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Magma on the move: Levels are stirring uniformly across planet’s hotspots

May 1, 2011 – They are called hotspots or magma plumes and they are deep cavities in the planet’s mantle that vent magma. They are the clearest way to gauge the planet’s temperature and pulse. Increased seismic activity in these … Continue reading

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May surprise: wintery conditions blast central Canada

May 1, 2011 – MANITOBA – It may be spring, but it appears winter isn’t finished with the Prairies just yet as a blizzard threatens to dump between 10 and 50 centimeters of snow on parts of Saskatchewan and Manitoba. … Continue reading

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Mississippi threatened by worst flooding in 84 years

May 1, 2011 – NATCHEZ, MS. – A devastating flood is heading to tornado-ravaged Mississippi, which could cause levels of destruction not seen since the Great Flood of 1927, forecasters have warned. The enormous levees lining the Mississippi River are … Continue reading

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Dead penguins wash up on East Coast of New Zealand

May 1, 2011 – NEW ZEALAND – The Department of Conservation is staying tight-lipped over the deaths of a group of penguins on the East Coast. At least 14 have been found washed up along Waihau Bay. Anti-oil protesters claim … Continue reading

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Romania shaken by deep 4.7 magnitude earthquake

Romania shaken by a deep 4.7 earthquake which occurred at 141 km below the ground. Romania was struck by three quakes in March of 2011 during a 24 hour period. Like many places in the world, Romania now appears to be experiencing more seisimic activity.

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