London suffering through worst drought since 1884

April 5, 2012LONDONThe city of London has an undeserved reputation as a rainy city, with “things to do” when the U.K. capital is wet a popular topic of conversation among tourists. But this year could see that image shattered in dramatic fashion, with much of southeast England gripped by a serious drought currently affecting about 20 million people. Restrictions on the use of water were imposed Thursday from the southeast coast to the River Humber in the north and almost as far west as Wales. By the time the Olympics comes to London in July, further controls could be introduced that will prevent aircraft, London’s famous double-decker buses and other vehicles from being washed. Other restrictions are also likely. Those arriving for the greatest show on Earth, may find a parched, somewhat grubby city. The event itself, however, will be exempt, so rest assured there will be water in the diving pool, the rowers will not in find themselves marooned and the smiles of the synchronized swimmers will remain fixed. “We have now received below-average rainfall across our region for 20 of the past 25 months, making it the driest two-year period since records began in 1884,” Martin Baggs, chief executive of Thames Water, said in a statement. “Imposing restrictions on the use of [hoses], although regrettable, is the most sensible and responsible next step in encouraging everyone to use less water so we can maintain supplies for as long as it stays dry, and reduce the risk of more serious restrictions later in the year,” he added. –MSNBC
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2 Responses to London suffering through worst drought since 1884

  1. simple simon says:

    I was a teenager during the drought of 1976 and recall the solution adopted back then.

    Like most people I was sceptical and (at first) even sniggered, but what our Government did really did seem to bring the much needed rain – albeit on a bank holiday, this being the one day when most working people really would have liked the sun to be out.

    So, what did our Government do? They invited some North American ‘First Nation’ people (who we oftan call ‘Indians’) to come and perforrn a rain dance.

    We should try this again, during this month, so that the rain will come before the Olympic Games. Our farmers need the rain, as otherwise the harvests will fail and food shortages will result. Already the changing global climate is impacting food supplies in a negative way. The rivers (plus the wildlife which depend on them) would benefit as well.



  2. Ian says:

    Rest assured, visitors to London this summer may find some places to be a little parched but it will NOT be grubby.


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