Chile battles youth unrest and typhoid fever outbreak

September 15, 2011SANTIAGOChile’s problems dealing with youth unrest over slow education reforms are being compounded by concerns the capital may be in the grip of a typhoid fever outbreak. The government has battled to enforce restraint on law enforcement agencies amid angry student-led protests, which have disrupted urban centers across the country for more than a month. The reforms demanded by youth groups are nowhere near being implemented and protests continue to simmer with support from teachers and workers unions. Now authorities are faced with the more immediate risk of typhoid. Health authorities issued repeated alerts for tougher hygiene checks and controls after they found several people infected and seriously ill with typhoid in the western metropolitan area of Santiago. At least seven cases were confirmed by the Public Health Institute but there were no immediate reports of fatalities. “Typhoid fever is an acute infectious disease triggered by a salmonella bacteria strain,” Institute Director Maria Teresa Valenzuela said. In most cases the infection is caused by consumption of contaminated food and drink or fruit and vegetables grown in areas where contaminated water is used in irrigation. Typhoid fever produces symptoms of high fever, diarrhea or intense headaches. The Santiago region has been prone to typhoid outbreaks since the 1990s when incidence of the disease caused up to 190 cases a year. –Terra Daily
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3 Responses to Chile battles youth unrest and typhoid fever outbreak

  1. Kim says:

    typhoid fever is horrific. Anyone who comments on this site if you live in Chile can you give us first hand accounts of the youth unrest. just curious to see from citizens who are witnessing it.

    God Bless you Alvin for all that you do.


  2. Perez Lorena says:

    Seven (7) cases of typhoid fever have already been reported in the area to the west of capital. Each one of them is hospitalized.


  3. luisport says:

    nbcwashington NBCWashington
    por BreakingNews
    West Nile Virus confirmed in Prince George’s County: #mosquitoes
    há 3 minutos


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