Three undersea volcanic eruptions reported off coast of El Hierro- video

contribution Yamkin   (c) Euronews
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42 Responses to Three undersea volcanic eruptions reported off coast of El Hierro- video

  1. nickk0 says:

    Alvin –

    My thoughts are, at the rate things are going, you might have a tough time keeping this site up to date !!! ( I am only half joking ) 😐

    – Nick


  2. J the Watcher says:

    Could you imagine a Super Explosion? Like, old school Krakatoa or such.. The east coast implications could be quite serious.


  3. Wow (I seem to be saying that a lot lately). This is really growing. thanks for the updates.



  4. Rick says:

    Is it possible that this is the beginning /birth of an island?


      • shana says:

        no, in my opinion is the destruction of an island


      • Dennis E. says:

        Alvin, Rick asked a good question. I think it was reported last year that over 700 plus new barrier islands appeared worldwide.
        So, if a new island is being born, i don’t see the problem if there is one or am i missing something.



      • At present, I’m reporting events as they unfold…and haven’t focused on any dangers. We don’t know where this process will end. This a large magma plume that creates very angular large rocky cliffs in the middle of the ocean and the rock is subject to fragmentation- and during El Hierro’s formation phase, a third of the island slid into the water and caused a massive landslide. These are not your typical islands. They’re volcanic plumes. The largest volcano in the world is not Yellowstone- it’s Mauna Loa Hawaii which is believed to be sitting over one such plume. So any such changes with these magma plumes tend to be major. We’ll have to wait and see what happens…


  5. Chris S says:

    Thank You Extinction Protocol! Your site seems to be the best source of info on this eruption.


  6. Brandon says:

    Alvin, Don’t know if you’re in agreement or not but I think Mother Earth has had enough of us. Our clock is ticking slowly!


  7. elena says:

    То что происходит на планете -закономерность.
    Ученые рассматривают Землю по теории 19 века,вообщем давно себя изжившей -ядро
    железное,мантия селикатная.
    Существует другая теория -водородная ,которая все больше и больше оправдывает себя
    и обладает удивительной предсказательной способностью..


  8. elena says:

    Тому кто интересуется науками о структуре планеты возможно будет интересен этот


  9. Off topic – Alvin, there are a great many earthquakes taking place in the area of the Mediterranean, what’s going on there? What can we expect to happen in this area?

    Thanks for all your dedicated work in keeping us up to date with the increasing pace of change in the world.

    (I have bought your book and very much look forward to reading it.)

    Love and light
    Messenger Spirit


  10. marop4 says:

    Thanx for the updates. 🙂


  11. Rey chavez says:

    Wow at first I thought that picture was like africa or something not knowing it was volcanic debris. Question… If they continue to erupt do you think it might create a small island or something? Thnx for the updates. More n more volcanos r waking up.


    • Could be a construction or a deconstruction…and this may only be in the early stages of something that could be unfolding for some time. We’ll keep watching it and keep reporting…but right now, it’s just low-grade activity.


  12. Eva Korcz says:

    Hi alvin, I have a friend going to Tenerife next week, is it safe for him to fly?


  13. Alex says:

    The situation at el hierro could be very serious but to me katla in Iceland could have a bigger affect on the planet people need to keep a close eye on this if this blows big hold on to your seat


  14. luisport says:

    Special report: Update 3 on El Hierro eruption in Canary Islands, Spain
    Posted on October 14, 2011 by Jón Frímann
    I am going to fully integrate Canary Islands into my watch volcano monitoring system in the beginning of next month, but Canary Island won’t be part of my emergency system until I move to Canary Island (that is because of technical reasons mostly). When that happens, blog post regarding earthquake and volcano activity won’t be a special report. Just a normal blog post as with Icelandic volcanoes. I am doing this as I plan on moving to Canary Islands in about 10 years time (+- maybe few years depending on how my plans work out). A name change on this blog is planned in the beginning of the year 2012. But it takes a while for me to think up a new name for this blog.

    The eruption in El Hierro volcano continues at the same phase as before. With little change so far. Currently the eruption seems to be in two vents, as it did when it started on Monday. There have been unconfirmed reports of new vents opening up closer to the coastline. But given lack of direct evidence that should be there. I do not believe that a new vents have opened up closer to the coastline so far.

    Deep earthquake continue in El Hierro volcano. But that means a new magma is coming in from the mantle and is flowing upwards into the volcano. For long as deep earthquakes are being recorded the eruption is going to continue. It is impossible to know for how long this inflow of magma from the mantle is going to continue. But this means that the eruption is going to continue for time being. With the risk that new vents might open up at any time on and around El Hierro volcano. This inflow of new magma has also been confirmed by GPS measurements on El Hierro volcano (the island). But since the eruption did start, no major change has been seen on the GPS real time data.

    The harmonic tremor in El Hierro volcano yesterday. Copyright of this picture belongs to Instituto Geográfico Nacional.

    The harmonic tremor in El Hierro volcano today (until 21:20 UTC about). As can be seen by comparing the pictures between today and yesterday. Not much has changed since yesterday in terms or harmonic tremor. Copyright of this picture belongs to Instituto Geográfico Nacional.

    If a eruption vents open up on a land. The following eruption is going to be lava only. No volcano ash and no explosions as El Hierro is a shield volcano like the one on Hawaii and that means only lava eruptions. If a eruption vents opens up on the shallow coastline, there are going to be explosions for as long the ocean water can get into the crater. The moment it closes up the explosions stop and lava eruptions starts.

    Please note that I am on slow internet connection (3G). So I am not going to post anything if the internet connection is really slow, as sometimes seems to happen. I am going to try and solve this issue by using my 3G phone and connect that way. At least I am going to try and see what happens.


  15. luisport says:

    Jesus Alvarez Noticia urgente. “Una nueva erupción visible desde la costa”
    há 2 minutos · Traduzir.


  16. Fillade says:

    Hello Alvin, I reside on LINY which is in the impact zone of a west ward land slip in the Canaries, I have seen video of HAARP activity over these Islands, to what extent could this activity influence volcanic eruption, or is this possiable island birth beyond HAARP. My concern is the massive HAARP activity over Japan before and during their earthquake/tsunami event.


    • El Hierro and La Palma were born before HAARP – this is what the Earth does. Islands rise and fall, and landmasses shake by the power of fire. If you’re going to fear anything, fear the forces of nature. A major Yellowstone eruption could unleash the power of 1000 Hiroshima atomic bombs exploding every second.


  17. luisport says:

    A new eruption started 30 min ago on El Hierro, and this time it’s visible above sea. People who were in La Restinga to get things from their homes are now being evacuated again. They say a new vent has opened 2 miles from the coast and magmatic material is visible. It is no longer allowed to fly over the area.


  18. luisport says:

    IMPORTANT UPDATE 12:57 UTC : A NEW eruption is currently going on at 2 nautical miles from La Restinga. This news has been brought by local newspaper Diario de Aviso. We have no pictures of the new eruption yet – More information will be available here soon. This new event cannot be seen on the seismogram like in earlier events.
    At 13:15 local time an urgent order has been given by the authorities to immediately evacuate La Restinga. Some local people have been allowed to pick up personal belongings.
    – The new eruption is said to occur at a depth of 600 meter and approx. 2.5 km from the coast.
    – Authorities are claiming this time that the eruption taking place is a Magma eruption.
    – Helicopters and airplanes have been ordered to NOT overfly the new eruption spot and the “Profesor Ignacio Lozano” oceanographic ship has been ordered to IMMEDIATELY leave the sampling area.


  19. luisport says:

    Jesus Alvarez More details: “the appearance on the surface of the sea of a mixture of gases and magma, known as pyroclastic flow, has forced the closing of the accesses to the port of La Restinga and the prohibition of the flight of aircraft and helicopters in the area.”

    Sources of the Pevolca, the special plan of civil protection to the volcanic risk, reported EfE Oceanographic ship that was in the area to collect water samples where the eruption has been fisural has abandoned the area.

    In the port of La Restinga, where its 600 inhabitants have been evicted since last Tuesday, it was also now a small group of neighbors who were withdrawing their belongings.

    The pyroclastic flow is a mixture of gases and solids ejected in eruptions of volcanoes that forms the strained pyroclastic, so-called “burning clouds”.

    “This compound occurs when lava with high content of dissolved gases (e.g. oxides, sulfides, or water vapor) is cooled and decompressed to surface during a volcanic eruption.” – coast/468537.sHTML


  20. luisport says:

    Earthquakes today, are rising gradually towards the surface: 1105638 15/10/2011 09:39:43 27.6708 -18.0316 15 2.5 4 SW PINAR.IHI 1105629 15/10/2011 06:59:33 27.7273 -18.0821 16 FRONTERA.IHI 1.8 4 SW 1105626 15/10/2011 04:50:23 27.7175 -18.0767 15 1.5 4 SW direction FRONTERA.IHI 1105621 15/10/2011 03:52:21 27.6668 -18.0559 16 2.7 4 SW PINAR.IHI


  21. luisport says:

    Update 15/10 – 14:15 UTC : Part of the emotion at El Hierro comes after the Guardia civil has closed a 2 km perimeter around the Tacaron cruce (we think this is the cross square where people have to choose among La Restinga and Tacaron). The cross Square point was the last couple of days a viewing point to see the Colored sea area.

    Update 15/10 – 13:55 UTC : Joke who is currently near the El Pinar press center at El Hierro just heard from a “to be trusted” journalists, that the news of the new eruption was based on ” volcanic material floating to the surface”. Journalist who were allowed to the viewing points came back stating “Nothing to see”.
    – People are getting really nervous on the island and rumors of More To Evacuate had to be declined fast to regain calm


  22. Jane says:

    Question, If This Volcano is erupting under the Island of El Hierro could it cause parts if not all of El Hierro to break in pieces? And fall into ocean causing this gigantic tsunami people talk about?


    • Typically, as a tectonic plate moves over a magma plume, it punches out new islands…rarely does it starts deconstrucing the underlayer of the newest land formation but that could be exactly what’s happening. We’re dealing with some extrananous dynamism from the adjacent tectonic plates nuding the African plate and on the other hand, there is no planetary manual for how the forces of nature are supposed to behave. Her forces can be wild, uncontrollabe and equally unpredictable. I don’t think we’re at a tsunami threat scenario stage yet.


  23. luisport says:

    @ PrensaElHierro
    Cabildo of iron Scientific data indicate that issuance of material occurs less than 150 m of depth and 2.4 Km away from the coast.
    há 11 minutos via Mobile Web


  24. Greg says:

    I just watched an amazing Discovery Channel doucumenatry called Mega Tsunami produced in 2000. It claims that a mega tsunami producing waves over 500 meters high (yes, 500 meters high) will occur at some future point in time and that the most likely location is the island of Las Pamas (sp?) which is in the Canary islands just north of El Hierro. These scientists state that this will destoy the entire eastern seaboard of the United States up to and including 20 kilometers inland of the coastline. What is so worrisome is that one of the two volcanoes on that island is active and that, according to the scientists, there is a special relationship between the two types of rock on the island, water held within the rock, and the heating of that water by magma. Additionally, that same island and El Hierro are almost positvely linked by undersea magma chambers. As El Heirro is already erupting, it appears likely to me that the much bigger island, to its north, will probaly start to erupt soon, but that is just my conclusion as they did not mention El Hierro. Below is the link to this incredible Discovery Channel video.

    What do you think about this, Alvin?


    • I think the volcanic chamber link is definitely likely and the activation of other volcanoes could also be likely possibly even Cumbre Veija on La Palma but I don’t see the danger of a tsunami yet unless this process escalates significantly and starts affecting land masses. But it did happen in the past to validate your point and that’s one of the reasons why I believe we should continue to monitor these developments there very closely.


  25. Jane says:

    I know they said Elenin is broke up,and its all a conspiracy theory, however it is suspicious that so much volatility happens when this “not a comet” is close to earth. I really believe its more than a comet situation and we are in the dark so to speak as to what the real issue’s are.


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