Loud boom and shaking reported in Bay area as fireball streaks across sky

October 19, 2012 SAN FRANCISCO, CAA bright fireball, reportedly with hues of red and orange, streaked across the night sky visible from San Francisco’s Bay Area on Wednesday, October 18, around 8 p.m. local time (3UTC on October 18). Many say they heard a boom, which was so loud it “shook their homes,” some residents said, making them think it may be an earthquake. Belmont, California astronomer Wes Jones captured the fireball as it sailed across the sky on October 17, just as it was entering the trees. –Earth Sky
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10 Responses to Loud boom and shaking reported in Bay area as fireball streaks across sky

  1. Dennis E. says:

    No doubt this object was traveling at the speed of sound and passed through the sound barrier when it entered the atmosphere and that resulted in the booming sound but a lovely sight to see.


  2. Irene C says:

    I saw this video on TV yesterday, although they didn’t mention the boom. I also heard that we will be going through another meteor shower this weekend (can’t remember the name of this one) and this could be part of that.


  3. marilyn says:

    Scientists are worried about small asteroids, as many of these explode before impact and the force travels from the asteroid to the earth causing damage, sometimes this can be over thousands of miles. Smaller asteroids are harder to detect and so no warning can be given.


  4. Curtis says:

    I am here in Oakland, but I did not hear a thing. So far, no one that I have run into has mentioned this incident.


  5. Ashley Urias says:



  6. Rhonda says:

    Did it burn up in the atmosphere? How big was the meteor? I thought about the Tunguska event and how catastrophic it would be if it hit San Francisco or the ocean.


  7. Eldrad says:

    There was also a possible meteor that hit in NE Louisiana


  8. Desiree says:

    Alvin I live in redding CA and saw it, it was big and green, very cool. The problem i’m having is that there was another one about 15 minutes before it and this one was to the north of me. I was at football practice, have witnesses, but no one is reporting on it. I don’t get it.
    It was the same, big and green, and fell slowly. This is driving me nuts.


  9. Chicken says:

    I saw a huge fireball last night over Israel between 9pm and 10pm. Was bright, maybe some yellow & orange, ending in bright green light like a flare. Amazing.


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