Worst environmental crisis in a decade: apocalyptic smog engulfs Singapore

June 20, 2013SINGAPORE Fast-food deliveries have been cancelled, the army has suspended field training and even Singapore’s top marathon runner has retreated as residents try to protect themselves from the smog that has descended on the city-state. In Singapore’s worst environmental crisis in more than a decade, the skyscrapers lining the Marina Bay financial district were shrouded by thick smoke Thursday as raging forest fires in neighboring Indonesia’s Sumatra Island pushed air pollution levels to an all-time high. Marathon runner Mok Ying Ren said the haze had forced him to run indoors on a gym treadmill as “it is just too crazy to run outdoors in these conditions. I tried running with a mask on, but after 45 minutes it is too sweaty and uncomfortable,” said the 25-year-old doctor, who clocks 100 kilometers (62 miles) a week as part of a grueling training program to qualify for the 2016 Olympics. Singapore’s army on Wednesday night said it was suspending all field training “to ensure the well-being and safety of our soldiers.” Even a comforting takeaway has become harder to find as fast-food giants McDonald’s, KFC and Pizza Hut have suspended deliveries due to safety concerns for their motorcycle-riding delivery staff. Hunched commuters wore masks or covered their mouths as they walked home in the evening smog on Thursday, with major drug stores telling AFP they had temporarily run out of masks and refusing to accept advance orders. “At present, we are not facing any pressing health issues with the animals in our collection as a result of the haze. The animals are exhibiting normal behavior with no noticeable adverse reactions towards the air pollution.” Southeast Asia’s worst haze crisis took place in 1997-1998, causing widespread health problems and costing the regional economy billions of dollars as a result of business and air transport disruptions that lasted for weeks. The last major haze outbreak in the region was in 2006. –Physics


Pollution in Singapore has reached record levels and the city-state’s Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong has warned it could last for weeks. It has prompted a row with neighboring Indonesia over the cause. This is no natural phenomenon: the haze is caused by the illegal burning of forests on Indonesia’s Sumatra island. It happens every year but this time it is worse than ever. Air quality has been declared dangerous and breathing masks have sold out. Skyscrapers that usually dominate clear skies are smothered in smog. The two countries are holding an emergency meeting in Jakarta. The June to September dry season sees forests and other land on Sumatra burned to clear space for palm oil plantations. But Singapore’s plight has brought little sympathy from Indonesia’s government. –Euronews
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4 Responses to Worst environmental crisis in a decade: apocalyptic smog engulfs Singapore

  1. Andrew Teo says:

    I am a 48 year old Singaporean and truly this is the worst haze I have ever seen. The PSI reached 371 today!


  2. bobby90247 says:

    I “feel” for the population of Singapore as I remember the “smog” of Los Angeles in the 60’s!!!


  3. Chynna says:

    We’re having some pretty apocalyptic flooding over here in Alberta. Canmore’s local river Cougar creek is close to sucking houses into it. It’s rained around 70mm with 100mm more to come by tomorrow.


  4. Big D says:

    If I read right its coming from a burning of fields, trees to make land and will go on for weeks or months. They should not be doing it yet its not enforced. This is WHY it looks like that. They have a satilght picture showing where this “smog” is coming from.


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