China builds scores of dams in earthquake hazard zones

April 5, 2012BEIJING More than 130 large dams built, under construction, or proposed in western China’s seismic hazard zones could trigger disastrous environmental consequences such as earthquakes and giant waves, finds a new report from the Canadian watchdog group Probe International. The report shows that 98.6 percent of the dams being constructed in western China are located in high to moderate seismic hazard zones. The location of large dams near clusters of recorded earthquakes with magnitudes greater than 4.9, and especially when the earthquake focal points are also close to the surface, “is cause for grave concern,” said the report’s author geologist “John Jackson.” John Jackson is a pseudonym for a geologist with detailed knowledge of western China who wishes to remain anonymous to protect his sources. In a worst-case scenario, Jackson reports, dams could collapse, creating a giant wave that would inundate everything in its path, including downstream dams, causing great loss of life and property. Should a dam suffer catastrophic collapse, says Probe International Executive Director Patricia Adams, Chinese citizens could direct their anger to the hydropower industry for threatening their lives with dangerous dams. To pierce the Chinese government’s secrecy over its dam building, the Probe report overlays a Chinese map of dam locations with U.S. Geological Survey earthquake data and a United Nations’ seismic hazard map. –Environmental News Service
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8 Responses to China builds scores of dams in earthquake hazard zones

  1. nickk0 says:

    Lest we forget, this just goes to remind people, that Communism, still Sucks.


  2. dublinmick says:

    Yes Canada can certainly straighten them out on how to be eco-friendly!


  3. streams13 says:

    This information is troubling.
    I have recently read that if there is ever another large earthquake along the New Madrid fault line in the US there are dams that could collapse causing catastrophic flooding.


    • Potentially, 7 million people would be homeless in 5 minutes if the earthquake was a magnitude 7+ or higher.


      • radiogirl says:

        Alvin,is the government preparing for such an event as a New Madrid earthquake? Are there really Fema camps in place there etc? Just wondering what you have found to be factual concerning our government and this potential catastrophic event. Thanks in advance, Radiogirl.


      • B
        Mobs stormed the Bastille in Paris on July 14, 1789 for ammunition

        The lesson on how easily Louis XVI lost France and Paris to French mobs in a moment of crisis during the French Revolution, has not been lost to history. Governments are heavily involved in contigency planning to ensure the COG or “continuity of government,” particularly the U.S. For many governments around the world; this is their highest priority, especially given the sequence of events in the Middle East on how easily regimes can be toppled.


        That said; FEMA has already been involved in an earthquake drill simulating a major earthquake on New Madrid this year. Rather than wading through a series of conspiracy theories about what the government is or isn’t planning in respect to such a natural disaster to this region- here are a few facts.

        *About 15 million people live in the New Madrid Fault zone
        *About 7 million people would be homeless from a major 7.0 – 8.5 earthquake
        *The last series of earthquakes that struck New Madrid 1811-1812, comprised 4 different earthquakes
        *The earthquakes were so powerful, they rang church bells as far away as Boston
        *There are 15 nuclear power plants lying within the New Madrid region
        *About 3 million people would be without electricity during the first seismic event

        If the event of such a large-scale disaster, you need to have the means to quickly bury large numbers of corpses, have places to shelter and feed people, as well as have detention or holding facilities to contain ‘civil combatants’ as civil order breaks down. This is just apart of prudent government and military planning and the U.S. in already well-prepared in such matters. In such an event, martial law would likley be invoked in the region and movements into and out of the affected areas would be gravely restricted and would be regulated under the auspicies of Federal Emergency Management Agency officials by presidential emergency declaration.


  4. Every country of the world has signed the EARTH CHARTER which holds that the environment is more important than people, so getting rid of the people is a good thing. Every country is out to lower their population. We are looked upon as a parasite, useful as slaves but just not too many please!. Thanks for all your work, It helps me not feel alone.
    In Christ,


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