Rare tornado hits Venice Italy

June 12, 2012ITALY At around 11am today, a tornado hit Venice in Italy.  Initial reports indicate that trees were damaged; market stalls overturned and some buildings were damaged. No injuries have been reported. One of the worst hit areas was the Sant’Elena Island where an open air market was in progress. The tornado caused terrified shoppers to dash for cover. A water bus ticket office had its roof ripped off by the tornado which some reports stated was a waterspout. A number of boats were capsized. Around one hundred trees on Certosa Island were knocked down by the tornado and the outdoor dining area of the island’s restaurant was completely destroyed. On Sant’Erasmo Island, the roofs were removed from around a dozen houses, according to reports from emergency services in the area.  In the interests of safety, the cemetery on Sant’Erasmo island has been closed. –Italy Chronicles
contribution by Tracy V.
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16 Responses to Rare tornado hits Venice Italy

  1. Carla says:

    WOW….. Crazy weather everywhere in the last few weeks. I wonder what surprises we will get next week. I as a believer know what time it is. I just hope pray for the ones who do not believe that their eyes will open and they will come to the realization that you are real.


  2. suz says:

    Rare, Bizzare, Monster, Superstorms….I guess we had better get used to these words heading our news reports. It’s the new climate reality. Seems like we’ve had a nasty change in our weather lately……the prediction for the future, for us and for businesses, is quite simple… be prepared!


  3. SG says:

    We witnessed this from the airport. If it landed 2 hours earlier we would have been right in its path as we’d just come by boat from the area it had devastated.


  4. Irene C says:

    June ice storms in Ireland, tornadoes in Venice Italy. Okay, this is getting strange, even for me, and I’m expecting things to get weird. And the poor people of Italy: Earthquakes, volcanoes, looming financial disaster, and now a tornado. I won’t ask “what next” because I’m sure we will soon find out.



  5. Helen Parks says:

    Century 9 quatrain 48
    La grand cite d’occean maritime,
    Environnee de maretz en cristal:
    Dans le solstice hyemal et la prime,
    Sera tempte de vent espouvantal.
    The great city of the maritime Ocean,
    Surrounded by a crystalline swamp:
    In the winter solstice and the spring,
    It will be tried by frightful wind.
    More to come it seems
    where is a ‘crystalline swamp’?


  6. Jon says:

    Past night at 3.00 am I woke up and saw a flash like thunder, went out to check and the sky was clear no signs of clouds , after a few mins another flash. Went out again to check and there was no one outside. Early morning at 7.00 am I was in a small shop and again the strange flash, all the persons in the shops started to ask whether it was a thunder. The strange thing is that no sounds or clouds in the sky and as yesterday we had a typical summer day.


  7. XELIOZ says:

    RESPONCE TO IRENE C: Now we are waiting the fish in the lagoon of Venice to ” boil hectic” as the profecy of Nostradamus is. Also – mass fires throughout the globe along the 48th parallel in the grain belt (if I remeber well).


  8. saturnx311 says:

    Anyone ever hear of HAARP?
    I think we may assume it had something to do with this, and does have something to do with ANY localized severe weather outbreak….


  9. john says:

    Finally someone with sense, I was thinking the sleeping world still believed in mother nature!!!!


  10. Riahen says:

    Just found this! We were very up close and personal with this tornado as it formed about about 100yards from our vaporetta as we crossed the lagoon to Venice in a thunderstorm. Luckily it was moving in the opposite direction of travel from us so we got a decent gap between it and us, though we were obviously desperatey woorried it would change direction. Typical that Venice has it’s first tornado in donkeys and this family from Yorkshire got so close to it. I have to say the crew of the Vaporetta took it very much in their stride…no-one panicked though the boat did speed up a little. I’ve been fascinated by tornados my whole life but the experience certainly killed any desire I had to witness one again – it was terrifying.


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