Mysterious fireball streaks across the skies of southwest U.S.

September 15, 2011PHOENIX, Az – What exactly was seen in the skies across the Southwestern U.S. Wednesday night? Was it a meteor, a falling satellite or, perhaps, something more mysterious? A streak of light that some are describing as a fireball, was seen shooting across the night sky and law enforcement and media from Phoenix to Los Angeles to Las Vegas were fielding calls of the reported sighting. Lt. Justin Griffin of the Maricopa Sheriff Department in Arizona was trying to guess what the strange light was. “Believe it was a meteorite traveling from north to south across Maricopa County,” Griffin said. “The 911 call center received a flood of calls.” Griffin said there were no reports of impact or damage. “People are, indeed, reporting they saw a light head from west to east across the sky. We got reports from CHP and the FAA about callers seeing the light. It is reasonable to say that it may be a meteor,” Curt Kaplan, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service told CNN affiliate KCAL. There are no reports of aircraft incidents across Southern California, said FAA spokesperson Ian Gregor. The sighting quickly became a hot topic on a number of social media websites with most asking, “Did you see it? What was that?” NASA officials announced this week the now-defunct Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite is expected to fall back to Earth in the coming weeks. There was no word on whether what was seen Wednesday was that satellite. –CNN
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23 Responses to Mysterious fireball streaks across the skies of southwest U.S.

  1. J Guffey says:

    Probably be seeing a lot more of this going on. It is getting more interesting as each day passes.
    Whatever it was, apparently no advanced notice or warning given to the general public.


  2. nanoduck says:

    I am curious to what the possible compostition of this meteor could be, given that it had greenish color. Some chemicals, when burned, give off different colors.


  3. nancy says:

    Yesterday I reported my dream from the night before about thousands of people watching from mountains as a large bright white light hurtled towards earth from the sky. My dream should be recorded in the dream portal section from yesterday though I havn’t yet seen it posted. Was this precognition?


  4. sam says:

    i saw something similar wednesday night in u.k


  5. will says:

    Demons……. But on another note, in 2002 I was in New Mexico driving thru the desert one night when a green light was seen coming down in front of us. As I got on the CB to say “hey, did you all see that” the driver in front of me pulls over real fast. I had to swerve to miss him. I ask “what the!!”, he said you never know what is falling out here and that he would wait till morning to go any farther. About 40 trucks in that line and alot of them freeked out over it. Fun times!!!!


  6. Paul Kunkel says:



  7. Jake says:

    Doesn’t the bible mention space rocks crashing into earth with devastating effects? Is this a prelude?


  8. Kim says:

    You know it’s strange I went to the CBS Los Angeles site and people were commenting about this and almost everyone saw different colors, some saw green, some saw orange, some saw bright white, yellow, blue, one person had said there were three people who saw it and each saw it but each saw different colors. Why would people see different colors? Mainly people said it was green but others didn’t. Strange.


  9. Nathan says:

    What kind of crap is this? Kurt from NWS? I’d ask Senior Meteorologist Kevin Martin at before that idiot anyday.


  10. Rambix says:

    I saw the same past week in the sky of France, i was on the road to Rouen the night of the 6th to 7th of september at 3 o’clock in the night coming from Amiens. A big fireball with a blue bright queue like a gas light, unbelievable sight. Direction east-west. My wife near me saw it too,


  11. Lord Chaos says:

    Don’t know if it is relevant, but I was out early this morning and saw what looked like a falling star here in mid-north Indiana.


  12. APAK says:

    Mysterious indeed.


  13. Rita says:

    I always miss this kind of thing as well. However, in these times i also consider military testing.
    By the way, i am still intrigued by the Norway Spiral of 2009.


  14. Cozmicfool says:

    Thinking it might just be fragments of a small meteorite, generally meteor showers are usually a few grains in size so a fireball could literally be the size of a pea, when it stops and hovers is the time to panic. X


  15. Kim Hartley says:

    have you seen the USSG live seismic server site ??!! Each and every one is going off the scale..


  16. Northeast Russia is a troublous region but not expecting anything in particular.


  17. mcorcoran1 says:

    Wow that is crazy! Well it looks like a meteor but I’ve seen meteors before and this photo looks more mysterious than a meteor thats for sure!


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