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Japan’s nightmare: 823 quakes after 9.0 and still shaking

A 6.3 (later downgraded to a 6.1) earthquake has struck off the east coast of Japan at the depth of 18.2 km. The number of quakes that have followed the March 11, 2011 Tōhoku 9.0 earthquake and tsunami now number … Continue reading

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Hundreds of dead fish wash up on Alabama beaches

March 29, 2011 – ALABAMA — Months after the hundreds of birds fell dead from the sky and after thousands of dead fish, crabs, sardines, dolphins, and whales washed ashore worldwide, more dead fish washed ashore in Alabama, and a … Continue reading

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Burma shaken by back-to-back natural disasters- thousands now feared dead

March 29, 2011 – BURMA (Myanmar) – Of the 7,000 fishermen that were swept into the Andaman Sea during a tropical storm on March 14-16, a total of 3,374 have now been rescued, according to a source close to the … Continue reading

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