53 dead fur seals wash up on South Australia beach

January 16, 2012AUSTRALIAMore than 50 New Zealand fur seals have washed up dead on South Australia’s Eyre Peninsula and will be examined at Adelaide University to determine how they died. The Department of Environment and Natural Resources said the bodies of 51 juveniles and two young adults were found near Port Lincoln and at Wanna Beach in the Lincoln National Park. Dr. Lucy Woolford from Adelaide University says three seals have been collected for post-mortem examinations, which will be conducted on Tuesday morning. “These seals appear to have died a few days ago, so they’re in a state of decomposition so we’re trying to see how much information we can gain from those,” she said. “[We have found] no immediate signs of injury from the seals we’ve looked at so far.” New Zealand fur seals are a protected species found along Australia’s south coast and along the coast of New Zealand’s South Island. They can grow to weigh up to 250 kilograms, but males usually average about 125kg and are considered docile, although they will attack if provoked. –ABC News
contribution by Gen
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8 Responses to 53 dead fur seals wash up on South Australia beach

  1. Susan Russell says:

    We the humans have carelessly destroyed and killed our own world.Now what? This is the SADDEST of things, I am going to miss the beauty of it all,my heart is broken .


  2. Terry says:

    Something’s wrong somewhere!


  3. pagan66 says:

    This isnt all that far from where I live. People around here are saying they had an infection, others are saying great whites attacked them but apart from serious decomposition there’s apparently no signs of injury to them. ABC news online is saying they are so severly decomposed that a reason for their deaths may never be discovered. Umm right.



  4. Gen says:

    A small quake has now been posted on Geoscience Australia off Mt Gambier. It was on 12 January before the seals were found dead.

    3.3 12 January 2012 @ 01:22:13 UTC -38.566 140.929 19km depth
    Offshore, South of Mt Gambier, South Australia Not significant


  5. nickk0 says:

    I’ll be watching this …… I am curious to see what, if anything, is found out about the cause.


  6. Tim says:

    Almost 50 dolphins stranded and at least 20 dead on Cape Cod beaches
    Animal welfare baffled as to why so many dolphins are beaching


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