Bizarre ice storm lashes Donegal, Ireland in June winter-like scene ending heatwave

June 12, 2012 IRELANDBizarre Irish weather for June has resulted in an ice storm in Donegal and pounding rain and flooding throughout the country. The ice storm left several inches of ice near the village of Termon in Donegal the Irish Independent reported on June 8. Local photojournalist Frank McGettigan stated he had never seen anything like it, “No one around here has ever seen anything like this in June before. It was really odd.” A Met Eireann forecaster Joan Blackburn explained the phenomenon “all rain starts as a frozen product,” she said. “A downdraft would push the hail down quicker than it can melt, and this is not unheard of. Also, it’s not particularly mild, and because the shower is so intense, the hail doesn’t have time to melt and fall as rain.” Forecasters warned there is no let up in sight for the Irish with heavy rain and flooding predicted nationwide making last week’s heat-wave a fond memory. The weekend will be unsettled, with some dry spells. “It has been wet — and it’s going to be wet,” Ms. Blackburn said. However she said conditions will improve “Dry weather will start to make its way up the country, but it will be windy and wet for a lot of places. “There is going to be strong and very gusty northwesterly winds, with gales of up to Force 9. The rainfall isn’t quite as bad, but it will still be wet, and Ulster will be the last to dry out.” –Irish Central
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21 Responses to Bizarre ice storm lashes Donegal, Ireland in June winter-like scene ending heatwave

  1. kingkevin says:

    It’s really become apparent to me science simply will not admit there is a huge change in progress. No matter what evidence is in their face and how many different populations worldwide are having unheard of events over and over, yet they address dismiss and tell you how to feel. One reason I greatly appreciate the work here at extinction protocol


    • “It’s really become apparent to me science simply will not admit there is a huge change in progress. No matter what evidence is in their face and how many different populations worldwide are having unheard of events over and over, yet they address dismiss and tell you how to feel.”

      What you said is so true. Thanks for the support, friend.


      • John says:

        There was also a tornado yesterday in this same area of ireland donegal was on irish news also youtube


      • The planet’s climate is coming apart at the seams…


      • Stewart says:


        Just as you talked about in TEP! When it gets to the point where it is effecting everyone across the globe, then it’s too late and if people think that is bad, just wait until all the deception begins and people flock to “safety”


      • VM

        Yes. We know not the seriousness of the dry ground on which our feet now stand before the raging tides. If you notice where have there been a disportionate number of disasters happening lately? In Muslim countries. Sooner or later, someone is going to start asking why is this happening to us? I suspect soon apparitions of the Virgin Mary will began proliferating. According to Malachi Martin, the Vatican has been waiting for signs and miracles involving Mary that is supposed to turn the heart of Islam towards Christianity. Apparitions of Mary were appearing in Egypt before the Arab Spring and the country fell apart as there were similar apparitions in Medjugorje before the wars in Yugoslavia.

        Why now? On June 1, 2012, the Vatican released documents that were considered secret for 30 years: “The Daily Telegraph 2012-06-01: They have been closely guarded for more than 30 years, but guidelines on how to deal with divine apparitions of the Virgin Mary and “supernatural phenomena” have now been released by the Vatican. The guidelines are intended to help bishops “in their difficult task of discerning presumed apparitions, revelations, messages or, more generally, extraordinary phenomena of presumed supernatural origin,” Cardinal William Levada, the American prefect of the CDF, wrote in a preface.”


    • Ujjwal says:

      very well said..


    • Columbine says:

      Alvin, if not apparitions of Mary appearing in Ukraine (haven’t heard of any recently) at least statues of her are appearing in many cities all over the country. There is a huge push here to introduce the worship of Mary. The old religions and their goddesses never die, they just take new names: Isis, Aphrodite, Artemis, Diana, Gaia, Mary. How often I have gone into Eastern Orthodox and Catholic churches and seen dozens of candles lit in front of pictures and statues of Mary and just a handful in front of pictures/statues of Jesus. It’s obvious who is being worshipped and it is not the Son of God! (not that I believe lighting a candle does anything) People who pray to Mary need to read their Bible and read what SHE had to say: Luke 1.


    • Julie says:

      Seriously, what is happening? I wish someone would just be brave enough to say these weather systems are not normal something is changing and we are not sure what it is or when it will stop. Instead we get the “its all normal” like we are to stupid to realize what is happening here. Dont scare people they can’t handle it. It seems as if we are on the brink of something horriffic. Something scary!!! What is going to the preverbial “Straw that broke the Camels back?” I guess only the Lord knows.


  2. John says:
    Link to irish tornado this in 2nd in past month


  3. Melissa says:

    First here in Colorado last week, then Africa, now Ireland? It’s not that hail isn’t common (although in some places it’s not), it’s the sheer AMOUNTS and TIME it’s coming down continuously that is very, very strange. I just keep thinking of “Day after Tomorrow”.

    Here’s my youtube video from the Colorado hailstorm, 40 minutes into a 2+ hour continuous hail storm. You can’t see much at the beginning, but the SOUND it was making was horrible and the video doesn’t even really do it justice (it was recorded on my cell phone):

    Here are pictures of outside areas before and after the hail storm:

    Our town received between 8-12 inches of hail. I had a frozen sheet of ice covering everything until the following evening, as seen by the pictures.


  4. pentrich1817 says:

    Damn that global warming 🙂


  5. Geebee says:

    Just think of the hailstones (60 to 100 pounds) predicted in the end days. I don’t want to be around to experience them.


    • I don’t think anybody does. They will demolish cities.


    • radiogirl says:

      I was at a festival called Mayfest in Fort worth Texas when a dangerous thunderstorm came through.The storm brought with it unbelievable hail that severely injured many.

      I managed 4 booths and had all my young boys there as volunteers plus other adults working as well.

      It was my mother-in-law that called us and said no matter what tell people to leave and you all get to safety.I did and most elected to stay as it was thought by many to be just another Texas down pour.

      I passed this along and MADE my volunteers leave my booths and told them to get to shelter.Our family and friends loaded up to the brim in our van and my husband knew an alternate route out of the park ….we got as far as a covered gas station and parked.A man pulled up next to us but we could only squeeze over enough room to get about half his expensive new car under the cover.

      He lit a cigar and calmly sat while the huge hail bashed in his car windows and destroyed the body of his car.

      One of the volunteers across from us in the park ,had all the bones in his hands broken trying to cover his head while sheltering under a tree.There were a lot of stories worse than that the next day.

      But really ,think about it…I have worked that festival off and on since I was a young girl and have seen many storms come through there(folks were complacent because of this) and yet my mother in law was adamant for us to leave .My husband knew of another way out that most did not know about so we motioned for many to follow us

      .Panic set in for many ,some followed..some did not.Those that did not make it to their cars in the lots were stuck outside or if they made it to their cars they were stuck in lots with chaos happening around them and no way out in the jumble of cars.

      This storm and event at Mayfest made national news in the U.S. in the 90’s and was a real wake up call for our family and others.

      I’m looking forward to receiving my new Hazard Mitigation book from TEP.Sorry for such a long post..thanks for listening,Radiogirl


  6. Bryan says:

    Reminds me of what the Lord said in the book of job 38: 22 -23 Have you you entered the storehouses of the snow or seen the storehouses of the hail, which I reserve for times of trouble for days of war and battle?


  7. Rhonda says:

    “If you notice where have there been a disportionate number of disasters happening lately? In Muslim countries.” @Alvin, I was thinking the exact same thing!!! Very interesting!


    • Conor Brennan says:

      Im sure it has more to do with positioning on plate boundaries than creed or nationality chief. Also in poorer countries the structural integrity of their buildings is less and so they are more vulnerable to collapse.


      • Julie says:

        People it is so nice to see you are all saying the same thing. I thought the exact same thing and told my son. The countries that are losing their faith with the Lord and those who do not believe are being hit. The weather is very strange all the turmoil in this world and this country. I fear for the future if there is one.


  8. Doğan Rahil says:

    One thing we from Islam Religion can assure the world is that We live and die as Muslims…. We do not believe in apparition here and there, Reality speaks for itself the rise of people turning to one true Religion…. Our Qur’an itself decrees that there is no compulsion in religion, and we can only invite and remind anyone as to the non changing decrees of God, though I must admit that there are those who do not completely understand Islam and interpret it the way they understood….Men are Men regardless of what they believed in, everyone is capable of mistakes….The evil seen on some men so called Muslim’s should NOT be attributed to Islam Religion……In the same way as to what we daily see different race of criminals and offenders in newspaper ,we dont relate them to their Religion, that is man’s own evil….


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