3 Responses to Escalating tensions: North Korea threatens to attack South Korea over propaganda campaign

  1. Irene C says:

    So, dropping leaflets is seen as an act of war. Of course it would be if you don’t want your people to know the truth. Now, a skirmish between North and South Korea doesn’t really worry me – except – it would involve the US, China, and Japan, not to mention various allies. Now add to that mix all the tension in the Middle East, and we have the recipe for a world way. Keep on praying for peace my friends and hold on tight to Jesus. This may sound like “same ol’, same ol'” but one day it will all go kaboom.


  2. StevenJ says:

    That’s really a hoot! I spent a year in South Korea, and it was common for the North to send propaganda leaflet balloons into the South… NOW they threaten to attack the Sourh if they do the same… It’s a Strange, Strange World We Live In, Master Jack…


  3. I agree with Irene above–it is part of His plan to allow all of these things to occur, so as to fulfill His Word. This does seem to be of the same way, but it is not. This does all have a World War Three scenario and implications around it. You should all take hold and repent, for the end is drawing nearer and the kingdom of God is here and at hand. Redemption and judgment are drawing nigh. Are you ready for that? Or not?


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