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Luke 21:25 – “And upon Earth – a distress of nations with perplexity (Greek aporeo) refers to “one who goes through the whole list of possible ways, and finds no way out.” –Strong’s Concordance on the Bible.

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13 Responses to The Extinction Protocol Radio

  1. Jacquie says:

    A couple times you have mentioned “bug out bags, or “boogie bags”. However, you want to reference them they are a good, and prudent item to have available. Have you ever made a list of what should be contained in these bags? Where on the website should we look?

    Thank you for keeping us up to date on the many changes happening in our lives and in the world!
    God Bless You….


  2. Michele says:

    I really miss your posts, where have you gone?


  3. Beverly Barnum says:

    I miss your entries. Are you still an active site?


  4. dakota says:

    hello,have you gotten busy lately? No recent updates or new news. And as for the bug out bags,i happen to make and sell those,Grand to have. Simply built,contain basics like emergency food,water,items for shelter (tent,tarps) warmth (sleeping bags,emergency blankets,matches) lighting (flashlights,candles,spare batteries) hygiene(toothbrush/paste,soap,shampoo,lady products,tp) and something to carry it all in(box or backpack)


  5. Nick says:

    Dear Alvin, have heard some of the radio shows and made a mental connection with you. Great job of what you are doing, please stay at it. I am on my own research path for humanity at this point and just wanted to hit you up for a response. As I try and put the present and future scenarios together I keep getting signals that don’t add up. Short to the point, when you look at all the situations together, sun, earthquakes, volcanos, diseases – plant, animal and man, weather, meteors, ufos, earth sounds, sinkholes, etc. what is your conclusion? That these are all signs from God as to the bibles prescribed end times? Or do you think there are numerous reasons for the various causes including Gods power? My problem is I know man is capable of doing many of the really really bad things we are seeing such as earthquakes, weather mod, etc. and possible other planetary gravity situations or alien influence can possibly affect the sun, comet fireballs, etc. In other words man and outside influences can do a lot of what we are seeing today or God can do them all or a combination of everyone God and bad men on earth. So do you believe that bad (evil) men in control are trying to kill the earth and humans and are contributing to 1/3 or so of these events, are wrongful aliens messing with 1/3 of these events because they are in communication with the bad men who want to rule the earth now and in the future and is GOD doing 1/3 of these events or do you believe GOD is doing all of this. Problem is you and I both know the magnitude of mans advancements to cause specific harm to all living things, planet included and the reason why man would do this and is doing this. If GOD is doing it, I am good with that but I can’t help think that these are not GODS acts at this point in time. It smells too much of man’s doings and maybe an outside influence of another planet or alien influence along with man. Global warming from CO2 is a woax but warming is occurring, I am just not sure the exact purpose evil man would be doing this except to extinct us for his own underground concept to run the world again after we are killed. GODs signs would be different and I would not be subsequently questioning them if he were doing all of this. Not sure where you stand on this but I would love your feedback no matter what because I sense you have a link to the puzzle. My thoughts are I am pushing for future mankind if there is another mankind to be a product of what GOD wanted and the universe intended for our physical manifestation to be. Loving and all of one thought, no good or evil, just loving beings. This is my conundrume while I am stuck in a physical body until we are all released. Wishing you love and peace. Best. Nick and family


  6. Chanel adjei says:



  7. Dakota lalonde says:

    We are living in the last days of man as stated in the bible.pretty much,only Jehovah’s witness,s are the ones who share and explain this using only the bible. Welcome to the end of mankind’s rule. These disasters arent Gods work,but he did fortell everything that is happening in the bible.timothy,matthew,revelation,all these books mention the events happening today.check out 123abckickass on YouTube.his channel.covers a lot of this stuff and more in depth.


  8. Nicola Major says:

    Don’t be terrified Chanel. All spiritual traditions, including Christianity,tell us that our body is simply an outer casing for our soul, which will continue after the death of our body. As the Bible says,”In my father’s house there are many mansions.” I believe that this is saying that this physical ‘reality’ is just one of many dimensions. Current quantum physics backs this up. So,even if the worst happens on this physical earth,our souls will go on.


    • John Henesy says:

      Nicola, beautifully said! There could be nothing out there that could frighten me enough to take my eye off that prize! The little boy inside me is bursting at the seems to see the face of the Lord Jesus Christ. I cannot wait to be so overwhelmed by his love and presence, everything else that is going on, what does it matter?


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