First massive blue whale in 30 years washes up dead on New Zealand beach

May 2, 2011New Zealand – Wainui Beach in South Taranaki was the final destination for huge sea monsters as two giant whales washed ashore in the past three days. Residents of Waitotara were surprised to discover what is believed to be a dead 22.3m-long pygmy blue whale washed up on the beach, about 1.5km south of the river mouth, sometime on late Friday night or early Saturday morning. A rare species, a Wanganui Department of Conservation spokesman said if this was a pygmy blue whale it is the only one of its kind to have washed up on this coastline for at least 30 years. Then overnight Sunday a large sperm whale stranded itself on Wainui Beach. Unable to re-float the large mammal, DOC staff had to put the sperm whale down. –Stuff.NZ
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16 Responses to First massive blue whale in 30 years washes up dead on New Zealand beach

  1. J Guffey says:

    Things just keep getting more concerning don’t they Alvin. This seems more significant than the smaller sea creatures that have washed up.


  2. raven73au says:

    This is so devastatingly sad!


  3. radiogirl says:

    This is the kind of pain that hits deep ,deep in the soul.I just want to scream..long and loud.


  4. rob says:

    Most of mankind is parasite on the face of the earth. We are destroying all of Gods creations in our insatiable appetite for the latest got to have gadgets. We will end up destroying ourselves.


  5. A_lad says:

    It seems to be slowly working it’s way up through the Eco System. A total collapse.


  6. Old Bob says:

    A phone call to Japan and everyones happy.


  7. manchild says:

    It will turn around in the other direction. It always does. It has already begun.


  8. Travis says:

    And the sea will be as blood…A third of all living creatures in the sea will die… The Book of Revelation


  9. Shawnta says:

    Very sad. 😦
    I saw some news articles I found interesting regarding animal deaths/behavior:

    And hey: America is shrinking also interesting news:

    Just thought I would share. 🙂
    Thanks for the great work!


  10. archangel says:

    The bible never lies


  11. jack says:

    hi , i have been following this blog for sometime now, good work on information Alvin.

    does any one know why so many sea animals are washing up dead ? 😦


  12. Isis says:

    These are sad and sorrowful times for man and beast


  13. K says:

    So sad I love whales they are amazing animals. I would’ve been so upset to see that in person 😦

    It always makes me think of the sign of Jonah Jesus talked about in the end times even though I really thought of the sign of Jonah May 2010 when Israel saw I believe a grey whale off it’s coast which one article said they haven’t been spotted since the 1700s and of course it’s spotted off the coast of Israel which is always significant

    God Bless


  14. BaristaOnDutY says:

    Signs Of The Time… All We Can Do Is Be And Remain Prayerful..


  15. lauren rogers says:

    I wonder if they ever test these poor animals for radiation poisoning?


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