5 Responses to Greece debt problems parlayed by provisional funding measure

  1. Kaos says:

    It’s like shooting a freight train with a BB gun…



    • nickk0 says:

      …. Or like putting a band-aid on top of another band-aid (which is on top of another band-aid), to try to stem the bleeding.

      Maybe next, they’ll resort to using Duct Tape, to hold the Band-Aids in place.
      ( That’s what it looks like to me )

      – Nick


  2. They are delaying the inevitable. These measures will soon be, if not already are, unsustainable. The only “good” thing I can get out of this, is a little more time to be personally prepared for a crash.



  3. RainMan says:

    After the rain the rain jacket.


  4. luisport says:

    Dow -11% Oil -16%
    S&P 500 -14% Gold 9%
    dax -25% 10-year -122 bps


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