Dwindling birth rates means Japan will face ‘extinction’ in 1,000 years

May 11, 2012TOKYOJapanese researchers on Friday unveiled a population clock that showed the nation’s people could theoretically become extinct in 1,000 years because of declining birth rates. Academics in the northern city of Sendai said that Japan’s population of children aged up to 14, which now stands at 16.6 million, is shrinking at the rate of one every 100 seconds. Their extrapolations pointed to a Japan with no children left within a millennium. “If the rate of decline continues, we will be able to celebrate the Children’s Day public holiday on May 5, 3011 as there will be one child,” said Hiroshi Yoshida, an economics professor at Tohoku University. “But 100 seconds later there will be no children left,” he said. “The overall trend is towards extinction, which started in 1975 when Japan’s fertility rate fell below two.” Yoshida said he created the population clock to encourage “urgent” discussion of the issue. Another study released earlier this year showed Japan’s population is expected to shrink to a third of its current 127.7 million over the next century. Government projections show the birth rate will hit just 1.35 children per woman within 50 years, well below the replacement rate. Meanwhile, life expectancy — already one of the highest in the world — is expected to rise from 86.39 years in 2010 to 90.93 years in 2060 for women and from 79.64 years to 84.19 years for men. More than 20 percent of Japan’s people are aged 65 or over, one of the highest proportions of elderly in the world. Japan has very little immigration and any suggestion of opening the borders to young workers who could help plug the population gap provokes strong reactions among the public. The greying population is a headache for policymakers who are faced with trying to ensure an ever-dwindling pool of workers can pay for a growing number of pensioners. –AFP
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19 Responses to Dwindling birth rates means Japan will face ‘extinction’ in 1,000 years

  1. nanoduck says:

    The experts are giving about 1,000 years. With all the earthquakes and volcanism going on their island, along with radioactivity from Fukushima daiichi, I think it would be much, much sooner than that. Plus, I don’t think they will become extinct, but will be assimilated into other cultures because they will lose their homeland.


    • Heather says:

      That’s what I thought, too. Fox News featured this story yesterday, with a reporter covering the story live from…Thailand. Of course I’m sure it was simply a matter of economy; not sending him to Japan surely had nothing at all to do with radiation concerns…I think this one deserves an “irony of the year” award – the Japanese are in serious danger of their homeland becoming uninhabitable, and “researchers” are worried about population growth on a 1,000 year timeline!? These guys must work for the government…


  2. manich says:

    I doubt it will be the “lack of romance” that will cause their extinction in 1000 years. They will be lucky to survive their current nuclear meltdowns that are not being contained, as we are being told by MSM. I have heard that China, who has built large unoccupied cities, has offered them to the Japanese for their soon to be evacuation of their country.

    The Japanese get a safe place to live. China gets an instant skilled workforce they can “hire” for $10/day.


  3. Mary says:

    I’m so glad to read this—I was so worried— “Life after 1,000 years”


  4. Johnathan says:

    This would be a good story if it involved bankers and lamp posts.
    No… seriously.


  5. reality crunch says:

    Get real , we are all out of here in less than a year, most likely 7 month’s maybe if we are lucky, 9 month’s. Civilization is dying! This is not about some silly calender, (Mayan) Look around , think all is fuzzy bunnies , rainbows , Lollipops ? Extinctions have never been pleasant , why do we have to glorify moving on to another stage of development?


  6. Dianne Ford says:

    I guess I won’t be around in a thousand years or my family or their families so I won’t worry about something which may or maynot take place where ever you live but the way things look and the name of this blog being the extinction protocol i doubt if anyone will have to worry about it soon.


  7. James says:

    Or before then if the new world order has their way


  8. Dan Sherwood says:

    I expect to be around 1,000 years from now.
    Rev. 19:11-20:6 “Then I saw heaven opened and a white horse standing there; and the one sitting on the horse was named “Faithful and True”-the one who justly punishes and makes war. His eyes were like flames, and on His head were many crowns. A name was written on His forehead, and only He knew its meaning. He was clothed with garments dipped in blood, and His title was “The Word of God”. The armies of Heaven, dressed in finest linen, white and clean, followed Him on white horses.
    In His mouth He held a sharp sword to strike down the nations; He ruled them with an iron grip; and He trod the winepress of the fierceness of the wrath of Almighty God. On His robe and thigh was written this title: “King of Kings and Lord of Lords”.
    Then I saw an angel standing in the sunshine, shouting loudly to the birds, “Come! Gather together for the supper of the Great God! Come and eat the flesh of kings, and captains, and great generals; of horses, and riders; and of all humanity, both great and small, slave and free.”
    Then I saw the Beast gathering the governments of world and their armies to fight against the one sitting on the horse and His army. And the Beast was captured and with him the False Prophet, who could do mighty miracles when the beast was present-miracles that deceived all who had accepted the beast’s mark and who worshipped his statue. Both of them-the beast and the false prophet were thrown alive into the lake of fire that burns with sulfur. And their entire army was killed with the sharp sword in the mouth of the one riding the white horse, and all the birds of heaven were gorged with their flesh.
    Then I saw an angel come down from Heaven with the key to the bottomless pit and a heavy chain in his hand. He seized the Dragon-that old serpent, the devil, Satan-and bound him in chains for 1,000 years, and threw him into the bottomless pit, which he then shut and locked, so that he could not fool the nations any more until the thousand years were finished. Afterwards he would be released again for a little while.
    Then I saw thrones, and sitting on them were those who had been given the right to judge. And I saw the souls of those who had been beheaded for their testimony about Jesus, for proclaiming the Word of God, and who had not worshipped the beast or his statue, nor accepted his mark on their foreheads or their hands. They had come to life again and now they reigned with Christ for a thousand years.
    This is the First Resurrection. (The rest of the dead did not come back to life until the thousand years had ended.) Blessed and holy are those who share in the First Resurrection. For them the second Death holds no terrors, for they will be priests of God and of Christ, and shall reign with Him a thousand years.”


    • nanoduck says:

      Nobody really dies. We all came from the same source, and will eventually return to the same source. Some might take a little longer. There is no death or end at all, just change.


  9. Steve says:

    I must say, I’m intrigued by the comment ‘China has built empty cities’ – are there any links to this – I think I’d be up for a place, but I’m too old to learn Mandarin, maybe I could be Mayor of an English speaking city (JK)


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