Crisis: explosion rattles Fukushima nuclear plant in Japan

March 12, 2011 TOKYO – FOUR people have been injured in an explosion that occurred at the No. 1 reactor of the quake-hit Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant, the operator Tokyo Electric Power Co. said Saturday. Nuclear authorities had earlier warned that the Fukushima No 1 plant, located about 250km northeast of Tokyo, an urban area of 30 million people, might “be experiencing a nuclear meltdown”. The plant’s cooling system was damaged in the quake that hit on Friday, leaving the government scrambling to fix the problem and evacuate more than 45,000 residents within a 10km radius. Public broadcaster NHK reported that a blast had been heard at about 3.30pm local time and showed delayed footage of smoke billowing from the site, also reporting that the reactor building had been destroyed. TV channels warned nearby residents to stay indoors, turn off air-conditioners and not to drink tap water. People going outside were also told to aviod exposing their skin and to cover their faces with masks and wet towels. The explosion was heard at 3.36 pm following large tremors and white smoke was seen at the facility in Fukushima Prefecture, the company said. Jiji news agency said there had been an explosion at the stricken 40-year-old Daichi 1 reactor and TV footage showed vapour rising from the plant, which lies 240 km north of Tokyo. The four workers were working to deal with problems caused by a powerful earthquake that hit northeastern Japan on Friday. However there is no word on injured worker’s condition, Jiji news agency says. Fukushima prefecture says TEPCO’S no.1 reactor ceiling has collapsed, Jiji reports. Radioactivity at the plant was 20 times over the normal level, and Japan’s Nuclear Safety Commission has said it may be experiencing meltdown.  –Herald Sun
The earthquake and tsunami were the event, this is the shadow.
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(c) ITN News 2011
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7 Responses to Crisis: explosion rattles Fukushima nuclear plant in Japan

  1. Torz Baron Copley says:

    I’d be going to buy safe water and Lugol’s Iodine Solution today then if I knew what this explosions implications meant….. I’d advise you all to do the same. ASAP.


  2. shawnta says:

    Omg! They said on the news that nuclear fallout could travel to the us. 😦 would that be west coast us?


  3. Tom Stack says:

    This is extremely bad news! Get down on your knees and pray! Things are getting worse by the minute!


  4. Kelly says:

    Shwanta the prevailing winds/jet stream flows from west to east and contaminants from Asia are routinely deposited on the west coast of North America, including British Columbia, Washington, Oregon and California……..and even further in land. Industrial pollution from Asia contaminates western North America and this is routinely shown in water and soil samples.

    If a worst case scenario played out in Japan, radiation would reach the western US.


  5. gaire kamala says:

    is it ok to turn on the air conditioner in tokyo coz i am living in tokyo


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