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Antarctica ice mass growing from the bottom up

March 4, 2011 – ANTARCTICA – Studies of under-ice lakes in Antarctica first alerted scientists to the capability of pooled melt-water to refreeze on the bottom of ice sheets and deform the upper layers. But this accretion ice was considered … Continue reading

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Far North Pole shaken by moderate quake

March 4, 2011 – NORTH POLE – A 4.8 earthquake rattles the far North Pole at a depth of 10 km at NORTH OF SEVERNAYA ZEMLYA (number 5 grid in Yellow) on the map of the Arctic Pole. The peculiar … Continue reading

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U.S. officials puzzled by high number of deaths of dolphins and manatees

March 4, 2011 – MIAMI – Near-record numbers of manatees have died in Florida waters in early 2011, the second straight year of above-average deaths, alarming officials who are also puzzled by a surge in dolphin fatalities along the US … Continue reading

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Earth trembles again in Southwest Iceland

March 4, 2011 – ICELAND – An earthquake measuring 3.7 in magnitude on the Richter scale hit one kilometer northeast of Krýsuvík on Reykjanes peninsula in southwest Iceland yesterday and the tremor could clearly be felt in the capital region. … Continue reading

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