2 Responses to Assad launches new wave of air raids, pounding key Syrian town

  1. Dennis E. says:

    This situation is a tragedy and the nations of the world might had intervened earlier if oil production
    and shipment had been hindered by this conflict.
    I’m sorry, Syria has no oil terminals or wells as I know of.
    I did read a rumor report that Russia has deployed a squadron of fighters on a nearby island for some reason regarding the Turkish situation.
    Innocent blood has been shed and it cries for justice. Justice at times seems so slow in coming, but it will come.


  2. K. Franklin says:

    Hatred breeds war and war breeds more hatred… what a karmic wheel we ride upon… look at the anguish on these faces. How can we possibly ascend as a whole with this kind of thing still part of our collective activity???


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