alvarez of Flower Mound, Texas: AR1176, the multi-cored ensemble at the bottom of the image, is dragging a pair of long magnetic filaments behind as it cuts across the solar disk. Two more sunspots are visible in the active region’s wake. The entire star-scape spans more than 500,000 km from top to bottom–truly impressive. “I call this picture Solar Rip,” says Alvarez, “because it looks like a rip in the stellar surface.” –Space Weather
The Sun’s behavior is definitely becoming more dynamic, almost ahead of schedule as though something is exciting solar behavior. Mid-latitude coronal holes and the break-out of sunspots, increased flaring, are all indications the cycle is racing toward a maximum which is supposed to occur sometime between 2012-2013. Below a chart which shows the inundation of cosmic rays peaks when solar activity wanes- leading us to the hypothesis that our solar system is being bombarded by perhaps energetic particles from supernovae remnants or from some other unknown gamma-ray source.  –The Extinction Protocol

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12 Responses to Solar activity shifting into over-drive: Is something accelerating the solar cycle?

  1. Maiden PEI says:

    Could these rays be the ones from the Galactic Center that are part of the ‘Energy Shift’?


    • Maiden PEI, we’re 26,000 lightyears away from the galatic center. Remember also energetic particles are distorted by magnetic and in gravitational fields if they escape at all.


      • Maiden PEI says:

        Oh, ok…but if they left the Galactic Center 26,000 light years ago, wouldn’t they be reaching Earth now?

        I guess I was going by Dr. Paul LaViolette’s work on “galactic superwaves”, as per the following two excerpts from the article, “Galactic Cosmic Ray Volleys: A Coming Global Disaster” at

        1) Dr. LaViolette, who is currently president and chief researcher of the Starburst Foundation, was the first to demonstrate that cosmic rays from a galactic core explosion penetrate far outside a galaxy’s nucleus to bombard solar systems like our own residing in the spiral arm disk.

        He coined the word “galactic superwave” to refer to such a cosmic barrage. He has shown that galactic superwaves recur at long intervals and arrive at Earth’s doorstep without warning because they travel at near light speed.

        Galactic superwaves are a recent discovery. During the early 60’s astronomers began to realize that the massive object that forms the core of our Galaxy (the Milky Way), periodically becomes active.

        2) The effects on the Sun and on the Earth’s climate were not due to the Galactic cosmic rays themselves, but to the cosmic dust that these cosmic rays transported into the Solar System. Observations have shown that the Solar System is presently immersed in a dense cloud of cosmic dust, material that is normally kept at bay by the outward pressure of the solar wind.



  2. Mara Baldomino says:

    Very impressive and timely. We move forward ever so swiftly. Riding the comic wave!
    Thank you beloved,
    In Love.


  3. Blaze says:

    Could possibly be another body in our solar system, Comet Elenin or the magnetized particles from the coming interstellar plasma cloud. There will definitely be fireworks.




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  6. breathmints says:

    do u think the radiation from earth cause this effect? could happen u know


  7. Fred says:

    I bought your book, and everyday it shows me things I have never thought about. And I would like to read it everywhere during my day, thus do you have a PDF or ebook version? Even if I need to buy it again,


    P.s.: how do you get all articles even before other well informed sites? That is something impressive.



    • Fred, I’m glad you found the reading of interest. It covers a lot of ground and everyone should walk away seeing something that perhaps they never pondered. As far as the articles, since I’m somewhat familar with the script ——- I know how to cast the players. A PDF version should be forth-coming soon. I had to do things in stages. I will keep you posted.

      Thanks for tuning in regularly and blessings


  8. Blaze says:

    A….great job! I expect the Solar Activity to pick back up real soon.


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