SE Queensland pummeled by severe hailstorm and damaging winds

October 15, 2011AUSTRALIASoutheast Queensland will be hit with a second day of heavy rain after yesterday’s violent storms killed a driver seeking shelter. The deadly rain and thick hail that lashed the southeast on Thursday left thousands of homes without power and hundreds of homes and businesses severely damaged. The 42-year-old Crestmead man was killed by a tree that fell on his car as he parked at the side of Johnson Rd at Hillcrest in Logan City. A woman was killed when a car smashed into two other cars that had stopped on a road in the heavy rain at Pittsworth, near Toowoomba. –Courier Mail
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13 Responses to SE Queensland pummeled by severe hailstorm and damaging winds

  1. tess says:

    what this dosnt tell you as that there have been many strange anomalies on the local radar systems in the last couple of weeks.. BOM (weather website) is unable to explain what they are, however, in the hours prior to these stormcells hitting affected areas, large parallel lines have been seen on raders holding the stormfronts over the affected areas.. Its either weather seeding, or Harpp.
    (the qld goverment signed a deal with malaysia in 2009 for weather seeding technology) I live on the border of NSW & QLD and have seen these rader images and storm cells manifest from clear skys..


    • I heard about an investigation into some radar anomalies…

      thanks for the comment,


    • tess says:

      Hi alvin..
      On my way home I got caught in another severe storm cell. I checked bom and have a pic of the strange rader images I have been talking about. Please let me know if you would like to see it.


    • Nibikwe says:

      Hi Tess. You can find more information about the haarp radar anomalies that have been occuring in Australia on Colin Andrew’s website. He is a well-known crop circle researcher and spent quite alot of time looking into many amazing BOM radar images appearing across Australia over the last couple of years and doing official inquiries as he was being asked for help along these lines.


      • tess says:

        Thanks, I have all ready discovered colin andrews site.. I find it a very interesting phenomenum.. I now a couple of other sources who have also be investigating it as well. Another opinion is all way helpful though..tess


  2. Julie says:

    Tess its funny you mention the parallel lines, I was only looking at the radar 5 minutes ago and there are parallel lines from Biloala to just south of Karoola Park (I was wondering what the lines were)……..interesting to see what might happen this afternoon!


  3. I am in southeast QLD Hervey Bay to be Exact, and on wednesday we were hit with Electrical Storms, what i found strange was it started in a window of 15 minutes, the thunder Came closer and was Continuous, And 20 minutes later it was gone, and sunny again. It is now saturday, i was camping at POONA beach in SE QLD, 30 minutes from Maryborough and 1 hour from Hervey bay. This is quite (UNUSUAL) Especially this Earlie into the wet season we are NOT even in summer yet (Mid Novemeber – January << Storms and Cyclones Usually occur then, This is Not normal from what i Understand (From what i am seeing with my eyes, and BOM Radar) This means we are 3+ months off the current season we are in, Causing These Random Electrical Storms and Hail, Wish me luck the wind IS picking up, and the BOM has just Issues this < This storm cell covers 8 regions from The gold coast, all the way up to the Edge of the wide bay it is a monster and i am Alone my family is still camping 😦 !


  4. susan says:

    i live in Western Australia and there has been nothing on the online news sites about this … i am finding this happening more and more often, even within Australia, events like this go unreported in the West of the country


  5. katy says:

    It’s not surprising that there are so many traffic accidents in storms – as most drivers keep driving whatever the weather. We should value our lives more that the rush to get somewhere. Keep safe:
    1. If it is raining – slow down. In heavy rail, hail or other dangerous situations – pull over somewhere safe. Under a bridge is ideal, but not under a gum tree (could fall or be hit by lightning).
    2. Carry a blanket in your car to spread over your car and protect it from hail damage. If the blanket is made of non-flammable material (eg wool), it could be useful in a bushfire too.
    3. Keep abreast with the warnings & don’t go out in dangerous weather. Find out which ways are most convenient for you to keep informed of the weather warnings. It should be part of your workplace’s OHS officer’s job to keep everyone informed of the warnings – so that they can stay safe too.
    4.Be prepared to help others. (It was sad to see a motorcyclist standing by the side of the road, being pummelled by hail – but all the cars drove past – not one stopped to offer him/her shelter from the storm.)
    We all should take precautions now – it may save a life this storm season.


  6. JUst want to say i am in hervey bay right now and what is happening with this SUPER Storm, But i just saw we had a Hurricane earlier but we are taking a hit hard right now, Power is almost Scarce i am praying for the best, but i just dont know anymore BE SAFE ALL THROUGH THIS TRADGEDY!


  7. RainMan says:

    Part of the storm hit Tamborine Mt ,SE Qld, yesterday afternoon around 4pm. We had to pull over as many other drivers did. The sky turned a dark boiling green and then went black with fierce winds, it was like night time. Good advice to find a clear area and wait it out as many tree branches where blown onto the road, there was little hail here. Predictions are more to come next week.
    Today is eerily calm and clear.


  8. Ctoan says:

    lines and circles on BOM’s radar are due to radar interference not because of haarp or weather/cloud seeding, i don’t see how weather seeding could influence storms at all, if you had any basic understanding about thunderstorm formation you would realize that it would actually kill them off. Australias storm/cyclone season is later January to early march as this is when the water is warmest and the air is more saturated. That being said these storms are much more common then thought to be, the population density of Australia makes it very hard to document strong storms and tornadoes.. that and people have no clue what they’re looking at. trying to clear the air of this HAARP and Weather seeding nonsense.


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