Hives bigger, killer bees meaner this year, say experts after attacks

September 17, 2011 – CALIFORNIAAre the killer bees meaner than ever in 2011? The Killer Bee Guy thinks so. They’re much more ornery this year, according to Reed Booth, also known as The Killer Bee Guy. “This is the worst I’ve seen in 10 years,” Booth told CNN affiliate KOLD-TV in Tucson this week. Booth spoke after taking out a 200-pound hive of a quarter-million killer bees on a Bisbee farm earlier this week. The bees had swarmed after their hive in an outbuilding on the farm was disturbed. They killed a 1,000-pound hog and and sent a pregnant 800-pound sow into a coma. The piglets were lost, KOLD reported. “A thousand-pound pig is a huge thing,” Booth said. “I’m kinda surprised that they did kill it.” Farmer Jane Hewitt said the attack was frightening. “I jumped into a car but the passenger side window was down, and they came in a black cloud towards me.  I tried to swat at them and get them out the driver’s side window,” she told KOLD. The Bisbee hive was one of two massive hives Booth has tackled within a week. On Tuesday, Booth removed a hive of 200,000 bees from an abandoned home in Palominas, according to a report on That hive contained some of the most aggressive bees he’s ever seen, according to the report. “This was, on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the worst, this was definitely a nine,” Booth said. “You could smell the venom. There were so many bees around our masks, we could barely see.” CNN affiliate KNXV-TV in Phoenix reported that a man in Wilhoit, Arizona, died after a bee attack last week. Two other men were injured. Hives of 100 pounds or more have been removed from residences in the Phoenix area, too, CNN affiliate KPHO-TV reports. “This year we’ve had more large hives than we’ve ever had,” said Kevin Hodgson, of The Beekeeper, an extermination service in the Phoenix area. “Consistently these hives are bigger than they’ve been in recent years,” Hodgson told KPHO. Booth won’t dispute that. “It’s been a record year for big, mean hives,” quotes Booth as saying. Meanwhile in California, bees attacked four people Thursday in Santa Ana junk yard, sending all four to the hospital, according to a report from CNN affiliate KCBS-TV. One of the men, who was in a wheelchair when the hive was disturbed, was stung 64 times. Three other men were stung as they pulled him away from the swarm, according to the report.CNN
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6 Responses to Hives bigger, killer bees meaner this year, say experts after attacks

  1. james says:

    I was under the impression that bees were vanishing not growing in size


    • K.J. says:

      The native species of bees and elsewhere are the ones that are suffering and disappearing. Chemical spraying has a lot to do with it, but it is also due to our introducing strains of bees from other continents to mess with hybridization (as is the case with the Africanized bees) and the diseases and parasites from other areas being introduced into bee populations that have no resistance.

      It is the bee equivalent of when Europeans brought small pox and other such goodies to the natives peoples of North America.


  2. Dennis E. says:

    This is what happens when man tampers with the natural order of nature.
    We all know that the reason these bees exist is that South American Scientists/Biologists
    I think were trying create a hydrid bee from African Honey bees and European Bees to increase honey output? I think one of the bees specimens they were using had an aggressive trait. Anyway, there was an accidental release. This happened in 1957. According to reports, the sting is no more potent (it would still hurt) that the average honey bee, but it is that they are more aggressive. These are some bad boys, still.


  3. LA says:

    i think if our entire race was pretty close to being extinct, we’d be getting more aggressive.
    but–with humans, it seems we don’t have to have much of a reason to be aggressive. We need bees. we are not separate from bees.


  4. Sandra says:

    Why do bees attack living beings? It seems their food of choice is plants/flowers.


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