6.7 magnitude earthquake strikes S of Port Hardy, Canada

Canada 6.7 mag April 23

April 2014CANADA – A 6.7 magnitude Canada earthquake today 2014 has just struck west of Vancouver. The Canada earthquake today April 23, 2014 began in the evening hours. Damage assessment is pending. Officials tell news that a 6.7 magnitude Canada earthquake today started just after 7:10 pm local time. The quake was shallow and out to sea. USGS indicates to news that the quake started seven miles below sea level. As a result it could be felt to the east on land. Reps tell news the quake was fifty-eight miles south of Port Hardy. It was ninety-eighty miles west of Campbell River. It was roughly one hundred miles west of Courtenay and Port Alberni. Reps tell news that it was two hundred west of Victoria. The same general epicenter delivered a 6.0 magnitude quake on September 3, 2013. As reported on LALATE at the time, that Canada earthquake began one hundred nineteen miles west of Bella Bella. The quake was roughly two hundred miles south of Prince Rupbert and west of the Campbell River. The quake was about four hundred miles northwest of Victoria and three hundred miles west of Terrace. In May another quake struck the country. That quake was sixteen miles northeast of Shawville. It started thirty-five miles east of Pembroke, forty miles northwest of Gatineau. Officials also tell news that the quake was forty-three miles northwest of Ottawa and forty-six miles east of Petawawa. –La Late
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Slow-Motion Disaster: Wyoming landslide rips apart house

April 21, 2014 WYOMING - A creeping landslide threatening homes and businesses since early April in Jackson, Wyo., suddenly lurched Friday, tearing apart a house. While landslides are common along the steep slopes fronting the nearby Teton Range, the crumbling hillside is a rare occurrence in the mountain resort town, according to news reports. Officials first noticed the slumping hillside at East Gros Ventre Butte on April 4, and evacuated 42 homes and apartments on April 9, the Jackson Hole News & Guide reported. The landslide was initially moving a few inches each day, but between Thursday, April 17, and Friday, April 18, the earth rapidly advanced by up to 10 feet (3 meters) in some spots, according to a city press release. The hillside has slid a total of 15 feet (4.5 m) in some spots, despite concrete buttresses meant to slow its movement. The sudden lurch Friday ripped apart a house at the head of the slide when the earth beneath it dropped. The speed-up also destroyed the road leading to a neighborhood built on the butte, cutting off the only public access, and ruptured a sewer line, the News & Guide reported. The mass earth movement also threatens a main road through town, West Broadway, and a water main — both at the toe of the landslide. The city has set up a live webcam to monitor the slow-motion disaster. –Yahoo News
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Indonesia’s Mount Merapi smoking and trembling again

April 21, 2014INDONESIA – Volcanic activity at Mount Merapi, on the border of Central Java and Yogyakarta, dispersed ash within a 15-kilometer radius of the southeast, south and southwest of the volcano, on Sunday. “Tremors were recorded for around 20 minutes at 4:21 a.m. local time on Sunday, and our observers began to hear rumbling at 4:26 a.m.,” said Sri Sumarti, head of the Mt. Merapi division at the Geological Disaster Technology Research and Development Center (BPPTKG) in Yogyakarta on Sunday, as quoted by Antara news agency. It was reported that embers were also seen. Sri asserted that, however, there was no lava flow. “The same thing happened after Mt. Merapi erupted in 2010. The smoke this morning was an isolated occurrence and was not followed by more seismic activity,” she said. Sri further said a 5.6 Richter scale earthquake with an epicenter some 151 km southwest of Gunung Kidul occurred on Friday. On Saturday, the BPPTKG also recorded seismic activity at Mt. Merapi in the form of four tectonic quakes between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. “We are not able to yet conclude whether the smoke blowing this morning is directly related to the quakes,” said Sri. She said the volcano’s status remained “active-normal.” –Jakarta Post
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NASA: the only thing stopping a city-destroying asteroid is blind luck

April 2014 SPACE - So you know how we all kind of thought that our odds of getting destroyed by an asteroid were remarkably low? Yeah, that was wrong. According to new research, the odds of a large-scale asteroid impact are actually three to ten times higher than we thought. And the only thing stopping total and utter destruction? Sheer, dumb luck. The unsettling revelation, which will be presented in full by three former NASA astronauts this coming Tuesday, is the result of a new visualization of data from a nuclear weapons warning network. The B612 Foundation found that 26 atomic-bomb-size explosions have happened around the world in (thankfully) remote locations since 2001. Ed Lu, the Foundation’s CEO, explains: It shows that asteroid impacts are NOT rare—but actually 3-10 times more common than we previously thought. The fact that none of these asteroid impacts shown in the video was detected in advance is proof that the only thing preventing a catastrophe from a ‘city-killer’ sized asteroid is blind luck.
We’re not totally helpless, though. Funded by the B612 Foundation and Ball Aerospace, the Sentinel Infrared Space Telescope will head into a Venus-esque orbit around the sun when it launches in 2017. From orbit, the Sentinel should have a better vantage point for spotting rogue, humanity-destroying asteroids than we’ve ever had before. We’ll get a better picture of what this all means come Tuesday, when the astronauts present their findings at the Museum of Flight in Seattle at 9pm EDT. So just to be safe, maybe hold off on rewatching Armageddon for now. – Gizmodo
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Saudi Arabia announces spike in MERS cases – 20 new infections

April 2014SAUDI ARABIASaudi Arabia confirmed 20 new cases of Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) on Saturday and Sunday, adding up to 49 infections in six days, a sudden increase of a disease that kills about a third of the people infected and has no cure. MERS, a SARS-like novel coronavirus that emerged in Saudi Arabia two years ago, has infected 244 people in the kingdom, of whom 76 have died, the Health Ministry said on its website. However, Health Minister Abdullah al-Rabia on Sunday told reporters there was no scientific evidence yet to justify ordering additional preventative measures such as travel restrictions. He said he did not know why there had been a surge of cases in Jeddah but said it might be part of a seasonal pattern since there was also a big rise in infections last April and May. Another cluster of cases has been detected in the United Arab Emirates and a Malaysian who was recently in the Gulf has been confirmed as infected, his country said. MERS has no vaccine or anti-viral treatment, but international and Saudi health authorities say the disease, which originated in camels, does not transmit easily between people and may simply die out. Health experts have warned, however, that MERS has the potential to mutate eventually. The number of officially confirmed Saudi cases has jumped suddenly over the past two weeks. Saudi authorities last week issued several statements aimed at reassuring the public that there was no immediate cause for concern at the latest outbreak and that it had not met international definitions of an epidemic.
Rabia said the ministry had invited five European and North American companies to work with it in developing a vaccine and that some of the companies would soon visit the kingdom. audi Arabia, the birthplace of Islam, is expected to receive a surge of pilgrims in July during the faith’s annual fasting month of Ramadan, followed by millions more in early October for the Haj. Last week Malaysian health authorities said a Malaysian citizen had been confirmed as having the disease after he returned from pilgrimage in Saudi Arabia. Rumors of unreported cases have circulated on Saudi social media feeds in recent weeks. Last week, the kingdom’s cabinet asked Saudi news organizations to report only those cases that are officially confirmed by the Health Ministry. Most of the new infections are in Saudi Arabia’s port city of Jeddah, where 37 people have been infected since Monday, seven of them fatally. Another 10 new cases, one of them fatal so far, were discovered in the capital Riyadh. There were also new cases confirmed in Najran Province and the city of Medina. Last week, another cluster of cases was discovered in the neighboring United Arab Emirates, and Yemen reported its first case. -Reuters
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Experts downplay volcanic threat, warn of more quakes

April 2014 NICARAGUANicaraguan authorities say “there’s no scientific evidence” of a pending eruption of Momotombo and Apoyeque volcanos despite recent earthquake activity along nearby fault lines. In a report released this afternoon by Nicaragua’s Disaster Response Agency (SINAPRED), a team of national and foreign experts say the current seismic activity “could lead to future scenarios of volcanic activity” north of Managua, but there’s no evidence of an immediate eruption. Scientists say there’s no variation to the water quality in the volcanic craters and nearby wells, no emission of sulfur dioxide, and no change to the structure of volcanoes — all good signs. However, the report says, the dramatic increase in seismic activity over the past week is similar to the “hundreds of earthquakes” that proceeded the 1999 eruption of Cerro Negro Volcano in León. The SINAPRED report says the seismic activity between Momotombo and Apoyeque appears to be diminishing, but authorities are not ruling out the possibility of additional aftershocks with magnitudes between 5 and 6 on the Richter Scale. Scientists said the current earthquake activity has centered along a 20-KM fault line north of Managua, between Nagarote and Mateare, which suffered the brunt of the damage from the 6.2-magnitude quake on April 10.
The active fault lines are separate from the fault lines crisscrossing beneath Managua, but continued seismic activity in Lake Managua “could activate some of the faults (in Managua) and produce damage in the city,” the report warns. Scientists also notes the recent “deformation” to the coastline of Lake Managua, which caused the water to recede in the lake. They say they’re investigating the matter, but think it’s “secondary to the high amount of seismic activity in the region.” The report says the overall water temperatures in the lake are considered normal, and said earlier claims of rising temperatures could be due to natural hot springs found in different parts of the lake. The report recommends that Nicaragua remain on high alert and is calling on the Nicaraguan Institute of Territorial Studies (INETER) to “significantly increase their investigations to generate better knowledge of our seismic risks.” –Nicaragua Dispatch
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7.5 magnitude earthquake strikes off coast of Papua New Guinea

PNG 7.5 April 19
April 2014PAPUA, NG - An earthquake with a magnitude 7.5 struck off Papua New Guinea on Saturday and a tsunami warning was briefly issued for the Pacific Island nation and neighboring Solomon Islands, but there were no immediate reports of damage. The quake, at a depth of 10 km (6 miles), struck 68 km southwest of Panguna on the island of Bougainville, the U.S. Geological Survey said, revising down the magnitude from an initial 7.8. The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center later cancelled a tsunami warning for Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands and there was no threat to neighboring Australia or across the Pacific Ocean. At least six strong tremors have hit near Bougainville in the past week or so, including a magnitude 7.3 on April 11, but there have been no reports of major damage. “Certainly it has been very active, more active than usual,” said Jonathan Bathgate, a seismologist at Geoscience Australia.
“(The spate of earthquakes) is relieving some pressure on this faultline, but we can’t rule out another large earthquake.” The quake would have been felt strongly on Bougainville and nearby islands, but given its position on the so-called “Pacific Ring of Fire” where earthquakes are frequent, extensive damage was unlikely, Bathgate said. However, a local tsunami may have been generated, he added. Readings showed a small wave had been generated, the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center said. In 1998, a magnitude 7 earthquake triggered a tsunami that smashed into villages near Aitape on Papua New Guinea’s north coast and killed more than 2,000 people. Resource-rich Bougainville, which neighbors the Solomon Islands, fought a war for independence from Papua New Guinea in the 1990s, leading to the closure of the Panguna copper mine, majority-owned by Rio Tinto Ltd. Bougainville is now an autonomous region of Papua New Guinea. –Reuters
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