101 East: Asia’s growing addiction to nuclear energy – video

(c) 2011 Al Jazeera
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7 Responses to 101 East: Asia’s growing addiction to nuclear energy – video

  1. nickk0 says:

    *IF* the leaders of Indonesia and other countries manage to ‘push ahead’ with nuclear powerplants (assuming their plans are not interrupted), let’s hope they learn from everyone else’s mistakes.

    – Nick


    • nickk0 says:

      Very interesting suggestion, Tyler…… and a very interesting site !!

      I think that most people would disagree with such a ‘microchip’ solution – There are some very big practical problems posed by this.
      Such as, 1). Who controls the ‘chip’ ? 2). And therefore, who controls what you Can or Can Not do ?? 3). And who controls, and sets, what the ‘STANDARDS’ are ?

      – Nick


  2. Karl says:

    Al Jazera is owned by the state of Quatar, being a puppet government of the UK bankers etc.
    Al Jazera led the media lie behind the invasion and destruction of Libya.
    Al Jazera is the same as all the other mainstream media manipulators.
    Worth keeping in mind in my opinion.


  3. Donna says:

    I agree with that lady but man, her manner was very condescending. Ultimately the Govt. will do whatever it pleases, that’s just the kind of world we live in….and it doesn’t look like it’s got much time left thank goodness.


  4. luisport says:

    BreakingNews Breaking News
    Head of German engineering, industrial giant Siemens says firm will withdraw entirely from nuclear industry – DW http://bit.ly/qS56HW
    há 1 hora


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