Monster storms: southern half of Western Australia braces for second cyclonic 125km/h blast

June 12, 2012AUSTRALIA – Strong winds battered South-West coastal communities of Western Australia as a dangerous storm front approached overnight. The intense storm packing dangerous winds of up to 125km/h – consistent with a category two cyclone – is expected to persist into the early hours of this morning. Last night Cape Naturaliste and Cape Leeuwin have already recorded gusts of up to 96km/h, while winds at Busselton Airport have touched 87km/h. Closer to the metropolitan area, Rottnest Island was also being buffeted with persistent gusts above 80km/h. FESA warned people living in parts of WA, south of a line from Geraldton to Laverton to Forrest, to take action with the start of the dangerous weather. “This intense storm will be of similar strength to the system that affected the southwest on Sunday,” FESA said in a statement late yesterday. If they have not already done so, FESA advises that people should stay away from windows and ensure pets and animals are in a safe area. Motorists planning travel in or to the South-West region should review unnecessary travel plans. Nine News reports that there has been a scramble for supplies in southern suburbs- with shelves left empty. The highest winds recorded during Sunday’s storm was 146km/h, one of the highest recorded gusts in the South West. But much of the South West was buffeted by destructive gales up to 125km/h. As the clean-up continued from Sunday’s storms, Nine News reports that FESA has called in the defense department, with 100 naval personnel assisting in the Mandurah and Rockingham areas. Another 25 people from South Australia’s SES flew in yesterday, while other states have more crews on standby. Bureau of Meteorology senior forecaster Neil Bennett said the winds would be particularly strong on the south coast, but would affect the entire southern half of the state. “It is going to be really nasty down there,” Mr. Bennett said. “Everywhere is going to be hit, but the worst of it is going to be that south coastal area.” Mr. Bennett said destructive winds could last until about 2am (WST). “Overnight we can expect those 125km/h winds and as we’ve seen this week, that sort of wind is strong enough to start taking the roofs off houses.” Mr. Bennett said the storm, a typical strong winter cold front will contain thunderstorms which will bring wind gusts equally as destructive as Sunday’s winds. –
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24 Responses to Monster storms: southern half of Western Australia braces for second cyclonic 125km/h blast

  1. Callyrox: Australia


    for Widespread Destructive Winds and Abnormally High Tides
    For people in parts of WA south of a line from Geraldton to Laverton to Forrest.
    This includes people in, near or between Geraldton, Dalwallinu, Jurien Bay,
    Southern Cross, York, Perth, Mandurah, Bunbury, Busselton, Margaret River,
    Bridgetown, Albany, Katanning, Narrogin, Esperance, Kalgoorlie and Eucla.
    Issued at 7:55 pm on Tuesday 12 June 2012

    An intense storm and associated strong cold front currently lies across the
    southwest of the State is expected to extend across southern parts of the State
    during Tuesday evening and Wednesday. This storm is of similar strength to the
    system that affected the southwest on Sunday though this storm will also affect
    the south coast significantly and extend further inland.

    For people in parts of WA south of a line from Jurien Bay to Narrogin to Eyre.
    This includes people in, near or between Jurien Bay, Perth, Mandurah, Bunbury,
    Busselton, Margaret River, Bridgetown, Albany, Katanning, Narrogin and
    This storm is expected to cause WIDESPREAD DANGEROUS WINDS in excess of 125
    kilometres per hour which could cause SIGNIFICANT DAMAGE OR DESTRUCTION TO HOMES
    OR PROPERTY. DANGEROUS WINDS are expected to develop in the west from evening
    and extend as far east as Hopetoun by midnight and to Eyre by about 8 am
    Wednesday. Winds should begin to ease from the west during Wednesday morning.

    For people in remaining parts of WA south of a line from Geraldton to Laverton
    to Forrest. This includes people in, near or between Geraldton, Dalwallinu,
    Kalgoorlie, Southern Cross, York and Eucla:
    This storm is expected to cause WIDESPREAD DAMAGING WINDS to 125 kilometres per
    hour with LOCALLY DANGEROUS GUSTS in excess of 125 kilometres per hour which
    WINDS are likely to develop overnight and extend to Kalgoorlie by early
    Wednesday morning and through to Eucla by midday Wednesday. Conditions will ease
    in the west during the morning.

    Winds associated with this storm are much stronger than a usual winter storm and
    are likely to be of a similar strength to the winds experienced on Sunday.
    However, this storm is likely to more significantly affect the south coast and
    extend further inland than the storm on Sunday. The strong cold front associated
    with the storm currently lies across the southwest of the State with the leading
    edge of the front expected to lie across the metropolitan area by 9:30pm. By
    dawn on Wednesday winds along the west coast will begin to ease and the worst
    conditions will be along the south coast and inland.

    Busselton Jetty, Cape Naturaliste and Cape Leeuwin have all recorded wind gusts
    of 98km/hr between 5:30pm and 7:00pm.

    DANGEROUS SURF CONDITIONS are likely which could cause significant beach

    For personal safety FESA State Emergency Service [SES] advises you to secure
    loose objects, move vehicles under cover and stay inside away from windows. If
    caught outside you should find shelter away from trees, powerlines, storm water
    drains and streams. If you own a boat ensure it is securely moored. Take extra
    care on the roads as flooding is possible. If you are driving through heavy rain
    slow down and turn your lights on or if visibility becomes low pull over and
    park until it passes. For SES assistance call 132 500. For more safety tips

    The next warning will be issued by 8:00 pm Tuesday

    This warning is also available through TV and Radio broadcasts; the Bureau’s
    website at or call 1300 659 213.


  2. suz says:

    What can I say…..I know a few people in Australia and I hope they stay safe. We just had 65 klm winds last week in Toronto and that was quite hectic …..I can’t imagine 125.


  3. Irene C says:

    My prayers for all my friends in Australia. Be watchful and stay safe.


  4. tellthetruth1 says:

    My brother in law lives in Oz, and I have got a Christian Internet friend there somewhere, too but I don’t know if either of them or their loved ones are in the storm area. They get this weather in WINTER? That’s beyond crazy. Poor people. May God have mercy on them all.


  5. marcelle says:

    hi there. I am in dawesville in mandurah and the weather has been terrible all night. It is 3am and it has picked up intensity. People have lost fences and roofs. I have never seen it this bad ever. A man died fixing a roof. It is terrible.


  6. pagan66 says:

    From channel 7 news in Perth:

    Sending love to mates in WA, thinking of you all. This front is due to hit us here in SA tonight, hopefully it will lose some of it’s ferocity during it’s trek across the Nullabor.



  7. James NZ says:

    is there any word on where the storm will head to or will it peter out?

    hoping the southern half of New Zealand isn’t the next target!


  8. mike says:

    Hi we live in Albany WA, it has either been raining, or hailing since about 4am. The wind has been relentless, although it seems to have slownd down a little. There are patches of blue sky, oops spoke to soon, a wall od water has just fallen from the sky. I dont know if there is any damage in the town, and as i have a broken leg i will not be venturing out.
    Thankyou for all your prayer, and forget us not at this time


  9. frackenstein says:

    After over a year of witnessing extreme events other parts of the planet covered by TEP, it’s a strange turn of events to be included in ‘Alvin’s News’…love and best wishes to everyone, especially the friends here in SW Australia today…Rob, Margaret River…


    • All the best friend. Take care and keep us posted on how you doing.

      We send our love and prayers,
      Alvin & TEP


      • frackenstein says:

        Thanks Alvin…backatcha! All good and the worst has passed…lot’s of uprooted old trees…sadly, and thousands of homes still without power…but so far as I know, no deaths or serious injuries…gratitude and thanks to all the emergency crews still out in the tempest trying to get services up and running again…


  10. Bystander says:

    830am – Im about 5kms inland from Fremantle on the coast, the only sound I can hear this morning are chainsaws (obviously a cleanup in motion). Although a large METAL lightpole in the front carpark managed to NOT flatten any cars or land on any house when it crashed to the ground. A brief burst of sunshine and blue skies kind of lifts the spirits this morning. Was up to 3am expecting the roof to get airbourne, along with sound of frieght train giving me a fright. Appears a few roofless houses, one burnt to the ground and numerous uprooted (MASSIVE) trees and related storm damage across the SW, but fortunately NO news of injuries as yet, so God willing we have all managed to survive this one. SES/FESA crews and military out in force in the clean up, neighbours helping each other and checking on each other. Yesterday’s tragedy of a man falling to his death while helping to repair his neighbours roof appears to be the only major human toll so far. The front is moving eastwards and inland, so its not over yet. God willing it peters out over the nullabor. A storm warning is still in place for many areas of the South West and Southern coasts.


    • Conor Brennan says:

      I was in Subiaco, wasnt too bad actually. I havent heard of anybody being hurt. Everybody at work seems to have got through unscathe


  11. em says:

    I’m down in Albany western australia, the storm crossed here too wasn’t as bad as expected for us just a pretty bad storm.. there was a worse one last weekend, we’ve had hail, torrential downpours then beautiful sunny days in between. Having grown up here I can certainly say the weather here has changed dramatically it was never this violent or intense in winter and last summer we had 35-40+ degree days and humid like the tropics, only ever used to get to early 30ish degrees when I was a child


  12. susan says:

    i’m in Perth shire of Melville. the storm on Sunday was a lot more intense than the one last night for sure, but at least people were much more prepared for yesterdays stormfront. it seems to have stayed offshore enough so that we only got hit by the outer part of the system. I love these storms I just wish they didnt cause damage 🙂 i lost some of my fence line and that was about it. My children were excited about the schools preparing to close today if it was as bad as was thought. Disappointed this morning, thats for sure ! My parents lost power on Sunday afternoon and only got it restored about midday on Tuesday. Its a chilly day today though.


  13. jenjen44 says:

    Pagan 66 the storm is here batten down, winds picking up over Mt Barker. Praying with Love and Blessings in Jesus.


  14. Steve Brooks says:

    Please Credit My Photograph


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