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Earthquakes: Why you shouldn’t look to science for answers on earthchanges- part 2

I warned in my book that scientists will not correctly diagnose the pulse of earthchanges taking place on the planet because their science has no yardstick to quantify these changes by utilizing uniform geological criteria. They have neither understood the … Continue reading

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Icelandic landscape rattled by more tremors

September 24, 2011 – ICELAND – Tremors continue to rattle the landscape of the volcanic island of Iceland.  Many of the tremors in the southwest of the country are said to be attributed to man-made power generation stations near the … Continue reading

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NASA says defunct satellite appears to have fallen over the Pacific Ocean

September 24, 2011 – Miami — Pieces of a defunct satellite that plummeted to Earth have settled, NASA said Saturday morning. The space agency said the Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite “is down,” according to the space agency’s Twitter page. NASA said … Continue reading

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Second X-class flare erupts from turbulent sunspot 1302

September 24, 2011 – CHANCE OF FLARES: New sunspot 1302 has already produced one X-flare (X1.4 on Sept. 22nd), now it has produced another. NOAA forecasters had put the 24-hour probability at 20%. The sheer size of the active region suggests the … Continue reading

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Severe flooding in Cambodia leaves 58 dead

September 24, 2011 – CAMBODIA – Unusually severe flooding in Cambodia has left at least 58 people dead, including 31 children, a disaster official said Friday. Heavy rains since August and overflow from the Mekong River have left large areas … Continue reading

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