55 Responses to 2012: Why the year could be one of the worst in the planet’s history

  1. Sheila S. says:

    I love that you posted this today…I just sent an email this morning to 9 dear women that I lead a homeschooling co-op with. I’ve been trying to show them what’s going on without scaring them too much. This morning’s email just mentioned that as I listen to all of the “chatter” on the internet about everything going on around the world I’ve never seen this many events in this many arenas becoming so serious at the same time. Now I can share your article with them as well.


    • Good to hear, Sheila. Keep the light burning-



      • Denise says:

        Thank God for the insight He has given to you about what is going on in the world He created.I noticed that you had mentioned Quetzalcoatl and this made me wonder…several months ago on our way to church we had an encounter with a huge bird like thing.It flew over our van….it’s wingspan covered our van.We were like “what was that !!” I exclaimed,”in the name of Jesus,be gone!!” and it left,praise God.The kids and I thought it was “mothman”but as I read from your web-site it could be this Quetzalcoatl.Alls I know is there is more to spiritual warfare then what alot of people want to admitt to,but without Christ Jesus I have no defense!!May God continue to protect and give wisdom to you and yours!
        In Christ,


      • We’re going to see many such strange things during this transitory period as the world of spirit and matter will collide just as surely as God’s power and Spirit will be manifest among his chosen followers. May God be praised both for the gifts seen in us and your warm appreciation of it and may His protection continue to surround you and your family. Thank you for the support.

        Grace in Christ,


      • Denise says:

        A few weeks ago I had a dream where the Spirit of God took me and I was standing on a beach and could see the Statue of Liberty. Weather wise,the ocean was calm,the sky was blue with white clouds. Then all of a sudden I could hear loud creaking and the Staute of Liberty fell into the ocean.I awoke,shaken,prayed and asked the Holy Spirit to calm my fears. He did,thank you Jesus!!For two days Iprayed and asked the Lord what I needed to do, feeling lead by His Spirit I sent a e-mail to everyone on my list. Well, I had no response, but I know what God showed me and I will not fear because He is with me! I truely believe that the demise of the U.S. is coming, so again, beloved if you have not received Jesus the Christ,the Son of the Living God as your Savior, repent, turn away from those “things” that have you bound in disbelief and ask Jesus to forgive you, get it under His Blood,that you may escape the coming judgement……..because God does not want anyone to perish but live forever with Him!!!
        In Christ,


    • J Guffey says:

      As always Shelia, Alvin does show us the “big picture”. The puzzle seems to be nearing completion.

      Your efforts to keep us informed are greatly appreciated Alvin. May the Lord be continually glorified through it all.


    • @Denise – many people are gifted with dreams. I have had dreams but not so vivid for me to call it a gift. Mine come to me as flashes of visions, not necessarily prophetic, but oftentimes warnings of what could happen. I do tend to agree with you though. I have also seen the fall of the United States. But I am thankful that, no matter how difficult it will get here, this is not my permanent home. I’m only a traveler passing through, doing whatever the Lord has called me to do.



  2. rob dokter says:

    Would be nice if we ended the Euro yesterday. They didn’t aske me or any other Dutch citizens back then. ANd believe me, most Dutch were and ARE against the euro. We are already the biggest payers in EU as per head of the population per country. Getting really sick of this f*cking euro..


    • John Williams says:

      This is the very sentiment that led to the rise of Adolph Hitler in Germany in 1931-32.


      • @John Williams – unfortunately, most people either do not read/understand history, or their instructors have distorted historical facts so much that it isn’t recognizable.



      • Micah says:

        and in all likelihood Angela Merkle of Germany is actually the real daughter of Adolf Hitler:

        This all makes sense now- you can see how Hitler was ‘resurrected’ like a Phoenix Rising-just in time for the End Times WW3 destruction of western civilizations.


  3. Kaos says:

    Mayan Civilization/illuminati-NWO/???

    Well what can i say other than.. The chess board is set with only a few more plays until checkmate!

    Higher structure of social order or just greed for power within a select few?
    All whats happening with the world as it unravels was written years ago… recent and foretold through prophets, scriptures or books and mysticism.

    If only 50% of it comes true like in this article… were without a paddle up the preverbial creek!

    The end of the mayan callendar (Take from it what you like)

    My eyes have been open for about 3-4 years now and I’m almost prepared..
    I said to the closest of people in my circle, 2010 is when it will kick off! and to watch out for pre-cursor signs such as earthquakes, floods, hurricanes and a general increase in bad things! (this was mid 2008)
    To this day, i still beleive whats happening is a pole shift or the start of/in the making, and the fight will be who gets the last scraps.
    You break the back or cripple the kill, then all you need is to slit the throat.

    I’ve took to EP since i found it and alvin, you do some fantastic work, keep it going no matter how many deaf ears it falls upon (personal experience… some people just dont give a $#*!

    Those who tune in know what i mean when i say…

    Good look for the future, as its not long now.



  4. Dennis E. says:

    Agreed, 2011 was worst than 2010, so yes 2012 will be worst than 2011 and 2013 may not want to think about it because it is still all unraveling at a consistent rate.


  5. jsOhio says:

    But don’t worry, God is in control.


  6. Martalien says:

    awsome article brother the enctincion protcole web site is the best, you are doing an awsome jobs covering everything from economic politics earth change and spirituality, i guess you have to be verry asleep or a zombies for not notiice the change on this planet coz it become crazier everyday, my only answer to everyone who is awake is just enjoy the ride no matter what happen and try to wake up a few who are still asleep.. NAMASTE…


  7. Evo says:

    Alvin, please do not take this the wrong way, but I really hope you are wrong about all this.
    When I first read your post, I thought that another Carrington event would be welcome, at least all those weapons would be grounded. Then I realised that all nuclear plants would lose cooling, and oil wells across the globe would be out of our control.
    We really have backed ourselves into a corner.
    I do not have the Christian wisdom of you, or all the incredible people who post here.
    However, my love of God is steadfast, and something I have no control over, it just is.
    This is only a feeling and nothing more, call it gut feeling, or whatever you want, but intervention is about to take place.
    Our bright light is, money, technology, power, weaponry, and love of “things”
    Our fading candle is, respect, tolerance, empathy, and just simply love. Love of God and love of each other. Heaven is dimly lit, if it is reliant, on our love. This is only in regard to your post above, and all these crazy antics that world leaders get up to.
    I expect God to intervene in 2012. What that intervention will be I have no idea.
    If it does not happen, and all the horrors above take place, well, what’s left?


  8. RainMan says:

    Thinks we were lucky to get through October.


  9. CBO says:

    The sun is waking up from a 200 year mini cycle, plus were moving into solar maximum. It “energizes” the solar system, and that causes the earthquakes to increase in strength and in places that don’t have active fault lines, like say Oklahoma, or Virginia. 200 years ago, the last 200 year mini cycle. the New Madrid fault erupted in 2 large earthquakes in a 14 month period, in 1811 and in 1812, which should mean there will be a large earthquake on the New Madrid fault line within the next 12 months or so. It also means the Cascade Fault line will, not should, will have a massive earthquake coming within the next few months, at most a year. I honestly am afraid of where we are headed if something like that happens and it is as large as I think it will be. This isn’t prophecy, its cycles that the sun, the solar system, and our galactic alignments go through on a regular basis. Be prepared, take this seriously and take care of yourselves!

    The CBO


  10. El's Friend says:

    Thank you Alvin for keeping us so well informed. I love your website and visit nearly every day. Really enjoying your book too. I have included a conversation that seems to confirm that we are in for some rough times.
    God bless you in all you are doing.

    A conversation with God, 5 Oct 2011
    Take up your pen and write. It is time. My people have forgotten my appointed times. They do not understand My ways because they do not keep my laws. How will they know when I am coming? They are asleep.
    It is time for My people to examine their hearts and repent of their sins. This world has entered the time of trouble and calamities and disasters will continue to increase as long as time continues. There will be no turning back, My work will be completed.
    Only the wise will understand the abomination of desolation. That man that thinks that he is God. Standing in My place and robbing Me of My worshipers. Only I can give life and forgiveness, yet He claims to do this and so robs My people of eternal life – desolation is the only reward he gives.
    Tell everyone to seek Me with all their hearts and repent of all their sins. I will hear their cries and forgive them for the price has already been paid.
    Quickly, before it is too late – time is short and must be cut even shorter else no flesh will be saved from that which is coming upon the world. It is already here.
    I have left the churches of men where they speak only of their own imaginations, but I will be found by all who truly seek Me. For I love My people and I am not willing that any should perish. Some will be laid to sleep through these perilous times, to be raised to eternal life at My coming.
    Tell everyone who will listen, I am coming! Get ready!


  11. sim says:

    A good summary


  12. RJ says:

    You are mostly spot-on with these observations. I too have been telling people about these here and now, but this post is a good resource. Keep up the good work!


  13. Dan Sherwood says:

    All you have described mimics the Seal Judgements. If this is true, look for things to keep building to a breaking point at which time there will be the proverbial “quiet before the storm” the wind will stop blowing every where (on the whole planet) then all hell will break loose.
    Tribulation Time Line:
    The Lamb of God takes the scroll and breaks the Seven Seals.
    First Seal (Rev. 6:1-2) – White horse rider to conquer
    Second Seal (Rev. 6:3-4) – Red horse rider to remove peace
    Third Seal (Rev. 6:5-6) – Black horse rider makes food costly and scarce
    Fourth Seal (Rev. 6:7-8) – Pale horse rider brings death, hell rides along, ¼ die
    Fifth Seal (Rev. 6:9-11) – Martyred souls ask to be avenged
    Sixth Seal (Rev. 6:12-17) – World leaders hide in caves while all hell breaks loose
    Wait; (hold your horses) Four angles hold back the wind While the 144,000 are sealed. (Rev. 7:1-8)
    Final seal is broken and Heaven is silent for about ½ hour. (Rev. 8:1)
    Possible 21 year period of time while the earth gets back on its feet.
    Start of the Great Tribulation and the trumpet judgments (marked by a great earth quake)
    The world is reorganized under the leadership of the anti Christ and the false prophet. At the same time as the great earth quake the two witnesses start their testimony (Rev. 11:3-6)
    Mean while the first four Trumpet Judgments take place. (Rev. 8:7-12)
    First- Hail and blood burn up 1/3 of the trees and all the grass of the earth
    Second- Great mountain of fire thrown into the sea destroying 1/3 of all things in and on it
    Third- 1/3 of the water made bitter by flaming star
    Fourth- 1/3 of the sun, moon and stars darkened
    The people of the earth still do not turn to God so the Woes start and only those who have not chosen to repent and follow Christ will experience them.
    Fifth trumpet lasts for 5 months. (Rev. 9:1-12)- Stinging Locusts, followed by the sixth trumpet (Rev. 9:13-21)- super natural cavalry ,and then
    The seventh (Rev. 11:19) – The seventh trumpet (another great earthquake) marks the end of the trumpet judgments. The two witnesses have been killed, and after coming back to life three days later ascend to heaven. (Rev. 11:7-12) Mean while the mark of the beast has been fully established (Rev. 13:15-18) and believers in Christ are being hunted and beheaded (Rev. 12:17, 20:4).
    The last thing of significance to point out about this first 3 ½ years, is that the abomination in the temple takes place (Matt 24:15, Mark 13:14) and the believers in Jerusalem flee to the wilderness.
    The last 3 ½ years are started with a frustrated Dragon upset that he can’t touch the Jews that fled to the wilderness, waiting at the shore to capture any believers that attempt to join them.
    The Vial judgments (and again they only effect those who did not chose to follow Christ) happen one after another.
    First Vial (Rev. 16:2) – Malignant sores
    Second Vial (Rev. 16:3) – Sea becomes like blood and everything in the sea dies
    Third Vial (Rev. 16:4-7) – Rivers and springs become like blood
    Fourth Vial (Rev. 16:8-9) – Scorching heat
    Fifth Vial (Rev. 16:10-11) – Kingdom of the beast plunged into darkness
    Sixth Vial (Rev. 16:12-16) – Rulers gather armies for the battle of Armageddon
    Seventh Vial (Rev.16:17-21) – Thunder, lightning and Mighty Shout
    Then the armies march against God. And the Lord returns and defeats them (Rev. 17:12-14, 19:11-19, 19:21) along with the beast and the false prophet and are thrown into the lake of fire. (Rev.19:20)
    The dragon is locked in the bottomless pit (Rev. 20:1-3) and this marks the end of the last 3 ½ years and end of the great tribulation.
    Then the Saints reign with Christ 1,000 years (Rev. 20:4-6) after which, Satan is loosed for a little while then thrown into the lake of fire (Rev 20:7-15).

    Finally, The Great Throne of Judgment followed by Eternity with the Lord.


  14. Wickus says:

    Great commentary Alvin. Hope you don’t mind me sharing it on my blog.


  15. goodbyemilkyway says:


    pls Alvin post this link………….(not my writing though)..this is some serious stuff..and not many know…you think the oceans smell ‘fishy’,,,oh boy my friend…this could be it…wtheck is fema up too…I know you are ready, but maybe write a little blurb to advise fueling up, watering up, food…3min ‘test’..what they dont say is there is a chance some systems may not come on right away…or will they ever come on again..great way for them to shut shit down…and sheep are going to freak..cause they have noooooooooooo idea…in the date random..hummmmmmmmm 9.11.11….interesting is it not..and right after the asteroid flyby and are all the leaders still at G20?? Together…or have they gone underground..

    Thank you Alvin and your family for all you have done to help Educate , inform us all of the events in the world.
    May you and yours be truly Blessed!!..Please Post this…it is very URGENT….is very important for all those here to know and to inform all those they know……(((((((((((((((((((((((Alvin))))))))))))))))))))))))<giant hugs…

    Merry Meet and Merry Part and Merry Meet again..in the groves of long ago, I shall meet you there my friend! Blessed Be!



  16. lifevesting says:

    It is a scary world we live in… and it will only get scarier.


  17. luisport says:

    AP The Associated Press
    por BreakingNews
    BREAKING: U.N. atomic agency report: Some secret Iran experiments are “specific to nuclear weapons.” -EC
    há 9 minutos


  18. luisport says:

    BreakingNews Breaking News
    More: UN atomic agency has ‘serious concerns’ about possible military dimensions to Iran’s nuclear program – AFP http://tgr.ph/tlFF0c
    há 2 minutos


  19. Derace Owens says:

    Fasten your seat belts; In my opinion, returning troops will be used to suppress civil unrest, like that seen in Oakland California. Economy, attack on Iran and earth changes all seem to be converging all at once. Be on the lookout for any military movement using roadways, and on loops around cities. In my opinion, if martial law becomes a fact, it will be implemented without a formal announcement!Watch the stock market as a barometer of future events, and also the price of fuel.


  20. john hand says:

    the only thing you can control is your walk with GOD the heaveanly father put your trust in him believe his rightly divided word written to the church of grace and pray with all your heart claiming his promises.
    blessings thru JESUS THE MESSIAH


  21. Sylvia T. Porter says:

    I think it’s important that we all purpose it in our minds that we will not bow down
    to any being claiming to be God. Jesus Christ is our salvation, and when we see
    Him, we won’t be in these bodies.


  22. Johnny Klash says:

    I believe this upcoming year is full of opportunity, the earth goes through phases, just as people do. Everything that changes, doesn’t necessarily have to be DISASTROUS. the rise of china is actually over due, they have been working harder than Americans since Mao. We are not living in a world out of control, there are things that happen, and we adjust.

    Believe in a better year, and don’t be lead by fear, that’s no way to live life.


  23. muthoni says:

    its scary but like someone said, it will be a purging period for everybody and this world is winding up…we trully need Christ and a genuine walk of Faith in this day we r living in….


  24. Pagan says:

    Dennis E – I read your posts & have found you to be an enlightened & empathetic soul but I must wholeheartedly & vehemently disagree with your above comment. Wicca is not Satanism. We do not consort with demons nor do we sacrifice children or animals in any form, it being against one of our most sacred laws of “Harm None” In future, before you make such an offensive assumption, do some research. The following link may give you a little insight into the basic tenents of our faith.




  25. Pauly says:

    Buy junk silver. If you can’t afford silver, exchange fed notes for US Nickles. They are real $ and are worth more than their face value.


  26. For the Non Christian faith’s and more specifically the christian belief systems that claim that Jesus was also 100% human and 100% GOD, all other faith systems, WiCCA, Eastern, Muslim, etc..basically all others, are in form or another a work of darkness. You see it doesn’t matter to those outside the ”born again circles” of Christianity if those faiths have truth in them. They feel that since the faith is not built on The Truth who Jesus Christ claimed to be, than all other truth is not sufficient for salvation. Yes it’s much easier not to mention shorter for Internet commentary to just claim all the other faiths ”satanic” and that sounds offensive and narrow minded. But actually this is a legitimate interpertation of the Bible in my opinion. Jesus Christ is the entire message of the bible interwoven through out the entire Old and New Testament, and if he is also God in human form, than it would not come as a surprise those who believe this would feel all other faith systems are in adequate to Satanic to a certain degree. To put it another way, just because you can’t find a direct link between Satan and other belief system, does not mean he did not have a hand and continues to have a hand in those other belief system. The Bible even goes as far as to say that Satan is the God of this World but that really mean’s the ”world system” and many interpret this to mean he is behind and influenceing in one form or another everything from all religion to economics, to the ecosystem itself, both past and present.

    If you read this long post twice, maybe you’ll be able to see why certain christians
    interpret the world so narrowly as a contest between the God of the Bible and everything
    else. The key thing you should ask yourself is has the Bible proven itself as the final and ultimate authority for God Almighty?

    Jonathan Fisher


  27. Colleen says:

    The world we are living in has been become a strange and scary place. But God has told us not to fear. It is hard not to fear when we are being confronted by these horrific world events. I suppose some folks don’t seem to care because it is not directly affecting them. I believe soon, everyone on this planet will be affected by what is coming on this earth. We are living in the end times.


  28. Celia Fournier says:

    Thanks, Alvin! You ROCK! And thank you to all your spiritually wise readers for their comments and debates; very interesting. Keep the faith, brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus!


  29. Candi Bishop-Knowlton says:

    Thank you for ALL the work you do here. This site helps me keep others informed and able to prove that the earth is changing!


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