3 Responses to Worst flooding in regions of Peru seen in 20 years causes outbreak of Leptospirosis

  1. Mary says:

    That Pale Horse is saddled up


  2. Artoro says:

    I only hope that since they are aware of the prevelance of this disease (Leptospirosis), under these flood conditions, they will be able to arrest it in those who contract it before it advances to the second phase, thus preventing an untimely death.


    • Bone Idle says:

      I know someone who has had Leptospirosis. The real problem he had with it was that was that it was so rare to see in a modern western country, doctors who were trying to diagnose his illness thought it was a funny strain of hepatitis. He actually contracted the disease in a tropical third world country. It took a couple of weeks to show up in his system – after he had traveled back to the U.K..
      Ultimately a Singapore trained doctor recognised it – after he had questioned my friend on his previous whereabouts. Very lucky – another week or so would have been not good.

      Warning to all you travellers.

      If you are traveling to a country with dicey prevalent medical conditions be careful.
      Another friend caught malaria in a tropical country. The gestation period for that type of malaria is six months – This friend had developed symptoms many moths after he returned back to his western country.
      No doctors in his town or local area had ever seen malaria. Again it was a doctor originally from a tropical country that diagnosed him.

      If you get sick with a mysterious malady months after visiting an exotic country make sure you make known your travels to medical people who are treating you. Especially if you have visited farms or outer urban areas.


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