WNS acceleration: Nearly 10,000 bats die of disease in Pennsylvania cave

May 2, 2011PHILADELPHIA – White-Nose Syndrome, the disease wiping out bat populations across North America, represents one of the greatest extinction threats to mammals in recorded history and it just got a lot worse. Of the 10,000 bats that have hibernated in an abandoned mine in Upper Bucks County Pennsylvania for generations, only about 200 are still alive, officials said Friday. Durham’s bats became infected with White Nose Syndrome, a mysterious disease that’s killing off bat colonies at an alarming rate from Vermont to Virginia. In late March, Game Commission biologist Greg Turner checked in on the bats hidden in the hillside of Upper Bucks and found near devastation. “We’re looking at a 99 percent decline,” he said. And the bat deaths might continue. “There’s a few survivors. Hopefully, the ones that are there will survive.” –Philly Burbs
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5 Responses to WNS acceleration: Nearly 10,000 bats die of disease in Pennsylvania cave

  1. jamie says:

    I have to wonder if the moisture building up in cave systems, due to the interior of the Earth heating up, is the cause of the bat fungus? As temperatures rise in dark, cool and moist places the incidence of fungal growth will increase. Of course this would be relative to the surrounding topography as well.
    I wonder if scientists have noted an interior increase in temperature in the caves throughout the Southeast and Midwest? This would be a very auspicious finding.


  2. So this is still being investigated? I want to know what caused this disease.


  3. Jeanne Moldenhauer says:

    Since there are mold inhibitor products that could be used on the bats to kill the fungus, why is it that no one is willing to try them?


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