5 Responses to Russia working on electromagnetic radiation guns

  1. Isaac says:

    So just develop body armor against it – *sigh*

    We’ll zap you, no, we’re un-zappable

    Jesus, do these people realise they are the anti-christ personified?

    What is wrong with people, it’s spring, I’m planting my crops, yet these people are developing weapons to wipe out humanity


  2. Kareen says:

    Wow, so much to look forward to!


  3. Ann G. says:

    Have you seen the video clips of reporters who suddenly begin speaking gibberish? It seems like a new phenomenon. http://today.msnbc.msn.com/id/41652808/ns/today-entertainment/t/reporters-on-air-gibberish-was-due-migraine/#.T33Z4RB5mSM
    Is there a possibility that this weapon could have been used in these situations?


  4. Gaur Nitai says:

    Funny how this appears to be breaking news when it has been going on for many decades now. The most effective mind-bending psychotronic machine that has effectively turned people into zombies is the TV and lately the Internet. People have been reduced to money making, sense gratifying machines who come home exhausted only to sit in front of the TV (or worse, the internet) to suck in more sublime messages of how to earn more and spend uselessly. Having forgotten to feed their souls and realize their spiritual nature, everyone is suffering varying degrees of anxiety. No one is able to escape the stringent grip of the threefold miseries of material existence; miseries of the mind and body, miseries caused by other living beings, and miseries caused by natural disturbances due to willing forgetfulness of our higher spiritual nature and spiritual duties.


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