Regions Ubinas and Matalaque declare state of emergency over concerns about erupting volcano

AAA Ubinas
April 2015PERU The Moquegua Regional Council issued a declaration of emergency in light of the dangers posed by the recent activity of the Ubinas volcano, according to El Comercio. Within the last two weeks, the Ubinas volcano has erupted seven times with significant energy, releasing vast waves of ash and causing an impressive mudslide. The region has been under tension and authorities have warned the population of evacuation plans in the case of an emergency.
The districts of Ubinas and Matalaque, in the province of General Sánchez Cerro, were both declared in state of emergency by the Regional Council of Moquegua. Jaime Rodriguez, governor of Moquegua, said that the official letter is to be sent to the National Institute of Civil Defense (Indeci) to begin precautionary efforts.  “I signed the letter of this declaration of emergency. All that lacks is sending it to Lima so that Indeci can elevate it to the Presidency of the Council of Ministers (PCM) to initiate the necessary actions to help these people,” the governor told Andina news agency.
At the moment, the population has been covered with ash and toxic gas pervading the air following the eruptions. Because of the dangers posed by contamination, they have been advised to wear masks, goggles, and warm clothing. Grazing animals are currently without food as the plants they normally consume have been covered by layers of ash. The region has informed locals of the evacuation plan including routes and safe places in case of an emergency. – Peru this Week
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