Large-scale seismic activity rising along planet’s southern pole

January 15, 2012ANTARTICA A strong and shallow series of earthquakes have erupted near the remote South Shetland Islands region of Antarctica on Sunday, experts from the U.S. Geological Survey said. The earthquakes in the intense tectonically-activated series measured a 6.6 magnitude, followed by a 6.2 magnitude earthquake and 5.1 and 5.6 aftershocks. The epicenter of the earthquakes was at various depths of from one kilometer (0.62 miles) to 14 km (9.2 miles) below the earth’s surface and some 464 kilometers west of Coronation Island in distance. No destructive tsunami was created, according to the U.S. NOAA warning center. The earthquake series is worrisome because it’s further evidence of what I have been warning about for over the past 6 months, that the Southern hemisphere, particularly around the periphery of Antarctic, is shows increasing signs of seismic destabilization. On January 12, there was a swarm of five moderate earthquakes which erupted south of Africa- the strongest of which was a 5.3 and a 5.5. On January 13, the South Sandwich Islands, north of Antarctica, was hit with a 5.1, and 5.2. On January 14 the region was struck again with a 5.0 earthquake and another 4.9 on January 15th. Not only are earthquakes increasing along the southern polar region but in November of 2011, the Tasmania’s Antarctic Climate and Ecosystem centre found that the South Ocean was storing more heat than any other ocean on the planet. The shape of the earth, a mal-formed spheroid, whose center of gravity is becoming increasing displaced by the turbulent shifting of the planet’s mass due to a wave of strong earthquakes that have rattled the planet over the last 7 years. These large mega-thrust earthquakes are exacting a terrible toll of stress on the planet’s angular momentum. In 2004, the planet suffered a devastating 9.1 mega-thrust earthquake in the Indian Ocean near the Sunda Strait. In February of 2010, Chile was rocked by a 8.8 magnitude earthquake and in March of 2011, Japan was similarly hit with a 9.0 magnitude earthquake and tsunami. In April of 2011, the European satellite Gravity field and steady-state Ocean Circulation Explorer, or GOCE released a detailed map of Earth’s gravity field. (See quakes and mounting stress increasing around South Pole)
The digital 3-dimensional model shows planet Earth’s dimensional gravity signature is now severely deformed and this is increasing mechanical stresses within the planet’s interior- which will further aggravate thermal gradient. As the planet is generating more energy in rotation to do the same work under greater resistant pressure- it is adding an additional burden to a stressed system that is already in dire need of a catastrophic correction. The fact that Earth has oceans to create tidal budge on its sides and absorb massive earthquake seismic shocks may be the only thing that has saved the planet thus far from shifting over. Earth’s unbalanced model is further compounded by two additional factors. The planet’s magnetic field is degrading from a magnetic polar migration and subsequent reversal and the disproportionate weight of the Antarctica ice-cap has created a wobble or precession in the planet’s spin, which has recently fluctuated according to some scientists. Throw in the planet’s angle of inclination of 23° degrees and you have an unstable system that is bobbling along in space as it spins in tilted and trembling fashion. If any more large earthquakes strike the planet in the near future, her stability will erode further and the dangers of a catastrophic crustal correction becomes more likely, similar to what has already happened on Uranus, which is sitting on its side, and Mercury (with a magnetic field that is already 150 times weaker than Earth’s) whose magnetic field has also slipped and is experiencing an unexplained thermal anomaly at the southern pole. All of these factors are increasing tectonic-plate stresses and earthquake activity on a very dangerous region of the planet that is already tinged by deep submarine volcanism. –The Extinction Protocol
(c) Copyright 2012 – AC – The Extinction Protocol
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23 Responses to Large-scale seismic activity rising along planet’s southern pole

  1. Yeb Hw says:

    The Planet is out of control guys, hang on it’s gonna get bumpy from here on in.


  2. Granny Bear says:

    Very strong earthquakes near sub-antarctic Elephant Island (a destination of Antarctica cruises)

    Last update: January 15, 2012 at 7:14 pm by By Armand Vervaeck and James Daniell
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    January 15, 2012 By Armand Vervaeck and James Daniell
    Earthquake overview : Very strong earthquakes approx. 100 km out of the coast of Elephant Island, an area which is often visited by Antarctica tourist expedition ships.
    To read the full story as it happened, we advise our readers to start at the lower part of the page (earthquake data).
    Keep this page open or return regularly as we will be back with more details when they become available
    Update : If people were visiting Elephant Island (09:40 is about the time to have shore zodiac excursions), they will have experienced a strong MMI VI shaking.The Antarctic peninsula, with a number of Antarctic stations will have experienced a light shaking.
    Update : The earthquake occurred in a very complex tectonic area were 3 different plates were interacting. Todays both earthquakes where more in the direct vicinity of a transform faulting zone. Since 1900, 3 massive 7+ earthquakes occurred in the greater area, 1 along the spreading ridge zone and 2 close to the transform faults. The scars in the seabed reveal the stress along the transform fault zone.

    Elephant Island penguins, South Shetland Islands – courtesy panoramio

    Update : Very strong aftershock of M 6.2. We expect many more aftershocks to happen the following hours and days.
    Update : As it is Antarctica summer and thus Tourist season, at least a couple of thousand people may have been walking on one of the many penguin islands of the Antarctic peninsula and may have felt the earthquake. A M 6.5 earthquake will be probably felt within a radius of several hundred km.

    Antarctica cruises Zodiac excursion along Elephant Island – image courtesy
    Update : We said earlier that these islands are a regular destination stop for Antarctica cruise ships. This destination is not so common than the Antartic peninsula, but we would not be surprised that tourists were visiting the penguin population on one or more islands.
    This text is part of the program of Antarctica espedition organizer Oceanwide Expeditions :
    The Atlantic Odyssey offers a unique possibility to visit several of the remotest islands in the world. Besides the Antarctic Peninsula, the South Shetland Islands, South Georgia and the South Orkney Islands, the Atlantic Odyssey visits Tristan da Cunha, St. Helena, Ascension Island and Cape Verde.
    Update : The magnitude has been lowered by USGS to 6.5, a lot less energy than the initial 6.7. The earthquakes can be compared with the many earthquakes who are occurring at the South Sandwich Islands, islands with similar animals.
    The South Shetland Islands are a group of Antarctic islands, lying about 120 kilometres (75 mi) north of the Antarctic Peninsula, with a total area of 3,687 square kilometres (1,424 sq mi). By the Antarctic Treaty of 1959, the Islands’ sovereignty is neither recognized nor disputed by the signatories and they are free for use by any signatory for non-military purposes.
    Despite the harsh conditions the islands do support vegetation and are part of the Scotia Sea Islands tundra ecoregion, along with South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands, the South Orkney Islands and Bouvet Island. All these islands lie in the cold seas below the Antarctic convergence. These areas support tundra vegetation consisting of mosses, lichens and algae, while seabirds, penguins and seals feed in the surrounding waters. (source description : Wikipedia)
    Very strong earthquake approx. 100 km out of the coast of Elephant Island, an island which is often visited by Antarctica cruiseliners. The sialnd is covered with glaciers and has a fe
    Elephant Island and the smaller islands around are all crowded with antarctic birds and animals. All kind of penguins like emperor penguins, seals, etc are common on these islands.
    NO tsunami risk exist for populated islands (there are no people living within a radius of several hundred km). Additionally a M 6.7 earthquake is seldom generating a tsunami.
    Most important Earthquake Data:
    Magnitude : 6.6
    UTC Time : Sunday, January 15, 2012 at 13:40:18 UTC
    Local time at epicenter : Sunday, January 15, 2012 at 09:40:18 AM at epicenter
    Depth (Hypocenter) : 10 km
    Geo-location(s) :
    Approx. 100 km from Elephant island, South Shetland Islands
    539 km (334 miles) W of Coronation Island, South Orkney Islands
    625 km (388 miles) NE of Palmer Station, Antarctica


  3. Serioussneep says:

    Well if the earth is at a tipping point just waiting to be poked off the edge then we are in some trouble. The Eastern portion of the ring of fire hasn’t even popped yet, Cascadia being locked and loaded. With the increase in Vulcanism and the pure number let alone size of the quakes happening everywhere else around that plate, it’s only a matter of time.


  4. JonC says:

    I am more and more convinced that Brent Miller (horizon project) has figured out exactly what is going on. Our solar system is moving across the galactic plane of our Milky Way galaxy. This plane is a thick, dense plane of both intense gravitational forces, and rocky debris (much in the same way that Saturn has a ring of debris.) This explains why the Chandler wobble has been behaving erratically since 1998, and why our solar system’s heliosphere has been steadily shrinking since about that time, too. We cross the densest point of this imaginary plane or boundary around December 21, 2012. Thus the Mayans ended their calendar for the simplest of all reasons: after or around that date, our planet’s pole will unavoidably shift, and we will need new calendars.

    A smaller world wide event happened to the Earth in the year 705 B.C.. Before that year, all 15 major calendars of the day were based on 360-day years. The Chinese recorded a day in 705 where the sun traveled backwards in the sky, to almost the noon position, before then resuming its normal course; they refer to it as the day the sun set twice. After that year, calendars were corrected to show our present 365-day years. (Ever wonder where all the strange leap year corrections came from?)

    Here is a youtube link to the first part of a show Brent Miller did with George Noory several years ago on coast to coast. He also did a much better, more clearly explained interview in February of 2009 with George Knapp, also on coast to coast.

    I hope he’s wrong, but it’s the best explanation I’ve seen anywhere.


    • Gregg Hall says:

      Dead on guys… I’ve been screaming it for years, few listen. But that is part of it as well –
      “It is the nature of the human species to reject what is TRUE but unpleasant and to embrace what is OBVIOUSLY false but comforting.”

      From H.L. Menken

      I’ve been studying ancient civilizations and world religions since I was a child, I lived in the Yucatan and I loved Chichen Itza…

      – Every 3600 years civilizations rise and fall, only a handful of the next civilization remember by the next time and it starts all over, JUST like The Matrix…

      Just part of the universal balance – nothing personal



  5. Countrygirl says:

    Very informative albeit disconcerting article, Alvin. You have been correct in predicting the cause and effects of so many events, and tying them all together. Do you see any of this having any effect here in The States/ North America? Alaska has been letting off alot of stress, there has even been a larger, odd quake up in Canada. We always worry about the proverbial Big One hitting California, and then there’s the worriesome New Madrid scenario and the potential volcanic d.isaster lurking under Yellowstone. I suppose there are such threats in every nation, but so many Americans are just blind to these potential catastrophes it is alarming how unprepared the country really is! Do you think the ripple effect of what is occurring in the southern pole/Antarctica will accelerate now? Personally, I believe we will see a major and devastating earthquake hit Iran and the middle east very soon, but alot us will be affected due to the disruption in oil flow to the rest of the world. Thank you, Alvin, as always for your keen insight.


    • I

      The mechanical stress that’s creating tectonic pressures on plates and arcs in the southern hemisphere, if you notice, is erupting in almost a line counter to the direction the planet’s is spinning- which may be an indication of mounting strain as the planet spins. If this is what is indeed occurring, Peru and Chile along the Nazca plate would be a high-risk concern followed by the convergent plate boundaries where mega-thrust earthquake can erupt and unleash a vast amount of stress in subduction zones. Historically, that would be in the Ring of Fire which has seen the largest scale earthquakes to ever erupt on the planet- the Sunda Strait, Japan, Tonga- Kermadec, Chile – Cascadia and Alaska would be subjected to secondary whiplash effects. This may be signs of a warning, it may take more time to worsen…I’ve been monitoring this for more than a year and this is by far the biggest breakout along Antarctica- so whatever is causing this is getting worse.



  6. Philippino Bob says:

    Yeah, you are right, it will get bumpy from here on but we are still OK for another 4 to 5 years.
    My guesstimate comes from stock market charts which show a net deterioration starting in 2016.


  7. Louise says:

    Great article, Alvin, thanks! Something so beautiful is happening. Behind the apparent pending catastrophe there is a tremendous transformation. Caterpillars will become butterflies.


  8. Thank you Alvin, most informative and interesting! Indeed, fear not, these changes are imperative as preparations for the planetary shift to the 5th dimension. Please know that every potential and actual, seismic event is being monitored and minimised by our brothers and sisters of the 250 Star Nation, Galactic Federation of Light. They have the technology. We are not alone!


  9. c/o Luisport


    Scientists find dramatic evidence of slippage occurring at South Pole Ice Shelf:

    Mystery of the moving Antarctic lakes! RIVERS and mountains can move given enough time, but they don’t normally move half a kilometre every year. Yet that is exactly what is happening to a bizarre group of Antarctic lakes. And the lakes seem to be moving far faster than the ice shelf on which they sit.

    The 11 lakes are on the edge of the George VI ice shelf, a banana-shaped sheet of floating ice sandwiched between the Antarctic Peninsula and Alexander Island. They were first spotted in the 1970s but it was only last year that their wanderlust was identified.

    Douglas MacAyeal at the University of Chicago gave undergraduate interns the “boring” job of digitising a series of satellite photographs of Antarctic lakes. One student, Claire LaBarbera, noticed that the lakes moved, relative to features on land, from year to year. “I thought, what a nice curiosity,” MacAyeal says. Then he took a closer look and realised that the lakes were moving five to 10 times faster than the ice shelf, and in a different direction.


  10. Julie says:

    Hi Alvin – I’m sure you are aware of Zeta Talk – I won’t even go into my thoughts on that – but they have targeted this article. I just want you to be aware. They are not open to you or your thoughts – that alone should give us cause to pause. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. PLEASE be safe. I wish you well! Love and blessings to you Alvin!


    • Thanks Julie…I’m the last person on Earth who cares what people say or think. I have more than I can handle on my plate and have no time or desire to browse other sites. As I see it, if we weren’t reaching the masses, we wouldn’t be in the news.

      Thanks for the concern and note of blessings. In loving return,


      • Gregg Hall says:

        Exactly the right response my friend. Right is Right and the conscious know the truth when they hear it… Mitakuye Oyasin – We are all related … But we’re about to lose a lot of relatives…


  11. Brandon says:


    Bundy from Researching Earth Thoroughly and Reasonable Discussion was the first person i heard this ridiculous article from. Keep in mind that this is the same lady who says aliens communicate with her. That should be a red flag in and of itself! Secondly she claims this planet WHICH NOBODY CAN see was going to destroy the earth back in May 2003! Guess what, we are still here. I would take what she says with a grain of salt. Alvin, we know you have alot on your plate. Please don’t overwork yourself and take some time for Alvin and get you some rest. God has gifted you with this vast scientific knowledge but remember He wants you to take it easy from time to time so you can recooperate. Do not let the naysayers burden your spirit. They are ALL OVER the place debunking everything, especially the worldwide sounds. Remember Jesus warned about scoffers in the Last Days. The fact that they are multiplying and scoffing at everything means that it is drawing more near. God bless you my friend. God loves you!

    In Christ,


    • The more noise, we make…the more critics, you’re going to acquire. Traffic has trippled on our blog since the first of the year. I’m not burdened Brandon, because I know God’s message will prevail. If I was interested in anybody’s opinion concerning this issue, I would have interviewed them before I wrote my book.

      Grace in Christ,


      • Julie says:


        Good to hear from you, Alvin. Thanks again for all you do!~



      • pagan66 says:

        So glad you don’t let whacko’s ruin your day Alvin, specially strange women – specifically weird ones who converse with aliens & seriously advise killing your pets.

        Just returned from working very remotely & as always EP is – informative, factual, credible, courageous & honest

        Grace & love ~ Pagan


      • It’s a crazy world we live in and unfortunately the Frankensteinian mindset still prevails with some: what can’t be controlled, must be slain.

        Glad to hear back from you…

        Love and peace always,


  12. Brandon says:

    Well said my friend. Can you tell me something?


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