22 Responses to Why the mounting energy crisis and debt-bomb will lead to the meltdown of Japan

  1. Kathy says:

    I can see Government’s cutting spending to the bone. Since everything rolls downhill, the first to go is social services, health care, aide. Food and fuel prices will rise exponentially. If anyone thinks the Occupy movement is bad, wait until the real riots start (which will include looting to get food) and martial law is declared. Not only will there be civil discourse but the threat of nuclear war is looming on the horizon, not from just one country with an unstable government, the threat is from multiple countries that now have or strive for nuclear weapons, North Korea, India, Iran, Russia.
    I am extremely worried for Mother Earth, the truly innocent one’s. As I’ve said before, as far as humans go, “The needs of the one outweigh the needs of the many.”


  2. elijahsmom3 says:

    What is your opinion on how long it will before the US financial system completely topples? ie: depression, stock market crash, etc? Could you portray a scenario of events as you see they might happen?


    • If we have a trigger…it could begin happening anytime but it is a process. That could be a major natural disaster that affects the world, a major terrorist event, a war or act of terrorism, or several large European or American banks default simultaneously. The problem is everything is, at some point, backed by a surety market, ‘conscripted financial agreement’ to pay responsible parties. When that unravels, everything basically unravels. Bonds, credit default swaps, pensions, CDO’s ect. It’s the equivalent of destroying the banking system from the inside. Every credit contract is based on someone’s promised ability to pay and someone else has to underwrite those risks if they don’t. So beyond the money we see circulating in the world…the invisible credit market supporting it is even larger and that is what is now at risk because people have gotten rich off credit transactions; not money. It’s gone from just bad debts to becoming a systemic financial problem. We now have more debts accumulated from protecting or guaranteeing the transactions of cash than we have available cash assets on hand- any run to unwind those positions and the system falls down around our ears. Look for problems with and in the futures and bond markets, municipal bankruptcies, pension defaults, insurance bankruptcies, and problems with big banks. Remember the Federal Reserve is over-leveraged and can’t rescue anyone else so chances are- once a big bank is in trouble; a dozen more will tumble right behind them. We have to be astute enough to see the warning signs to avoid any kind of liquidation in a crisis- otherwise, those assets run the danger of forfeiture. In 2012, we’re going to have major financial problems globally- and from there, in my opinion, it only gets worse. By the late summer of 2012, the U.S. will have problems making debt interest payments without implementing the kind of austerity measures that’s needed just to keep the country afloat- cuts somewhere in the $3 to 4 trillion dollar range. So my guess is something radical from the government has to happen with this election or in-lieu of it.


      • K.J. says:

        Alvin that was a very good explanation of things in terms that most can understand. This is what is needed out there for the masses to read…….. well if you can tear them away from the X Factor or Survivor, which they are watching on the 52 inch plasma TV they bought on one of those own it now, no payments for 24 months plan.

        Seriously though, my wife and I just shake our heads every night because we rarely meet anyone who has the slightest idea of what is going on out there………… with anything. I bet 95+ percent of the people we know or meet are almost completely in the dark as to what is going on with the global financial picture and the depth of the problem, the big picture in the Middle East and the changes happening with the planet we live on.

        For every person that is attempting to stay on top of things, there is a vast sea of the brain dead.


      • Thank you K.J.

        All the best,


      • nickk0 says:

        “For every person that is attempting to stay on top of things, there is a vast sea of the brain dead.”
        Quote of the day. 🙂

        And I AGREE with tellthetruth1 – Rev.18 is coming upon us.
        Never mind the natural disasters or loss of life…. “They” (the 1%) are going to cry about the lo$$ of Fund$.

        – Nick


      • elijahsmom3 says:

        Thank you Alvin. You are a wonderful teacher.


      • You’re a wonderful person R.

        Thanks in kind


      • RainMan says:

        Your words instantly reminded me of an unforgetable cartoon done by the famous poet and cartoonist Michael Leunig. It depicts a father and son staring at their ’52 in plasma’ showing a beautiful sunrise, while in the background through a large window the exact beautiful sunrise was happening.
        A picture paints a thousand words.
        Thanks for the tireless work Alvin, me thinks you will be getting very busy.


      • SC says:

        Thank you for this explanation Alvin. Today I attended a seminar about financial planning for women. It was all I could do to keep myself from screaming out “soon the dollar with be worth nothing, and putting it into 401k’s and savings accounts is a loser’s game.” It was very disheartening to see the other people in the room accept this information as good financial planning. If it wasn’t for you and this site, I would have been one of those people in the room today. Blessings.


      • I’ve always been of the mind that if you arm people with enough facts, their intelligence is more than enough to guide their decision process. This crisis is something we want to be wide-awake and watching develop.

        peace and blessings,


  3. callyrox says:

    I feel bad for the Innocent in Japan :\ Kids, and Familys who fathers have to go to work for weeks on end and then only get to come home for a few nights 😦 I wish the Age of Aquarius would hurry up and Be here. sigh another 1000 or so years 😦


    • nickk0 says:

      “I wish the Age of Aquarius would hurry up and Be here. sigh another 1000 or so years.”

      Actually, this is what many prophesies hold out.
      The good news is – I DO BELIEVE this is going to happen.

      The PROBLEM is, that Mankind must go through Hell FIRST, before he gets there. :s

      The American Natives, taught that out of destruction, comes creation.
      The irony is, that some of this Destruction will be Man Made, and make things far worse, than they have to be.

      – Nick


  4. No doubt. The world is drowning in red-ink.


  5. tellthetruth1 says:

    Revelation 18, straight out of the box!


  6. G.McCray says:

    Callyrox, there is no “age of Aquarius”. Everything is going exactly as God’s Word prophesied for the end of the ag

    Just as Alvin’s book details, things will just continue to worsen on planet Earth as the Tribulation period and the end of the age are upon us.

    Only when Jesus returns, at His Second Coming, and His Millenial reign begins; will this world be at peace when the “wolf lies down with the lamb” and men will finally “study war no more”.

    Tellthetruth, Revelation 18 is definitely on the horizon!

    Rev. 18:11 11And the merchants of the earth shall weep and mourn over her; for no man buyeth their merchandise any more:


    • pagan66 says:

      G.McCray – I understand from your post you believe in Bible prohecy, fair enough, good for you, I do also but to an extent. Therefore, I would never presume to definitely discard anybody else’s interpretation of prophecy or Belief system. – It is both prudent & wise to both study what our Ancients both wrote & orally passed down to us – be they Biblical, Native American, Sybilline, Mayan, Celtic or even the more modern seers such as Cayce & Nostradamus.



  7. nanoduck says:

    I guess it is time to stock up on food and water. Anything can happen, any day now. Good luck to everyone.


  8. callyrox says:

    I’m Pagan, and Personally i lost all Belief In Jesus Christ and the return of him ALONG time ago, I don’t mean to Offend anyone, But it just seems selfish of us to believe That. I mean what about animals and Aliens and what not? The universe Is bigger then most people Know, Especially Christian and Catholic people. We don’t realize that we are soooo tiny, we are literally Like a spec of Dust In a Dust storm…. And sure things are going to get bad on Earth, But Our Consciousness will Prevail And we will come back. When a field of Wild life burns down, Healthier Vegetation Will Sprout This goes for us. We need to stop Believing in all of this Nonsense , I wonder if the Ancient Egyptians and Aztecs Believed in Jesus? Oh wait they all got wiped out, and yet here we are again Living as humans Only we have Drifted down a long river of Evolution, The earth has gone through this So many times It is “the end of the world” but Not like what people Assume. It means Big change is Here, And it has been Awaited for over 2,160 Years, So Sit back, enjoy your ride And stop Orgasming because “the return of Christ” is upon us…


  9. Jay says:

    Hello says the government. We’ve got what it takes to take what you’ve got.


  10. Richard Queener says:

    Suicide will be the option for many people, those very elderly, those with severe health problems, those who can not cope with reduced standard of living.


    • Suicide will become epidemic- You’re right. People in 3rd world countries will find it easier to adjust because the standard of living is already marginal at best now. We have a whole generation who have not known such deprivation since World World II. Bread has always been on the table and dollars have always been in the bank. That’s about to change…


      Audrey Hepburn recounts her horrific tales of deprivation during the Nazi occupation of the Netherlands: “From November 1944 until May 1945, a period known in Dutch history as ‘the hunger winter’, she suffered terrible starvation. The Germans blockaded her area of the Netherlands, causing mass malnutrition that killed around 18,000 people. Hepburn, 16, was reduced to eating tulip bulbs and trying to make bread from grass. She spent the war’s closing days hiding from the Nazis in a cellar. Hepburn’s slight figure — her waist was only 20in — came not from any celeb-style fad diet. It was a legacy of the jaundice, anemia, respiratory problems and chronic blood disorders she contracted in those desperate days. After a lifetime of quietly suffering frail health, she died in 1993, two months after undergoing an operation for colon cancer. She said of her privations: ‘After living for years under the Germans, you swore you would never complain about anything again.’ –Daily Mail http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-2031505/Audrey-Hepburn-Is-key-stopping-obesity-epidemic.html

      Which probably explains why Audrey spent the latter part of her life helping feed the under-priviledged children of Africa.


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