56 Responses to The Extinction Protocol: A message to readers

  1. Richard says:

    “…by working together and never losing sight of the “humanity” and “compassion” which ultimately unites us all in one collective family. ”

    Amen to that. The storm IS coming, perhaps to strip all detritus away, re-establish our commonality as ‘humans’, re-focus us on the spiritual way of life and re-introduce compassion in all things.

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    • katnea says:

      I must tell you Richard that I wholeheartedly agree with you insofar as reiterating the section of the paragraph that you believe holds the most important part of the message. For I too was going to add that line here if you hadn’t. (smiles)

      I also wanted to share another section of the paragraph that really touched my heart as well: “While conflict continues to escalate across the face of our planet, communities become more and more polarized by violence and economic disparities, and the world continues to unravel socially and economically – our attention should not be drawn into the vortex of these occurrences.”

      Note: It’s the last line within this paragraph that really impacted me overall as well.
      Lastly, I feel we are indeed fortunate to have Alvin, (along with everyone else’s involvement) keeping this wonderfully informative website up and running. Thus I again do offer my sincere and humble thanks to all…..

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  2. Rose G says:

    The end times are here and there is more to come and worse than what we are facing now. Our good days are over.


  3. Yves says:

    The 500 days before the climate chaos……
    100 days left……
    Get Ready (fuel,food,utility)
    support your neighbor, team up,and be aware …..
    Love to all



  4. Elle says:

    Thank you for the reminder and the great job you do here. 🙂


  5. john says:

    Yes thank you Michael for all you hard work and vigilalence to wake us up and keep us inforned.
    These terrible things that you mentioned did not include the issues of chemtrails, Fukashima, CERN. and the new sencient black box super computer that has the human brain computing power of 7,000,000,000 human brains.
    All of these thing mention


  6. john says:

    Each of these things aforementiined issues could result in a catastrophic extinction level event in and amongst themselves?
    To any right thinking individual each of these issues might be mitigated by human intervention? But taken together these issues now point to our critical neef for Divine Intervention from our Creator Jehovah God for a complete fair and just permenant resolution to all these catastrophic extinction level issues confronting man and the earth.

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  7. davidh7426 says:

    For those who are interested in, or worried about what may be coming our way, I’d suggest this…

    It’s free, download it, give it to your friends etc…

    “Beyond Collapse”

    Click to access Beyond-Collapse.pdf


  8. Wiseguy says:

    After our coldest winter ever, the only thing to do before nature get very very bad is to enjoy every day like it’s the last one. Go out, enjoy life, enjoy the beauty of nature, don’t do it later, it will be too late… I’m not afraid of what the future will be as long as I enjoy every minute right now… It’s a matter of months now!!! Thanks Alvin to warned us for so many years, you were right 🙂

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  9. Rhea says:

    I am a daily reader of this sight.
    It sounds as if you know about something upcoming that we are not privy to.
    Could you expound more?


    • We have entered the next phase of these geologic processes affecting the Earth. People worry about random catastrophic events, but we have greater concerns that loom large in this period of Earthchanges that particularly concerns me. A series of large-scale events that will push our planet to a new point of geologic dynamism, which will makes seismic events and volcanic eruptions occur across the planet with nearly unfailing frequency. A series of 9+ magnitude earthquakes will be one of the heralds of this process. These processes will happen in concert with the planet’s magnetic field weakening further, and civilization on the planet unraveling.


      • thanks for your forthright answer. Can you pinpoint the moment/event at which you recognised we have entered the next phase and why you believe this. ?


      • The inordinate rise in volcanic activity is inherently a troubling sign, as volcanoes are geological dissipative vents designed to manage and expel excess heat building up within the upper crust of the Earth to prevent the lithosphere of the planet from catastrophically fracturing. Earthquakes are also thermal stress dissipaters – and we can expect a rise in very large earthquake events. Similarly the sea, where most of the volcanic vents on the planet are located will also begin to change – and marine dieoffs, and red blooms will become more frequent.

        We’re only four months into the year

        Average number of volcanoes erupting a year: 55
        Volcanoes which have erupted YTD (2015): 52
        Two more suspect eruptions awaiting scientific confirmation

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      • Rhea says:

        Thank you for your reply.
        I continue to watch and pray.


      • You’re welcome.

        Peace be unto you


      • Thanks for your detailed reply. Can you clarify for me, I read your books awhile ago but a simple expanantion for a layman would help. The earthquakes and volcanic eruptions are the reaction. What are the large scale events that precede them? thank you.


      • The greater changes are thermal anomalies within the planet’s core – which will effect everything on this planet, since all processes are driven by the mechanism of heat as I mentioned in The Extinction Protocol. Things affected by significant changes in the planet’s geothermal gradient:

        a). the declination and reversal of the planet’s magnetic field
        b). polar migration or deviation – heralding a reversal
        c). increase in magma plume activity affecting- (rise in volcanism on Island volcanic systems – Iceland, Hawaii, Canary Islands, supervolcanoes)
        d). increase in rate of tectonic plate movement and sea-floor spreading
        e). ocean overturn
        f). climate collapse and extremes


      • again Thanks for your explanation, Im using the dictionary to understand some of the terms.I will re read the book but I feel the urgency to be able to clearly explain and warn others about what lies ahead.


  10. Amen!  I just add that we can do this…our hope is by believing in our Father and staying in God’s Word…😏

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    • Peter says:

      Your postings above are all bollocks. Christianity and all other religions are all a hoax. Wake up you twats. Hasn’t religion always been and still is the main cause of world strife – plus overpopulation? I hope the forthcoming devastation kills 95% of the human population on this planet giving nature a fresh chance. Humans are a disease worse than locusts!
      Have a nice day!

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      • niebo says:

        OK, dudes, if you will indulge me . . . : Peter . . . first of all, please respect the readers/posters here enough to avoid calling anybody THAT with the casual derision that you display, which borders on open hostility, and, in accord with Newton’s Third Law of Motion, open hostility may be met with an equal and opposite reaction. Next, you are free to believe what you will about “religion”, but closer inspection reveals that it is not the Bible, nor the Bhaqavad Gita, nor the Tipitaka which cause wars, because no IDEA, no BOOK, no WORD anywhere ever KILLED anyone by itself, but BAD PEOPLE who use these tenets for their own ends, and for you to suggest otherwise gives me a migraine, because I have to think down to your level to explain to you the reality which you ignore. Plus, “overpopulation” is a myth. Believe that crap if you want to, but please understand that what you believe bears NO correlation to the actual truth:


        And, in conclusion: if the forthcoming devastation kills 95 percent of the population, my guess is the world will be a better place without the likes of people like you and your empty, hostile, hateful “hope”. God bless you.

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      • cindy says:

        God bless you!!! 💖 Much love your way. 🙂


      • Yellow Bird says:

        … and you include yourself among this 95%?

        i am sorry you are filled with such an intensity of self-loathing that you would project such a doom wish for the entire world.

        i pray you may grieve with compassion instead for the immense loss that is coming, and release this deep bitterness consuming you.


      • davidh7426 says:

        Peter, why did you come here ?

        What is so wrong with people holding onto their faith, whether that faith is misplaced or not is irrelevant, it gives them hope and a feeling of security.

        And as Niebo pointed out it isn’t the faith, religion or philosophy that does the harm, it’s the people that follow it and misinterpret it’s teachings.

        P.S. Call me what ever you wish, the words you used are inaccurate, anatomically and as an insult, and are therefore meaningless.

        P.P.S Neibo :: Your last paragraph looks like you managed the transition to his level quite well. And is just as “…empty, hostile, hateful…” as his post… Was that necessary ?


      • niebo says:

        Hey Davidh7426, I concede the point, sir, but I respond not from “hate” for Peter, but in defense of, first, Sharilynne:

        “My additional hope is that I somehow find all of you once this all falls down. Everyone on this site has been a blessing to me – especially since the world around me isn’t listening. Blessings and safety to all of you. May we all make it the other side, whatever that is. Peace!”

        My initial post was going to be a response to her: “I am blessed that we have found one another here, and that is my HOPE, too, that we find ourselves together with like-minded and like-hearted, where we know PEACE forever.”

        But, instead, I continued to read. And at the contempt for her heartfelt post, and yours, and the posts which preceded yours, I bristle.

        Obadiah 1:12

        But do not gloat over the day of your brother
        in the day of his misfortune. . . .

        It has been my experience that people who wish harm upon others will stand aside and allow harm to fall without lifting voice or finger to intercede, just let it happen, often with the justification, “They had it coming.” Perhaps that it is true, but, perhaps those people who wish, allow, and celebrate harm have it coming, too.

        Obadiah 1:13

        Do not enter the gate of my people
        in the day of their calamity;
        do not gloat over his disaster
        in the day of his calamity. . . .


        For the day of the LORD is near upon all the nations.
        As you have done, it shall be done to you;
        your deeds shall return on your own head.


      • sharilynne says:

        Thank you Neibo. May your path always be lighted with peace and positivity. I am grateful for your sentiments.


    • jennguffey says:

      If only people realized our faith is not about religion and is not a religion. It’s a personal relationship with the Lord. Turning my life over to the Lord was the best decision of my life. It’s been over 40 years now and I have no regrets about it at all. It has been life altering in the best of ways. God has been with me through it all – good and bad.

      Soon everyone will know God is real and realize how much He loves them. It’s all because of Him I have total peace despite the things happening all over the world. Prayers for all.


  11. Pearl Logan says:

    I totally agree.


  12. Northwalker says:

    Love trumps it all (1Cor 13), stash a bit for your neighbor…they will be beyond understanding. Jesus said, “their hearts will fail them”. It is totally unreal how the Black Swan Event is coming to fruitation. Peace to all ++


  13. Creationist? If not, accept one thing: mankind did not pop up a few thousand years ago so what happened to our ancestors of before 13,000 years ago? There were probably billions on Earth before then and a handful made it. So what makes you think you will make it when Armageddon comes around again (as it does every 13,000 years)?

    If you act as if our ancestors were retarded, you are a fool and will die a fool’s death. Learn from the past. What’s coming will kill 7 billion but will you die because you refuse to live where others die? Or just from ignorance? Or will you choose to live, acknowledging that subconscious suicide is defeatist and a self-fulfilling prophecy.

    I haven’t found anyone else preparing for the coming stone age that will hit mankind as surely as it did our ancestors. Now i can see why only a handful made it 13,000 years ago…


  14. Cipher says:

    Thanks for your wonderful blog which is the result of tons of work and time you spend making it what it is. The information you aggregate and put forth here should help even the most skeptical, normalcy biased people connect the dots and form a wider view of the situation at large.


  15. Kasia says:

    Thanks for wake us up…

    From Germany all the best!


  16. PK says:

    “…Greater threats of a solemn nature are LOOMING and APPROACHING us in time which will soon IMPACT THE PLANET in ways, even now, few can foresee or foretell. Some of these events have the potential to drastically alter life on Earth for all mankind….” (Capitalization emphasis mine)

    I’ve been coming here for years now…love this informative site. Thank you. But the above sentence seems particularly pregnant with meaning…were these words chosen for a specific reason?



  17. sarshalom1@comcast.net says:



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