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Superflares developing on the farside of the sun?

March 19, 2011 – ICONIC ERUPTION: A huge filament of magnetism and hot plasma blasted off the sun’s southwestern limb today, March 19th, at around 1200 UT. The eruption was not Earth-directed, but it was iconic. Just look at this … Continue reading

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Tremor rattles buildings in southern Finland

March 19, 2011 – FINLAND – A minor earth tremor was felt early Saturday afternoon in parts of southern Finland. Measuring 2.8 on the Richter scale it shook some buildings in the area. No injuries have been reported. Reports of … Continue reading

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Mystery land collapse in Ventura county investigated by geologist

March 19, 2011 – VENTURA, Ca. – A landslide near the small town of Somis in Ventura County forced the evacuation of a residence and several horses. According to the Ventura County Star, a piece of land about 200 yards … Continue reading

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Chunk of famed California highway falls into the ocean

March 19, 2011 – CARMEL, CA – It is the most scenic highway in America, but a big chunk of California’s Highway 1 has fallen into the sea after a landslide. Stunned drivers watched as a forty-foot section tumbled into … Continue reading

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