10 Responses to Global tension mounts: Iran warns U.S. an attack on nuclear facilities would trigger World War III

  1. John Durango says:

    What would the USA, Russia or Israel do if Iran preemptively destroyed a nuclear facility?
    Iran and North Korea knows that the first rocket launched at the USA or it’s allies will result in the total destruction and the death of millions of it’s citizens. Men, woman and CHILDREN…
    We need leaders that can reason and resolve problems…The MAIN PROBLEM is THE USA Petrol DOLLAR. Any country that threatens the PETROL DOLLAR with an alternative currency is destroyed…look at IRAQ, LIBYA, SYRIA and now IRAN…The EURO is gone and the Petrol Dollar is in danger.


    • jehjeh007 says:

      Sorry John, but the euro is not gone nor never will be. However the rest you said is spot on except the millions you speak of will happen on ALL SIDES. Don’t fall for the arrogance we the US keeps pumping through the air waves. This is a war no one will win if it happens.


  2. Dennis E. says:

    Local tensions are mounting as The New is reporting two bomb explosions in Boston.
    2 Dead and at least 23 wounded and the report of a another bomb in at the JFK Library.
    I would think a Middle East Connection.
    Pray for those hurt and families of the dead in this matter.


  3. Just the Bible coming true…no worries.


  4. LA says:

    I really don’t think that North Koreans are “friends” of the Islamic jihad since they are supposedly Communist. Weirder by the minute.


  5. Frddie says:

    With the increasing power of Iran in the middle east and the united states inabitliy to contain it will bring about WW111. The usa ask germany to take up the mantle – rearm – what great cost this will be??? will usher in the tribulation; the return of the Son of God 🙂


  6. James Pursell says:

    Iran was so right in their description of a nation that I love. Sad to say but true. America has forgotten who gave her such wealth and status. That person being the Almighty God! America has murdered 55 million babies through a procedure they call Abortion. American Government exports that sin throughout the world and strong-arms weaker nations in accepting that practice in order to get foreign aid. America has kicked God out of everthing and what Iran has described is whats left of a dying nation that has rejected God. We invaded Iraq because they started selling oil on the Euro and not the dollar. Mubarek is out of Egypt and Kadafi dead in Libya because they want to stop selling oil on the dollar standard and go the gold standard. That is the only reason why there is a civil war in Syria because our country is behind it. We are truly that nation that the Bible describes as the “daughter of Babylon” that God destroys in the latter days. God destroys that evil country in one hour. The last staw for God will be when we betray Israel. Once we do that I know this nation will be completely and utterly finished. May God have mercy!!!


    • Len Martin says:

      God was never in The United states, religion was purposely divided from our government from the beginning. Over time christians wedged their way into our government like a disease. Its about time we finally purge the religion that had no place in our government in the first place. I agree with your point about oil backed dollars but fairy tales have no place in our government.


    • Eric says:

      Your biblical citation is incorrect!! I suggest you READ Revelation 17. The “whore” described is Roman and its adulteration of Yahwehs word. The Roman Catholic Church that citation. You also don’t talk about all the people the USA assist, protects, and feeds. We are in the last days and the BIG mstake we have made is allowing these crazy and demon possessed autopsy s have nukes!!!


  7. as says:

    America is a mirror image of the ancient Persian empire. Invading Babylon, Freeing Jews from captivity, and the only part of the puzzle left is the coming American Purim.


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