Increased seismic turbulence seen at the southern pole- 4 days, 4 earthquakes


November 2, 2011ANTARCTICAA 6.2 magnitude earthquake struck the Pacific-Antarctic Ridge region today at the shallow depth of 1.1 km. The earthquake is the fourth earthquake to rattle the southern region of the globe in four consecutive days. On November 1, a 4.8 magnitude earthquake struck the Western Indian-Antarctica Ridge. On October 31, a 5.1 struck the tectonic plate conjunction of the Southeast East Pacific Rise and on October 30, the Southeast Indian Ridge was hit by a 4.5 magnitude earthquake. Tectonic plate agitation has diffused across the planet over the last 45 days and we’re seeing more unrest in places which typically don’t have earthquakes like the 6.3 magnitude earthquake which struck Revilla Gigedo Island region west of Mexico on November 1. Whether this latest series of earthquakes, shaking the southernmost hemisphere, signals a major shift in planetary seismic stress or a further erosion of planetary magnetism remains to be seen. We will be watching developments very closely over the next few days. –The Extinction Protocol
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15 Responses to Increased seismic turbulence seen at the southern pole- 4 days, 4 earthquakes

  1. Yamkin says:

    USGS has upgraded PACIFIC-ANTARCTIC RIDGE earthquake from Magnitude 5.5 to 6.3
    EMSC records this quake as Magnitude 6.0


  2. LA says:

    seems like with all the high-tech seismographs etc they should be able to tell the difference between a 5.5 and a 6.5!! that is a huge difference!!


  3. I noticed that too! Good post.


  4. kenny moore says:

    The earth is groaning! It won’t be long!


  5. Evo says:

    The Pacific Plate again. It is related to most of the major earthquakes we have seen recently. Why is it so stressed, and is it related to the hole found in Earth’s magnetic field.?


  6. My native american friends speak of “the earth is getting redy to shake of her fleas”…the question is, are we on the tail or the head, or somewhere in between….


  7. watching from NZ says:

    this is happening at the wrong end of NZ and the world for my liking, living on the coast has lost its appeal since the earth has begun waking up!

    anyone know the future for this region? i was under the impression that there was a large component of seafloor spreading but with quakes occuring this does not seem to fit.


  8. With everything going on, I just though these verses were appropriate.

    Matthew 24:6-7
    And ye shall hear of wars and rumours of wars: see that ye be not troubled: for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet. For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places.



    • Magenta says:

      Irene, Don’t know if other people are feeling what I am feeling or not, its a sense of impending doom. I feel physically ill from it. My sister says the two most used words in the bible are fear not. I am trying to calm myself with those words. Just moved from east of OKC 3 months ago, I am saddened to tears for friends and loved ones there. Went through tornado’s, earthquakes and wildfires already with these folks. I think the earth-quake there was just the beginning of more to come. I keep thinking of the bible verse that says everything that can be shaken will be shaken. Peace to all


  9. John Berbatis says:

    “In a polar region there is a continual deposition of ice, which is not
    symmetrically distributed about the pole. The earth’s rotation acts on
    these asymmetrically deposited masses [of ice], and produces centrifugal
    momentum that is transmitted to the rigid crust of the earth. The
    constantly increasing centrifugal momentum produced in this way will, when
    it has reached a certain point, produce a movement of the earth’s crust
    over the rest of the earth’s body, and this will displace the polar regions
    toward the equator.”

    Prof Albert Einstein. Foreword in The Path of the Pole by
    Prof Charles Hapgood.

    Rotational wobble. The Crust presents the earth with an unbalanced distribution of weight, even a small (10 centimeters) displacement of the crust would cause the earth to wobble more (which ironically could induce more crustal displacement, thus causing more wobble, thus causing more displacement, etc.) Added bulges from the expansion beneath the crust would worsen the imbalance.
    John Berbatis – Perth, Australia


  10. Gen says:

    SE Australia Earthquakes

    2.1 03 November 2011 @ 20:15:51 UTC -33.126 138.683 5 AUST Near Jamestown, SA. Significant

    2.0 03 November 2011 @ 17:24:46 UTC -35.580 138.667 1 AUST SE of Victor Harbor, SA. Not significant

    2.5 02 November 2011 @ 03:32:49 UTC -30.871 121.474 4 AUST Kalgoorlie, WA. Significant

    2.4 01 November 2011 @ 17:48:04 UTC -33.007 138.740 2 AUST Yongala, SA. Significant


    • Mark says:

      Considered a quiet 24 hour period in Christchurch, New Zealand at the moment:
      Reference Number: 3643364
      NZDT: Sun, Jan 15 2012 11:38 pm
      Magnitude: 3.2
      Depth: 5 km
      Details: 20 km north of Turangi

      Reference Number: 3643076
      NZDT: Sun, Jan 15 2012 8:31 pm
      Magnitude: 3.7
      Depth: 9 km
      Details: 10 km east of Christchurch

      Reference Number: 3642985
      NZDT: Sun, Jan 15 2012 4:40 pm
      Magnitude: 3.8
      Depth: 8 km
      Details: 10 km east of Christchurch

      Reference Number: 3642824
      NZDT: Sun, Jan 15 2012 10:28 am
      Magnitude: 3.5
      Depth: 6 km
      Details: 10 km south-west of Christchurch

      Reference Number: 3642766
      NZDT: Sun, Jan 15 2012 7:48 am
      Magnitude: 3.5
      Depth: 8 km
      Details: 10 km east of Christchurch

      Reference Number: 3642752
      NZDT: Sun, Jan 15 2012 7:05 am
      Magnitude: 3.3
      Depth: 9 km
      Details: 10 km east of Christchurch

      Reference Number: 3642710
      NZDT: Sun, Jan 15 2012 5:10 am
      Magnitude: 3.7
      Depth: 7 km
      Details: 20 km north-east of Christchurch

      Reference Number: 3642689
      NZDT: Sun, Jan 15 2012 4:11 am
      Magnitude: 3.1
      Depth: 6 km
      Details: 10 km east of Christchurch

      Reference Number: 3642657
      NZDT: Sun, Jan 15 2012 2:47 am
      Magnitude: 5.0
      Depth: 9 km
      Details: 10 km east of Christchurch


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