Are earthquakes and volcanic eruptions increasing across the planet?

AAA Volcanic and Earthquakes
April 2015 GEOLOGY – If it seems like earthquakes and erupting volcanoes are happening more frequently, that’s because they are. Looking at global magnitude six (M6) or greater from 1980 to 1989 there was an average of 108.5 earthquakes per year, from 2000 to 2009 the planet averaged 160.9 earthquakes per year: that is a 38.9% increase of M6+ earthquakes in recent years. Unrest also seems to be growing among the world’s super-volcanoes. Iceland (which is home to some of the most dangerous volcanoes on the planet), Santorini in Greece, Uturuncu in Bolivia, the Yellowstone and Long Valley calderas in the U.S., Laguna del Maule in Chile, Italy’s Campi Flegrei – almost all of the world’s active super-volcanic systems are now exhibiting some signs of inflation, an early indication that pressure is building in these volcanic systems.
When they will erupt is guess work, but in the meantime, activity is growing in Central America’s volcanoes such as Costa Rica’s Turrialba Volcano, Asia’s volcanoes such as Kamchatka, Alaska and Indonesia are also more active. Magma chambers are growing as pressures increase, the numbers of tremors are increasing as are related ‘quake-clusters’. If any one of these major volcanic systems has a large scale eruption, it would be a global event. Iceland is considered by many scientists to be the next likely place for a global level volcanic event. The last major event, actually relatively minor, was in 2010 when an Icelandic volcano (Eyjafjallajökull volcano) made headlines around the world by spewing mega-tons of ash into the atmosphere, cancelling and re-routing thousands of flights and costing airlines and passengers more than $7 billion+ in lost revenues.
The latest research connects the Sun to the Earth in fascinating new ways. A 1967 study published in the Earth and Planetary Science journal, stated: “Solar activity, as indicated by sunspots, radio noise and geomagnetic indices, plays a significant but by no means exclusive role in the triggering of earthquakes.” A 1998 report by a scientist from the Beijing Astronomical Observatory… “Earthquakes occur frequently around the minimum years of solar activity.” As reported on and numerous other science sites, including, the sun has recently entered into its lowest (minimum) actively levels in four centuries, coinciding with an increase in global seismic activity. “Solar activity is declining very fast at the moment,” Mike Lockwood, professor of space environmental physics at Reading University, UK, told New Scientist. “We estimate faster than at any time in the last 9300 years.”
Current Solar science looks at Sunspots, Solar Flares (charged particles), Solar Wind speed and density, Magnetic Field Shift, Shifting Ocean and Jet Stream Currents, Extreme Weather (including earthquakes, volcanoes, hurricanes or other extreme natural events), and have concluded that the Earth and the Sun are far more connected than previously thought. The most recent study by the USGS finds there were more than twice as many big earthquakes in the first quarter of 2014 as compared with the average since 1979. “We have recently experienced a period that has had one of the highest rates of great earthquakes ever recorded,” said lead study author Tom Parsons, a geophysicist with the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) in California. It seems that earthquakes and volcanic activity is on the rise and according to many scientific experts we can expect more in the near future. –The Costa Rica News
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22 Responses to Are earthquakes and volcanic eruptions increasing across the planet?

  1. ** RED ALERT! ** MAJOR Earthquakes Strike ALL OVER THE GLOBE In The Last 48 Hours! CERN? JUDGEMENT? WARNING? (Video) Heads Way The Hell Up!
    Sunday, April 26, 2015 9:07


  2. Dennis E. says:

    Yes and man is not totally responsible. I say that because man has the ability to create earth quakes using harmonic type sound devices. Similar, lest powerful devices used a riot control measures. Some people refer to H..A.R.R.P.
    We all know that man endeavors to control his environment and using weather control techquines
    man can create chaos within a enemies borders or effect troop movements.
    Also, as the article mentioned, the effects of the suns bears weight on this issue.
    Having blogged regarding secular reasons, Author and Minister Perry Stone reported at the beginning of this blood moon cycle that if it was not a prophetic time event then it would pass quietly. However, if not, then two events would indicate that this was very important time.
    One was, an increase in volcanoes, the second an increase in earthquakes, I thin, or that significant events would unfold in Israel.

    Since this blood moon cycle is the fourth since 1492-93 that occurred on specific feast days.
    You decide…….


    • Kenneth Akin says:

      The end is apon us we have little time left recieve jesus into your heart now for you know not thee hour that he arrives, but it is soon.


  3. olden1936 says:

    In this not-so-funny, dangerous old world maybe it’s time at last to dump competitive jungle law and instead to ponder on post-mortal coil existance.


    • mjday47362 says:

      Well then, since Earth is clearly NOT a Globe, they will have to look some where else then!
      Don’t laugh too hard….Research and get your heads out of the sand.
      You think Money, Government, Religion and Big Pharma are the only lies told?
      Look at the above like and Google Flat Earth Clues and come to your own conclusions.


  4. Dennis Berube says:

    We are entering the time of JACOBS TROUBLES!


    • Kenneth Akin says:

      And the Great Angel Mikail will appear” For I have arrived” So that the times of troubles begin, The Great Judgement as for told by my father unto mankind, as revelations, so shall it be done, Jesus will return to collect the chosen from all the earth and bring them up to his kingdom, he shall return not then but after the trials and tribulation that will occur after the rapture, for those who worship outside in the courts of the holy temple with their backs againt it, there shall be a mark on their forheads, burnt like by fire, the ones who worship idols and turn thier back on the true God and his son Jesus Christ, you know who they are for they bow to Lucifer thinking that he is God they call him Allah and they worship Muhhamed the false prophet spoken in revelations, these of mankind shall perish in the lake of fire and will not enter the kingdom of heaven for they are the heathen and have turned their backs on Christ and his holy Father and the Holy Spirit, these men have not the holy spirit within them but the false spirit the one which makes them dicivied and stray from the truth, for i say unto thee stray from the evil one and come to Christ for he is the salvation for all mankind. Amen


  5. Years ago I have predicted we were going to see an increase in smaller quakes and volcanic activity. I based this on the passage of the Sun through the Milky Way’s magnetic plane, which is also filled with dust and asteroids. I also based it on the Manuel Oliver’s model of the Sun and the fact that we have just experienced the longest transit of the solar barycenter over the solar surface in the past 6000 or more years. The mainstream science communities continue to deny or ignore these physical phenomena, but that does not change the physics of what is actually happening.

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  6. Jim says:

    I was with you on this article until the second half……everything that I have read indicates that the Sun’s activity is increasing, not decreasing. It would be helpful if you would always include your sources……

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  7. …and if the big asteroid that some are claiming is heading our way soon to hit near Puerto Rico at the same time hot magma is pressurizing the Earth’s surface from below then the Earth would be in total physical chaos but then that is how some are saying they see the Earth shaking violently.


  8. SGC Admin says:

    thanks for sharing this information, I guess we are in for a bumpy ride in the future … hope we will be prepared..

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  9. Bone Idle says:

    The scientific concensus is that there has NOT been a recent increase in volcanic activity. There are many factors at work here and it is all too easy to present data that appears to say something that it really doesn’t. First, as populations increase, people end up living in many regions that were once considered remote, and if these happen to be volcanic regions then once unseen eruptions will now be reported. Plus the impact of volcanic events now ripples across the globe as seen in the 2010 eruption in Iceland. The same eruption, in 1500, would likely not have been as much trouble for the folks in England.

    More importantly, nearly every inch of the Earth is now monitored by many satellites so volcanic activity occuring in even very remote areas, with little or no population, is instantly reported to volcano monitoring agencies. Coupled with the ability to communicate around the world and rapidly transmit information from very remote places, the world now knows of an eruption almost immediately.

    Also, there is the natural randomness of natural events. It is unreasonable to expect that natural processes won’t have some sorts of variations to them. Keep in mind that we have only been scientifically investegating most volcanic regions for a few hundred years. If there presently happens to be a cluster of eruptions, it would not necessarily signal an increase in activity.

    Same goes for earthquakes
    From a geoscientific publication


  10. Ron says:

    Omni-directional Gravitational Pressure is causing a build up of pressure and heat at the Earths Core,this happens periodically as in The Siberian Traps and The Deccan Traps and its starting to appear now,more effects will be possibly Earthquakes (California, Chile,Sulawesi,Java,Mid Indian Ocean and so on.
    They tell us Sea level Rise through melting of the Glaciers, I will tell you now,the Heat is from beneath and it could well be a rise in the Sea floor as well. With a sea floor rise the Depth of the Ocean will remain consistent but will push the water farther inland on Islands and Continents.


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