20 Responses to Love and rockets: U.S. downs missile with new interceptor, proposes missile shield for East Coast

  1. Joseph t. Repas says:

    It will never be built because by the time they find a town that will let them build it in ” their back yard “the nuclear holocaust will have already happened.


  2. Taffyduff says:

    They should have had these defences installed years ago!
    As the the cold war came to an end, all we have done is promote peace talks and nuclear disarmament – which has just left us completely with our guard down.


  3. TexasRedNeck says:

    We were so busy “downsizing” our military and all of their weapons in the hopes the “other side” would do the same, that we failed to see what they were really doing, they were increasing their military all around. It’s no wonder the world see’s us as weak and ineffective AND deffinetly WITHOUT a leader, all we have is an illegal crimminal living in what used to be a place of awe and respect. [Delete —] we can start all over and maybe get it right this time.


  4. Dennis E. says:

    Problem……………. We used to have a anti-missile defense. Some experts has described it as a bullet trying to hit another bullet. For some reason, Russia fears an anti-missile defense constructed by the USA. When a missile is launched from Russia itself, and once it is launched, its immediately id by US satellites and an land based radar early warning which gives us a 30 minute warning supposely. Ok, how many interceptors do we need on land and or sea?
    If Russia was to launch 100 ICBM’s with multiple warheads(they have them), let say each carried 10 warheads,
    that is 1,000 nuclear/Hydrogen warheads headed towards us. Since our new missiles allegedly
    uses kinetic energy instead of a warhead, then a direct hit would be required, a head on hit.
    Most people imagine the entire missile in flight, but it separates like the rockets we use to launch commerical satellites, at a predestinated point in low space, the cone opens and the warheads are released and go on to their targets.
    I have not even discussed their bomber and submarine fleet.
    All of this is crazy……
    These tests are conducted under favorable conditions……….Do they no know that Russia has an ICBM that and launch multiple warheads that has the ability to sense and evade incoming missiles? No, it would take a missile either with a small nuke warhead or a warhead that could spread super high speed heavy steel golf ball type devices to hit and destroy the incoming warheads.
    Lets not play this game…………………………No winners………….
    That is my opinion…………….


    • While most countries have worked on developing hypersonic missiles, the U.S. has been perfecting anti-ballistic missile technology and its systems are the best in the world- which is why the Russians have good reason to be concerned. It was once thought impossible to hit a bullet with a bullet but not only has the U.S. done it- it has nearly perfected the system. However, let’s not forget China also shot down a space satellite using a missile in 2007. This is a very complicated undertaking but it was done by China. That was five years ago. After the Russians, Chinese, and India made huge advances in hypersonic missile systems, the U.S. shifted interest to DARPA projects involving a Mach 20 launch platform that could launch a missile capable of striking a target anywhere in the world in under an hour- making the weapon virtually unstoppable by any conventional means. The problem is still hypersonic cruise missiles.

      You’re right. There are no winners in this dangerous game of chicken…


  5. Artoro says:

    Only in words has the Cold War ended, and only in words have any of these nations gotten rid of their WMD. All are saying what they need to to appease, and all are still spying on each other. The world has tons of weapons of mass destruction, and it only takes a few to destroy the planet. I think they only agreed to a reduction in the number of arms not to rid themselves of them. If you think that for one minute that the United States (the so called “Sleeping Giant”) wouldn’t be ready to pounce at moments notice, you have another thought coming.


  6. Joseph t. Repas says:

    Is anyone here familiar with some alldged prediction by Nostradamus that states the equivilant that there would be missle attacks against the USA but even though a shield was built in space that it could not hold back the attack? I vaguely remember hearing something like that many years ago. Thanks!


    • Dennis E. says:

      Good Morning Joseph t. Repas: Dennis E. here:
      No, but many years ago, Pastor David Wilkerson in his Book, “The Vision” he spoke about what he described as a surprise submarine ballistic missile attack on the USA.
      What is so interesting is that he described some incoming warheads as evading our missile response and this was before the Russians developed that type of missile and furthermore he described a cyber attack ongoing as part of the strike hindering our military response although he did not readily call it a cyber attack on our computers.
      I ponder if the Russians and Chinese will work together on this issue.


      • Joseph t. Repas says:

        Thanks Dennis E.! That may have been where I read it. Wilkerson has had much in those visions become reality already. I will have to get back to that book again.


  7. Dan Sherwood says:

    Don’t worry, God always has a way of leveling the playing field. One solar storm strong enough to wipe out the electronics and all the wars switch from high tech to conventional once again.


    • Meridian says:

      That’s an interesting thought, Dan. Many of the prophets described end-time armies using antiquated weapons and transportation. I always assumed it was because they had no way of describing modern-day equipment, but perhaps God will ‘level’ the field as you said, rendering high tech unusable and forcing battle methods back to more primitive means. Who knows?


  8. Emanni says:

    Satellite for secure war-time communications goes up

    Forging a new constellation of ultra-secure communications satellites that will ring the globe to link the president with military forces anywhere on the planet, an Atlas 5 rocket roared to space Friday to continue putting the pieces in place for the warfighter.

    “The primary purpose of the system is so our national command authorities, the senior decision leadership, have the ability to communicate in a nuclear environment,” said Dave Madden, director of the Military Satellite Communications Systems Directorate at the Air Force’s Space and Missile Systems Center.


    • The U.S. is preparing…


      • ONTHEMARK55 says:

        What is the U.S. preparing for? Is it really necessary to build these kind of defenses when all we have to do is destroy other countries ability to build WMD’s. We have the ability to “sabatoge” facilities without causing an Act of War that would cause, let’s say, China to Have to respond. Does anyone really think they want N. Korea to have WMD’s? There are tradeoffs, Israel wouldn’t need them if Iran dosen’t have them, so on so forth. When does this kind of defense becomes a tool to control the masses. What good is the “Right to Bear Arms” if you open the door and come face to face with a Drone, “Goodnight Irene’ comes to mind. Never forget the “Right to Bear Arms” was intended to protect us from The powers to be, not our neighbors! With this kind of tech, what’s the point. Would we be worried right now of China’s intentions in the Phillipines if at the turn of the 20th Century we had presented ourselves with ideas of Commerce, Freemarket practices and the notion “ALL MEN ARE CREATED EQUAL” not “MANIFEST DESTINY” ? Might have avoided WWII. Learn your history or be doomed to repeat your mistakes. By the way, where’s the money comming from? Forget borrowing it from JP Morgan! Maybe the only thing the World can afford is PEACE.


      • Maybe the only thing the World can afford is PEACE

        Amen to that…


  9. Granny Bear says:

    “Don’t worry, God always has a way of leveling the playing field. One solar storm strong enough to wipe out the electronics and all the wars switch from high tech to conventional once again.”

    “‘Maybe the only thing the World can afford is PEACE ”

    Dear Alvin
    You have some wonderful people posting amazing and pragmatic thoughts. The silver linings in the clouds. Thank you all.
    The Chinese don’t really want to nuke, anywhere. They want to colonize, Over run. It has
    worked so well in Tibet, why not elsewhere? Perhaps Milan, Michigan?


    • Thank you. I’m delighted you’re apart of that process.

      God bless,


    • ONTHEMARK55 says:

      So true Granny Bear, but what works in Tibet wouldn’t work in Ti(not to)bet,NV. (sorry, couldn’t resist). The problem with colonizing is the farther from home you get the less control you actually have. All great Empires have fell under the “weight” of trying to maintain said Empire. It’s that history thing repeating itself again. Makes you wonder what would happen if a Country that became powerfull/succesfull actually stayed within it’s own domain and just kept improving life for their people and the other countries they traded/associated with? You know, that old “lead by example” stuff. It sounds crazy, but seriously, WHAT IF? Thank God for all of you out there, God bless us all


  10. posted Emanni:

    More “Disaster Training,” this time for man made reasons

    More than 700 National Guard troops to train in central NY

    New York National Guard officials say more than 700 soldiers and airmen from New York, New Jersey, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands are coming together this week at the State Preparedness Center in Oriskany (aw-RIHS’-kuh-nee), near Utica.

    The Guard members will prepare for certification as a regional disaster response force that can assist responders following a chemical, biological, nuclear or high-explosive incident.

    Known as a National Guard Homeland Response Force, the various contingents also will train at the National Guard armory in Utica.

    Guard officials say more details about the training will be released during the week.


  11. posted Emanni:

    National Guard Homeland Response Force To Be Placed In Each Of 10 FEMA Regions


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