Geologists grapple for answers to explain Ohio’s recent bout of tremors

October 1, 2011OHIOThursday night’s earthquake sent shock waves through most of Mahoning County. The quake wasn’t strong enough to create any damage, but it likely felt a lot stronger than a regular magnitude-2.5 rumble, said Michael Hansen, senior geologist at the Ohio Department of Natural Resources. That’s because rocks underneath the ground of river valley areas are mostly made up of unconsolidated sediments that amplify ground movement. “That makes it feel higher intensity,” Hansen said. That could explain the booming and crashing noises heard by some throughout the Valley. And although the initial magnitude registered a 2.5, Hansen said follow-up data could revise that number slightly higher. “It may be 2.6 or a little bigger than 2.6, but not by much,” he said. Geologists have recorded earthquakes with epicenters in Mahoning County just six times — and all happened in the past 61/2 months. All have occurred west of the Mahoning River, in close proximity to Salt Springs Road. The six earthquakes registered magnitudes ranging from 2.2 to 2.6. But why, after a lifetime with no earthquakes centered in Mahoning County, is the area averaging a quake per month? Experts say there are a few reasons. The source of the Mahoning County quakes are a buried fault of basement rocks, which Hansen estimated could be 800 million to 1 billion years old. Jeffrey Dick, Youngstown State University Geology Department chairman, said small earthquakes on ancient fault lines aren’t unique, but what’s unusual in Mahoning County is the frequency. Other geologic movement could be the cause of the Valley’s recent quakes. “You can get a triggering effect from a large event,” Hansen said, referencing the magnitude-5.8 earthquake registered in Virginia on Aug. 23. “But we had some before that earthquake, so I don’t think that necessarily correlates.” Hansen also said that the North American Plate is under constant pressure and has “zones of weakness.” –Vindy
“For nation shall rise up against nation, and kingdom against kingdom; and there shall be earthquakes in different places, and there shall be famines and troubles: these things are the beginnings of sorrows.” Mark 13:8   We highlight the fact of different or divers used in the Bible meaning places that never had a history of earthquakes. And the beginning of “sorrows” or “travail” from the Greek word “ōdinōn” meaning “contractions” or “birth pangs.”  –The Extinction Protocol
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34 Responses to Geologists grapple for answers to explain Ohio’s recent bout of tremors

  1. nickk0 says:

    The Midwest has always been considered a ‘geologically stable’ area….. Historically speaking, that is.

    – Nick


  2. nanoduck says:

    I wonder if there is a hidden fault line that runs from the St. Lawrence in Canada, then under Lake Ontario, and eventually connecting with the Madrid fault in Missouri. Perhaps Edgar Cayce is right that in the future, the North America will be split down in the middle.


  3. Ronni says:

    I live in Dayton Ohio. I stumbled across your sight months ago. I don’t remember how or why. I have had a very dark, foreboding cloud surrounding me for quite sometime. This site is the only place that I find refuge. I talk openly with my family about the events that are occurring, and what I feel it means. They know I am preparing (or trying to) for whatever is to come. My daughters have mentioned on occasion that “at least we don’t have to worry about earthquakes”. I told them not to be so sure, and now it is happening. This site gives me a sense of camaraderie in these troubling times, and I want you to know what a blessing that is for me. Thank you.


    • I’m glad you find solace here. May the hand of God be your guide and comfort into the future and thanks for depositing the warm sentiment.

      peace and blessings,


    • Ronni – I live in North Central Ohio, halfway between Cleveland and Columbus. At one time I also thought that the only things I really had to worry about were blizzards, ice storms, floods, and tornadoes. Nice to know I can start worrying about earthquakes too. So far I’m not concerned about volcanoes here, but if I start seeing smoke coming out of the ground in my back yard, I’m running. 🙂



  4. bl8ant says:

    How about fracking?


  5. says:

    I typed in the words Mahoning County and fracking and once again, there is horizontal drilling happening in that area! As I commented recently, many of the earthquakes that are happening, are occurring in areas where oil and natural gas companies are using hydraulic fracturing. Fracking is a method in which huge amounts of water mixed with sand and unnamed chemicals are forced through rock formations which breaks up the rock releasing trapped oil and gas reserves. I realize that we need energy independence and jobs but on the other side of the coin, I have great concerns that this method of drilling could trigger a huge quake by creating or aggravating an existing dormant fault line. My second and greatest concern is that oil companies are not releasing the list of chemicals they are using (trade secret but many known to be harmful) in this fracking process. What is the scariest of all is that these companies are exempt from prosecution under the Safe Water Drinking Act. I have posted a link which gives more detailed information but all one needs to do is type in the word fracking.


  6. dana says:

    If that’s the case then lake superior’s water will or might rush down to new Orleans. I had vision or thoughts came across after I said to a friend that I think Minnesota might be a safe place. Tests if the ground cracked st Duluth areas


  7. Porter says:

    If this was triggered by ‘another earthquake’ what or when will the yellowstone earthquake be triggered? Hmmm


    • Chuck says:

      Yellowstone has hundreds of quakes per year. It’s the super volcano we worry about there. And Dana, don’t worry about Lake Superior. It’ll be just fine.


  8. Brandon says:

    Alvin, these scientists have an answer for everything. When are the experts FINALLY going to warn Man about the seriousness of the coming earth changes?


  9. Wiseguy says:

    Looking at the map, it would be related to the North American Craton (Laurentia), going down all the way from St-Lawrence River and then moving along east coast. Lots of tremors recently along the border of this craton. Major changes coming…
    @ Brandon, we had a report this week in Canada about Global Warming will cost billions in the next years, this is serious enough…


  10. Dennis E. says:

    Devastating time ahead for usa in regard to earth changes. Reconfiguration of land mass
    and what ever is happening in the world we probably won’t be a contributing force because all of our resources will be needed to aid our population.


  11. Peter says:

    Hello Alvin,your Biblical comment was interesting in relation to Earthquakes.I was working in a church yesterday in North London and having a tea break as one does in the UK I picked up a bible closeby and wondered and marvelled at Revelation verse 6 which says ‘When he opened the sixth seal I looked and behold there was a great earthquake.and the sun became as black as sackcloth,the full moon became like blood.and the stars fell to earth as the tree sheds its winter fruit when shaken by a gale.the sky vanished like a scroll that is rolled up,and every mountain and island was removed from its place.Then and the great men and the kings of the earth and the generals and the rich and strong,and every one,slave and free hid in the caves and among the rocks of the mountains’. One wonders what one can derive from such a quotation in relation to current and coming events.
    Best Wishes
    Peter UK


  12. Bonnie d. Parsons says:

    The answer is………..It’s not up to us, folks. The Higher Power is going to do whatever he/she thinks best for the long run.


  13. Paul Kunkel says:

    I am from Akron,Ohio but live in El Paso,Tx, The diffrence is two more hours of sleep!I wander if I should move my family from Ohio just to be sure.


    • Not the time to panic. This crisis has not become full-blow yet…when the order of our lives is so impaired, we’ll know its time for plan B. You are already looking ahead so with your foresight, you will be way ahead of the crowd in tow.


  14. Oki Alvin, whenever there is an earthquake I am always reminded of my American Indian elders whose Creation stories were about this Great Turtle Island (North America), and how we are all resting on turtle’s back, So many “civilized” people thought we were such primitive savages to believe such nonsense, but I think the great turtle is rising up and shaking the haughty humans that live on her back! LOL! I wonder how much it will take to get everyone’s attention? Just inserting a different perspective!


  15. mike french says:

    seizmograph plots are your friend here,
    they can show the difference between an earthquake(a natural one), a fracture caused by fracking, and a bomb/explosive as in – tunneling/mining.


  16. DanTheMan says:

    I am 30 minutes away from this area. Fracking is becoming big business here. The area is perpetually economically depressed. So when someone comes to town with the promise of money and jobs Ohio says yes. The general theme from our “leaders” is Ohio has learned from the mishaps of other states and we’ll get it right. It certainly could be from other sources but I am hedging on fracking.


  17. Pharaoh says:

    In these latter times the planet, and all upon it, is being subjected to the energies or forces that have set into motion the changes spoken of by many, held in doubt by the majority, and understood by a mere few. The cycle of change we now experience is omnipresent in that everything, from the smallest sub-atomic particle to the entire globe itself, has begun what can best be termed a “phase transition.” With change there must first come dissolution. The magnitude of dissolution and disaster is directionally proportional to the extent and degree of change to come. The extent and degree of the coming change will be nothing less than phenomenal.


  18. Tina Marie says:

    I live in Michigan and know there is a fault line that runs up this side of the country. I have been wondering when it would start to act up with all the presures from the larger, more well fnow faults. As I an on my phone, I cannot share the link with you about how far this fault is but my reseaech shows fron South Carolina up to the lower part of Michigan. With the recent quake in VA ans the rumblings in SC, I have to wonder if the whole fault line isn’t waking up from a long slumber and about to start showing us we aren’t safe anywhere in the world fron their wrath. Just because we have no recorded history of such things, doesn’t mean we aer immune by any stretch to the devastaion aa large quake would cause here. Buildings in CA Are built to withstahd rather large ones but the midwest is not. In SC the nuke plant is built on a fault line and I’m sure many othere frome there ti here are as well. We won’t be looking at just damage from and Earthquake, we will be looking at meltdowns like the ones seen in Japan (and we don”t even have the full story on how bad those have gotten) that could dwarf those. As I follow your site most every day, I read the one about if solar flares knocked out all the power, which is a scary thought within itself, Eaetquakes could potentially cause the same results. I know 74 are built on the New Madrid Fault itself, so that tells me scientists must have thought these things would never happen. Why are we so arrogant as to think these things would never happen? As far as I’m concerned, we brought this on ouselves. We could recover from Earthquakes, but the radiation will poison the air and food and that will be our true downfall. Alvin do you have any statiscs on how many nuke plat are built on faultlines


  19. Red Mann says:

    Dear Tina,
    All the nuclear power plants are directly hooked up to the electrical grid.
    When a significant EMP (electro magnetic pulse) is emitted by the sun and directly strikes the earth, like of the magnitude in the US in the mid-1800’s – knocked out the entire telegraph system – arcs from the wires started fires in buildings and the forest, even several human operators who were burned – ALL OF THE NUCLEAR POWER PLANTS WILL BLOW UP!
    If you are in the Eastern half of the US (east of Mississippi river), there are so many of them literally, you will all be dead quickly!


  20. Andrew says:

    Watch out for earthquake activity around the New Madrid fault and then going right up the St. Laurence Seaway.


  21. bl8ant says:

    @Rita….you got it girl!! Fracking is a huge problem and a great cause of these booms and quakes….!dunno if this was the case here but hey….could very well be!


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