Mystery intensifies over unexplained booming noise in Tennessee

October 1, 2011TENNESSEEThe Lashbrooke subdivision in Louisville enjoyed a quiet and sun-bathed afternoon on Thursday. The peaceful surroundings of the affluent neighborhood along the Tennessee River lend no hint that its residents suffer from shell-shock. “It’s scary-loud. It’s loud enough that it makes your heart stop for a second,” said Andy Wombold. “It sounds like a shotgun or an explosion of some kind.” Wombold and dozens of other residents in the neighborhood are unable to say exactly what “it” is. All they know is the mysterious booms have provided several rude awakenings that sent residents scrambling in fear. “Last Monday, about a week and a half ago, it was around 3 a.m. and it was, ‘Pow!’ All the sudden we heard a loud explosion. It sounded like it came from inside our house. It shook the walls. It shook the floor. It shook the ceiling,” said Wombold. “We thought maybe a gas line had exploded and maybe our house was going to blow up. We thought it was really serious,” said Wombold. “It was like lightning struck directly beside the house,” said neighbor Dwayne Jones. “I jumped out of bed and ran outside. Then I saw a clear sky full of stars and knew it wasn’t lightning. The ground was still shaking for a little bit. It was like a big sonic boom. Just the whole house shakes. I never heard anything like it.” Several residents called emergency dispatchers and Blount County deputies responded to the scene. However, they were unable to find any problems in the neighborhood. Marian O’Briant with the Blount County Sheriff’s Office said deputies also checked with local rock quarries and confirmed there were no blasting operations. Residents said the booms continued for several days. “It would happen in the middle of the night, in the morning, at all different times,” said Jones. “It was like they would get a little weaker as the days went by, but it was still really jarring. You generally heard one big boom and then a bunch of aftershocks in quick succession. I don’t know if it was an echo off the river or what,” said Wombold. A Tennessee National Guard spokesman confirmed there were no military operations in the area that would create the ground-shaking experience. T-DOT told 10News there are no construction projects in the area that could explain the noise. The USGS said there has only been one earthquake in Tennessee in the last couple of weeks. That tremor only registered 1.4 on the Richter magnitude scale and was in Tiptonville along the Mississippi River. “The other thing we figured is it might have been something with the power lines,” said Jones. “We have these very large lines that go directly through the neighborhood and across the river, but we never had any power outages.” TVA confirmed there have been no problems with the lines near the Lashbrooke subdivision. The mystery may be more difficult to solve as the frequency of the booms decreases. Wombold said it has been a couple of days since he last heard a boom while Jones indicated he has not noticed the noise since late last week. Blount County dispatchers said the last call they received about the booms was last week. –WBIR
Reports of Mystery booming Noise growing
Some incidents may be related to meteors but I think the majority of these incidents are a surface phenomena. Meaning faults can be agitated or jarred in a snap-pull or grinding fashion without disturbing the ground but creating an electromagnetic aura of lights or a rumbling sonic boom that propagates through the air in its wake. These incidents are becoming more numerous and are now popping up basically across the globe- an indication that whatever forces are creating these events- could be intensifying. Some mention underground construction, bunkers and tunnels or stealth mystery aircraft as likely culprits but there are documented reports of these incidents in the U.S. that go back as far as the 1850’s. NASA has even heard these noises from across the cosmos and can’t explain them. A spokesman for NASA Goddard Space F. Center said: “There is something new and interesting going on in the universe,” said Alan Kogut of NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Md. See report: NASA noise 
You can even find reports of these incidents going back to 1958, where on June 28th, the University of Florida in Gainesville was shaken by a series of unexplained mysterious booms. More than 84 reports of broken windows were reported to police from the incident. Though the incident was investigated by the U.S. military; and presumably blamed on an aircraft- to this day, it remains unsolved. See: 1958 News Archive 
In 2009, a quiet neighborhood in Minnesota was similarly terrorized by unexplained noises and shaking- Minnesota story.  The state of Georgia also reports an incident. See Georiga. It’s happening in Canada. See Windsor. It’s happening in the UK also. See Saffron Waldon. Is this a seismic phenomena as some geologists are now claiming? Some of the reports go back to India to the 19th century as the booms were then called barisal guns. Some experts believe the mystery booms could be related to an explosive release of methane gas from a cavity in the Earth as a result of cosmic rays, a fault slip or movement. They call them mistpouffers. Most scientists are perplexed about what’s actually causing the mystery booms. In light of all the increased number of reports now pouring in from all across the globe, one gets the feeling that some major geological event may be building under the ground. –The Extinction Protocol
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46 Responses to Mystery intensifies over unexplained booming noise in Tennessee

  1. Bundy says:

    Alvin what are your thoughts on all these unexplained noises?


  2. John says:

    Perhapes they are building more underground shelters?


  3. chondram says:

    It’s very odd that even if these are not EQ’s they are still not registering on the richter scale. Even above ground explosions usually register…very odd indeed.


    • Robert says:

      Just wondering where you read they are not registering on the Richter scale? Since these are shaking the ground, they would have to generate a signal on the USGS seismograph sensors. I’ve seen trucks driving nearby generate a reading on one. Most likely the USGS is not answering the question if there were any abnormal readings recorded.
      As another person commented, if the government isn’t causing these, they know what is. Otherwise, you would see teams of military engineers all over the place. I think these sounds are caused by the shockwaves generated by the government’s supersonic underground train running past. Any object traveling faster than the speed of sound generates a Prandtl-Meyer expansion and a shockwave. The front of the train would generate an initial potent sonic boom and any irregular appendages would generate smaller sonic booms. This sounds like what is happening.


  4. could be gas under the ground, blowing up. Amazing that our scientists still dont have an answer to the unexplained booming around the world. Since volcanoes are on the rise it could be our mantle is thinning in some places. If so, then those places thinnest may sink a bit. all assumption and conjecture on my part. Where are the detectives?


  5. Dennis E. says:

    I think some who specialize in geology are mystified about these unexplained events. As I posted in another post, something is happening in the USA, underground, I believe. Of course, we all know about the pressure being exerted by plate movement. This could be a cause and affect of that. I tend to believe that a major event is unfolding in North America.
    Just a thought………..


  6. Fillade says:

    The Govenrment knows exactly what it is, they have caused the sonic boom or if not, are not saying the cause.The NSA satilites record everything on a continous data loop, 99% gets dumped but the programs have flaggs, sonic distrubinces are catorized in levels, they got flagged on this and know the source.



  7. Evo says:

    Have you noticed how “miners trapped underground” has increased over the last few years. Chile, China, and now, tragically Wales. I expect there has been many more events around the world, that did not merit media coverage. I have never found a “this is exactly what happened” explanation to any of these events.
    Lightening occurs everyday in our atmosphere, exactly how it occurs is still not fully understood. (as far as I am aware)
    Anyway it leads to thunder, caused when a vacuum, suddenly exists within a gas.
    There seems to be so much activity going on now in magma, it mush almost certainly be pressurising natural gas reserves in some locations around the globe. This pressure may be causing friction, leading to electric arcing, causing a sudden vacuum within the gas, then thunder.


  8. protostar says:

    Methane rising up meeting oxygen creates a
    boom. Google guns of seneca.

    Tectonic plate speed limit and earths rotational axis anomoly causing the sound?

    What do you think?


  9. mark craig says:

    i think it heralds the coming of a superquake in the new madrid faultline. the fault itself hasnt slipped yet, but there is apparent kinetics building all around it.


  10. Thomas says:

    I would like to know,if enyone else in N.Western ILL. herd a strange sound about 3:30 to 4:00a.m.,this morning 10-1-11,it sounded like a steady trumpet noise,not a truck air horn or an air horn from a train? It woke me up,with all our house windows closed.It was a realy strange noise! I’ve read about,this strange noise in other places across our globe,it kind of scarse me,nothing like this ever happens around here.It makes me think,that there’s realy something to,something bad thats coming tward all of us.


    • I havent heard about this happening before,but have read about it in the good book and if that is the case it is going to hit the isent a bad thing,just life will be changing as we know it !


    • JEN says:

      Actually…I am no where hear ILL. But I heard a very load strange sound at about that time Saturday morning here in AR. I was sitting on my porch, it sounded more like it came from the sky instead of the ground. The stars were sparkling but it almost sounded like a very fierce thunder, just once….My husband and I looked at each other and said “What was that?” It was strange. Also have seen shooting stars every night for the past few weeks at about the same time in the same direction as well.


  11. robyn havis says:

    10/1@7:59pm– The details of your story are compelling. The booming sounds that I hear in Iillinois are not man-made. These are severe rock-breaking sounds that occur sometime between 1am to 3am. When I have been awakened by these booming noises, I log them on Facebook. These have at times coincided with larger earthquakes. Linda Moulton Howe has been instrumental in also trying to direct me to helpful information stories. I’m so appreciative of your help and news coverage.


    • Dennis E. says:

      Robyn havis: Dennis E. Here: Would you mind sometimes, as the post permits, post those booming noises when they happen,please? Some of us do not go to facebook and Alvin wants the focus to be on the post subject.




  12. ArieZ says:

    Hey Alvin, I have been doing a lot of research on the New Madrid Quake of 1811 and 1812 and these booms started a short while before the quakes did and continued for years afterwords. Then there was a drop in disturbances and now they are back and happening all around the world not just the New Madrid. They call them Seneca Guns even though they are unexplained and have nothing to do with guns. I think the New Madrid is about to erupt again very soon and what we are hearing is coming from geological changes in the earth basically warning us. I have a article from 1811 with first hand accounts of the booms for weeks before the Major earthquake that caused a Tsunami on the Mississippi and liquefied the crust causing Towns and Forests to sink. You couldn’t pay me to live on that fault right now, but I hope I am wrong and everybody stays safe.


  13. nickk0 says:

    Certainly the US is not the only place experiencing these ‘Booms’ ??

    If this is happening in other places ( I would think that it is ), it would be good for readers to post up some links, from outside of the USA.

    – Nick


  14. ashuka says:

    Alvin this is nothing related to this topic but i thought i would ask anyways. There is something in the sky a bright light long shape southwest. I have never seen anything like that in my life. I live in Canada, Surrey B.C. Has anyone else noticed this shape in the sky? Alvin would you know what it could be?


  15. paul wells says:

    My wife and I live 20 mins west of Roseburg or,We just experienced one of those large booms and a jolt,last sunday at 1:30 am.We moved here from Califorina 2 years ago,and have experienced 8 to 10 of these events.Allways in the pm hours,very strange.I have been through lots of earth quakes and this is nothing like those.Im glad to know were not the only ones this has happened to,thankyou,for steping up to the plate


  16. Anthony says:

    Audio Spotlight???


  17. luisport says:

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  18. Pharaoh says:

    Look up something called the “Barisal Guns” which has nothing to do with guns.


  19. Craig S says:

    Interesting article from USGS on the boom phenomena:
    (They don’t know what caused them either but there does appear a link with Seismic activity)


  20. Aunty Bunny says:

    It’s connected to the reports that the military is blowing up the elite’s underground facilities. So far 13 have been blown up.


  21. Dave says:

    As pointed out this is not a new phenomena by any means, known as “Brontides” these mystery detonations were catalogued by anomalist Charles Fort. Anyone familiar with William R. Corliss’ work will have heard of it also.

    From “Handbook of Unusual Natural Phenomena” W. R. Corliss 1986 –
    ” “Landguns” are also ubiquitous. Residents in dozens of localities all over the world hear strange detonations year after year, often emanating from beneath their feet, sometimes apparently from the atmosphere overhead. Scientists ascribe these noises to seismic hotspots, where subterranean forces are slowly cracking rocks below the surface. Some but not all of these explosive sounds can be correlated with earth tremors, lending credence to the seismic explantion.”

    Also there are some theories linking it to natural gas deposits.

    Click to access 371.full.pdf


  22. Lisa says:

    Hey Alvin, I live near Whitney Dam (Texas) and about three weeks ago at around 10:45pm I stepped outside and not long after heard the strangest noise I have ever heard in my life. I opened the door and yelled at my husband. He came out and heard it. In total it happened four times. It sounded like it was coming from the sky. It came and went each time maybe lasting 10 seconds. It was very eerie, almost like it was from a scary movie!! Gave me goosebumps for sure. I’m certain it wasn’t from the Dam which is 3 miles from us. We sit outside all the time and it’s the first time we ever heard such a noise.
    Wish I could explain what it sounded like but I can’t, if I heard it again I’d know it for sure.


  23. Enash says:

    I live about 20 miles away from Louisville, TN, and I heard one of these today. I was out in the yard around 2:30 p.m. when it hit. It was the strangest thing, too. It didn’t “roll” like thunder or echo like a gunshot. It just kind of moved over us and seemed to come from an east-southeast direction. My friend and I both looked at each other and blurted out “did you feel that?” at almost the same time, because you didn’t just hear it, you could feel it too.

    It’s kind of strange that I was reading up on earthquake booms and the Seneca Guns just the other day.


  24. lensitz11 says:

    Aerial sonic booms are often related to military aircraft, such as those at the research and test facility in Tullahoma, TN at the Arnold Air Force Base. These sound like an explosion which literally shakes your house, even knocking pictures from the walls. But Louisville, Tennessee is at least 200 miles from Tullahoma and not on a military flight pattern, nor would jets be flying that early in the morning. The New Madrid fault is located in the western part of Tennessee, far from the East TN location that is reporting the ground-shaking noise. The Oak Ridge National Lab is, however, about 70 miles or less from that neighborhood and there is a lot of classified research, such as experimental thermonuclear fusion projects (Ormak) happening there. Maybe a correlation??? Another thought deals with the “hollow earth” theory and tunneling underground by factions who live beneath the surface, but this has never been verified and is just a theory. Very strange. Hopefully, not a warning for something worse to come. May God protect us from us.


  25. whatchagonnado says:

    2.9 earthquake Ark. Yesterday


  26. John DiNardo says:

    These are earthquake booms. We in Towaco, New Jersey have experienced the
    same booms as described here. In once case, the house vibrated and shook a bit.
    In 2005, these booms were documented by our local news media as having been


  27. Patricia says:

    I was wondering if there has been any fracking going on. It’s a terrifying way to live.


  28. Kimberly Langille says:

    I just wanted to add that here in London Ontario Canada (now this is really strange ) some of us will here a huge BOOM and the person next to us here’s nothing ! Also we hear a ringing in your ear type sound!!
    It sure is getting to be a more strange world everyday!!


  29. Mark M says:

    Wow..This is a cool site,lots of good info.FRACKING that is INSANE We’re not that desperate for energy.All’s quiet here in central Calif,so far! Things sure seem to be lining up for something wild.


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    enjoying your blog and look forward to new updates.


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