7 Responses to Worst to come? doomsday poll: 87% risk of stock crash by year-end

  1. Bone idle says:

    Will the Black Swan be the start of a M.E.R.S. epidemic as outlined in one of your previous topics?
    Next month the annual Hajj pilgrimage is due to start. Millions of Muslims will visit Saudi Arabia for devotions.
    Accommodation and ablutions for many many of these pilgrims is minimal. Many stacked into tents or small rooms, communal eating facilities and over used toilet / cleaning areas.
    A recipe for a disaster.

    It maybe possible that pilgrims spread this disease / virus in their home countries on return from Saudi Arabia.

    The authorities better get on top of this quickly.


  2. jimmaziarz says:

    The stock market is nothing more than a confidence ponzi scheme. They recycle or “pull out” with our money every 7 to 8 years as of late to empty the pockets of the average investors. You can follow their trend and escape before they pull out.


    • onthemark55 says:

      Can you say “Privatize Social Security”. Remember how hard the Bush Admin. was pushing for it, real hard in early 2007, everybody will retire early/wealthy. Could you imagine the disaster if that had been implemented prior to 2008 market crash/money grab! Quanatative Easing is a scam to prop up the economy until investors(the little people) reinvest for one last money grab before NWO implementation(broke,hungry,out of work,no hope,save me,save me)! Sooner or later, it’s comming!!


  3. Joseph t Repas says:

    I have heard from at least one pundit that China has a hand in manipulating the market here..and it makes some sense since they ” own ” the USA and manipulation of the market just before the time they want to go to war; with Russia, North Korea and Iran at their side would make sense..can anyone confirm or deny?Drawing from many news items as well as visions people have had over the years China takes control of the coveted West Pacific with war as North Korea launches missiles at West USA at the same time Russia attacks East USA and Gulf of Mexico with nuclear subs which will make USA military impotent and allow Russia to take back part of Europe as China takes over Taiwan etc. and this allows Iran to have an unobstructed reach to Israel.Pray.


  4. chris says:

    Thousands of bees die at start of National Pollinator Week


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