6 Responses to North Korea dismisses diplomatic solution to crisis: country’s nuclear missile capabilities unknown

  1. Irene C says:

    I would really love to know what N Korea is planning to do. On one hand they have advised all foreigners to leave the area. However, I just read where they invited a bunch of athletes in to run a marathon. Then there is the question of “where is Kim Jong-un”? I’m not sure which is worse – the frightening aspect of an attack or the frustration of watching this verbal ping-pong match. And then I still wonder if this isn’t all a false flag to keep our eyes away from the Middle East or somewhere else? Just saying…


  2. nanoduck says:

    I saw an recent article that says that Kim Jong un has not been seen at all in public since April 1st. Really odd…who is running the show???


  3. romalynn says:

    Watching for NKorea tomake a move today and then bombs go off at the Boston Marathon. Evil runs rampant on this planet, there seems to be no end. But we know that there is, our blessed hope is going to come soon.


  4. if they tell you they are going to attack for weeks on end , how is that a surprise ?


  5. Coyote's bro says:

    I wonder just how NUTS the North Koreans would go if a fireball or piece of space junk suddenly flew over or near them! Another reason to have peace. All the countries responsible for space junk should start cleaning it up–RECYCLE.


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