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Giant explosive CME unleashed on farside of the Sun

October 5, 2011 – FARSIDE CME: Yesterday, October 4th, something exploded on the far side of the sun and propelled a spectacular CME into space. The Solar and Heliospheric Observatory recorded the cloud as it emerged from behind the sun’s … Continue reading

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Thailand hit by worst monsoon flooding in half a century- 2.6 million affected

October 5, 2011 – THAILAND – Flooding in central and northern Thailand blamed on unusually heavy monsoon rains and poor management of the country’s large dams has left at least 237 people dead. Twenty-six of the 77 Thai provinces have … Continue reading

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Iceland’s Katla volcano rattled by strongest swarm of quakes yet

  October 5, 2011 – ICELAND – A sharp series of earthquakes, including a 4.0 magnitude tremor, began shortly before 3 am last night in the northern Katla caldera below Mýrdalsjökull glacier in south Iceland with the first quake measuring well … Continue reading

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