Mysterious boom and tremors rattle South Carolina

September 30, 2011CHARLESTON, SCA loud boom shook the coastal Lowcountry Wednesday morning, felt from Mount Pleasant to West Ashley. And once again, no one could say what caused it. Seismographs at the College of Charleston didn’t pick up any earthquake activity. The Charleston Air Force Base didn’t report any military aircraft creating sonic booms. No commercial vessels responded to a U.S. Coast Guard message asking for reports if it had been felt offshore. The reverberation most likely came from the “Seneca Guns,” a so-far-unexplained phenomenon felt along coasts around the world. Some experts speculate that the booms are caused by gases released from the sea floor, or undersea landslides along the Continental Shelf, or the echoed sound of distant thunder, or lightning-like electrical discharges, or even meteors crashing into the atmosphere at angles. The latest blast hit just before 10 a.m. “It was a pretty good shake, a pretty loud boom,” said Mark Reamer, who felt it in the Financial Management. “The mirrors on the wall rattled,” said Melinda Issacson, who was working out at home on James Island. Doors, windows and houses shook in Mount Pleasant and on Sullivan’s Island, according to Twitter reports. A West Ashley tweeter said it sounded like a gust of wind against the house. About the same time, a large tree fell across Hut Road on Johns Island and a nearby resident reported an explosion. But a tweeter in North Charleston said nothing was felt there. Small quakes and other booms are regular occurrences in the Lowcountry, where a series of faults converge underground. The last big shake was a temblor from the 5.8 Richter scale quake in Virginia in August. In March, a succession of three loud booms shook the coast that were widely believed to be the Seneca Guns. –Post and Courier
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11 Responses to Mysterious boom and tremors rattle South Carolina

  1. nickk0 says:

    “The reverberation most likely came from the “Seneca Guns,” a so-far-unexplained phenomenon felt along coasts around the world.”

    Amazing ! This is the first time that I have heard of ‘Seneca Guns’.
    A reader posted the following link in the Post And Courier:

    The more we know, the more we realize that we don’t know.

    – Nick


    • Thank you nickko for this link. Fascinating. Until today, I had never heard of “Seneca Guns”.



    • Jenjen Smith says:

      you are to right nick.. but if you are a christian you would be 99% sure that end time prophecies were birthing out..i do beleive the earths crusts have been shaken so bad this last month it only a matter of time before huge catastrophies start bursting up from below the crusts..eathquakes.. volcanos that have been dorment for decades..centuries.. are firing up all over the world as we speak..i beleive in america yellowstone park has a volcano is it.. and the last program i watch some coulp[le of years ago now was showin not just one.. but 14 other full chambers of magnum..and even so so noises along this coast now maynot come to anything else.. but it will show itself somewhere along that fault line..


    • Paul Grether says:

      I remember this happened when I lived there as a teenager in the late 1970’s!


  2. David says:

    I don`t know where to post this,but have a look ,For the first time in more than four years, Sarasota County may be facing an outbreak of red tide, the noxious algae that kills fish and causes respiratory irritation in people. Water quality samples taken recently by Sarasota County in partnership with Mote Marine Laboratory showed elevated concentrations of the algae near Manasota Beach and near Venice and Englewood beaches, according to data released late Tuesday. Whether the elevated concentrations are an isolated blip or signs of a larger red tide bloom was unclear Tuesday evening. More sampling will continue this week, according to a routine red tide report issued by state wildlife officials. Red tide algae contain neurotoxins that get released into the water and air when the algae die. The poisons kill fish, sea turtles and marine mammals. Severe red tides can make people on the beach cough and wheeze when winds blow onshore. Zoe Bass, who monitors sea turtle nests on Manasota Key, said she has noticed many small, dead fish lately on the northern part of the key. She said she had suspected red tide because they seemed to be washing ashore alive, as though escaping a bloom. Bass also said other turtle volunteers reported several dead birds recently. Very small amounts of red tide algae were measured in mid-July and early August in Sarasota Bay and near New Pass, but the presence of the algae was not widespread or persistent enough to warrant concern. The last time Sarasota County experienced red tide was 2006. Collier and Lee counties have had some minor red tide blooms since. Red tides move by currents and wind.


  3. Moco says:

    ALot of military alone the coast and maybe someone joy riding a little too hot. THe military never admits to anything.


  4. Dan says:

    Meteor or bolide


  5. Kim says:

    People in east Tennessee said they were hearing loud booms, saw it on one of their news websites. Maryville TN one woman said it shook her whole house she thought maybe a plane had hit one of their neighbors house or some other large object but there was nothing when she went outside. A few others heard it as well.


  6. Dennis E. says:

    Something is moving/shifting underground. Any reports of land fissures?


  7. George says:

    I was at the New Jersey shore this summer and heard booms amid the crashing waves. It was as if the waves somehow were masking the sound; but it was clear if one listened carefully. Odd thing too as I`m hard of hearing. My past includes chemical operations in which I am accustomed to listening to big machines work and can still tell when something ” is not right “.


  8. Rusty says:

    Oct 6, 2011 at 1208 am

    I was just sitting by my open widow enjoying the nice weather and heard a large boom coming from the direction of the coast. I live near Ladson Road and wonder if anyone else heard this?


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