NOAA: 2013 Dead-zone in Gulf of Mexico to be among largest ever recorded

June 20, 2013 GULF OF MEXICOScientists are expecting a very large “dead zone” in the Gulf of Mexico and a smaller than average hypoxic level in the Chesapeake Bay this year, based on several NOAA-supported forecast models. NOAA-supported modelers at the University of Michigan, Louisiana State University, and the Louisiana Universities Marine Consortium are forecasting that this year’s Gulf of Mexico hypoxic “dead” zone will be between 7,286 and 8,561 square miles, which could place it among the ten largest recorded. That would range from an area the size of Connecticut, Rhode Island and the District of Columbia combined on the low end to the New Jersey on the upper end. The high estimate would exceed the largest ever reported, 8,481 square miles in 2002. Hypoxic (very low oxygen) and anoxic (no oxygen) zones are caused by excessive nutrient pollution, often from human activities such as agriculture, which results in insufficient oxygen to support most marine life in near-bottom waters. Aspects of weather, including wind speed, wind direction, precipitation and temperature, also impact the size of dead zones. The Gulf estimate is based on the assumption of no significant tropical storms in the two weeks preceding or during the official measurement survey cruise scheduled from July 25-August 3 2013. If a storm does occur the size estimate could drop to a low of 5344 square miles, slightly smaller than the size of Connecticut. This year’s prediction for the Gulf reflects flood conditions in the Midwest that caused large amounts of nutrients to be transported from the Mississippi watershed to the Gulf. Last year’s dead zone in the Gulf of Mexico was the fourth smallest on record due to drought conditions, covering an area of approximately 2,889 square miles, an area slightly larger than the state of Delaware.
The overall average between 1995-2012 is 5,960 square miles, an area about the size of Connecticut. A second NOAA-funded forecast, for the Chesapeake Bay, calls for a smaller than average dead zone in the nation’s largest estuary. The forecasts from researchers at the University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science and the University of Michigan has three parts: a prediction for the mid-summer volume of the low-oxygen hypoxic zone, one for the mid-summer oxygen-free anoxic zone, and a third that is an average value for the entire summer season. The forecasts call for a mid-summer hypoxic zone of 1.46 cubic miles, a mid-summer anoxic zone of 0.26 to 0.38 cubic miles, and a summer average hypoxia of 1.108 cubic miles, all at the low end of previously recorded zones. Last year the final mid-summer hypoxic zone was 1.45 cubic miles. This is the seventh year for the Bay outlook which, because of the shallow nature of large areas of the estuary, focuses on water volume or cubic miles, instead of square mileage as used in the Gulf. The history of hypoxia in the Chesapeake Bay since 1985 can be found at the EcoCheck website. –Science Codex
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10 Responses to NOAA: 2013 Dead-zone in Gulf of Mexico to be among largest ever recorded

  1. Jason Hendricks says:

    This is incorrect. Try because the Gasses & Methane are being realeased from the collapsed Salt Dome & have been surfacing much more in the past year. The Louisiana Sink Hole has got bigger as well. They promote lies & BS like this because its there way of covering it up. You can verify with all the local Residents that have Methane Bubbling up in there yards. Of course its a dead zone. Methane Kills everything in its path. That’s also why we have a lot of mass Fish/Animal deaths on the “Ring of Fire’ Region because its the most active Earthquake/Volcanic Region of the World that releases such Gasses. Just google Louisiana Sinkhole & you will know why.


  2. jeremy says:

    might be a stupid question but i have to ask…why couldnt they just throw out some solar powered aerators through out the area like in a fish tank to bring up the oxygen levels?


  3. Irene C says:

    I heard that the majority of this agriculture is from farmers growing corn for ethanol. So much for ethanol fuel being good for the environment.


    • flyingcuttlefish says:

      In the midwest farming is done with HEAVY use of chemicals and pesticides. Nitrogen injection in soil changes the chemistry of the water run off. The chemical farming has caused a life-killing red-algae bloom in Lake Erie this year. The chemicals that run into the Great Lakes also are running into the major rivers.
      Petro-chemical-GMO factory farms killing the soil and the small farms!


  4. Mark Brander says:

    Gee the millions of gallons of Corexit Crude Oil wouldn’t be a factor would it?


    • Anne says:

      Mark, that’s the first thing I thought of when reading this article. Add Monsanto Round-up corn to the mix as Irene pointed out, and it’s very curious why these experts never mention 2 of the causes: Round-Up ready plants and Corexit – while the locals can tell you – ‘They sprayed us from low flying planes at night, and we are still suffering from this.’


    • I heard all the predictions that were made that that stuff would do this and they covered it up and i believe they are still lying about the damage done.


  5. Wilhelm says:

    The BP Oil Spill’s got to be somewhat of a contributing factor here also…


  6. Doreen Agostino says:

    The intent of diabolical chemtrails, HAARP weather modification, Agenda 21 [control all land, resources, people, drinking water, and food through genetically engineered GMOs], fluoride in drinking water, aspartame, vaccines, fracking, cyber security, data-mining, surveillance, smart meters, RFID chips, drones, and 3 problem-reaction-solution DECEPTIONS on the horizon to enslave humanity, equal in magnitude to loss of life from a world war, is ‘Secret No More!’

    Something to ponder: extreme assault on all life requires more people to take responsibility for our energy, cooperate with one another, and peacefully replace harm with justice, to bring a mind, and heart-based, new coherent world into physical reality foretold as 2012.


  7. aripeka1 says:

    The people of this Planet and the Planet in General Needs a Good Lawyer. It is a mess, The Gulf of Mexico and her people are Very ill and I am one included. We also need some Decent Doctors to Step up to the plate.
    I am surprised that this whole planet has Survived mans destruction of her. As I type on this plastic Computer that was made from Petrochemicals.


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