River in China mysteriously turns blood-red overnight

July 2014CHINA – Baffled locals who used to boast that they had one of the healthiest rivers in China because there were no factories along its banks were baffled when within the space of an hour the river turned a deep, dark red. Clear plastic bottles dipped into the water at Xinmeizhou village in Cangnan County in eastern China’s Zhejiang province quickly filled up with the red-colored liquid which had a strange smell, according to villagers. Local Na Wan said, “A few people that were up and about at 5 a.m. said that everything was normal but then suddenly within the space of a few minutes the water started turning darker and eventually was completely red. The really weird thing is that we have always been able to catch fish and you can even drink the water because it’s just normally so good. Nobody has any idea how it could have ended up being polluted because there are no factories that dump anything in the water here.” Environmental experts were on the scene taking samples of the water and said that they suspected it was discharged from a dye factory even though there was none in the area. One expert said, “We suspect that maybe somebody drove here to dump stuff. We are looking further upstream to try and find out where the source was of this pollution.” – SPLOID
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Chinese officials seal off ‘plague’ city, puzzling US experts

July 2014 CHINA – A city in China has reportedly been sealed off after one resident died from bubonic plague, but this way of trying to contain the disease is puzzling to infectious disease experts, who say the response seems extreme given the information released about the case. According to news reports, Chinese officials have blocked off parts of Yumen, a city in northwest China, preventing about 30,000 of the city’s people from leaving. A man in the city became ill after he handled a dead marmot (a large wild rodent), and died last week from bubonic plague. No other cases of the plague have been reported, according to the Guardian. About 150 people who had contact with the plague victim have been placed under quarantine. Plague is an infectious disease caused by the bacteria Yersinia pestis that is carried by rodents, and can be transmitted to people through flea bites or by direct contact with the tissues or fluids of an animal with plague, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The disease is known for killing millions of people in Europe in the 1300s, in a pandemic called the Black Death. Today the illness is treatable with antibiotics, the CDC says. Now there are fewer than 5,000 cases of plague per year worldwide, with most cases occurring in Africa, according to the Mayo Clinic.
There are several forms of plague. Bubonic plague, which the man in Yumen had, causes swelling of the lymph nodes, and it cannot be spread from person to person. However, if the disease spreads to the lungs, the person can develop pneumonic plague, which can be transmitted from person to person if a sick individual coughs droplets into the air, and another person inhales the droplets. But person-to-person transmission is rare, and usually requires close contact with the infected individual, the CDC says. Dr. William Schaffner, a professor of preventive medicine and infectious diseases at Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville, Tennessee, said that sealing off a city is a rather extreme set of precautions to take for a single case of bubonic plague. “I feel there’s something here that we don’t know, because this seems a very expansive response to just one case,” Schaffner said. “We have cases of bubonic plague from time to time in the United States, and they don’t require this kind of public health response,” Schaffner said. In recent decades, there have been an average of seven cases of bubonic plague a year in the United States, the CDC says. When bubonic plague cases occur in the U.S., the public health response is very local — the patient is treated, and officials try to determine the source of the infection and warn people to stay away from the source, Schaffner said.
In cases of pneumonic plague, U.S. officials would speak with people who had close contact with the plague patient, and make sure any further cases were diagnosed quickly. People with pneumonic plague are isolated from other patients during treatment, the CDC says. This response has been quite sufficient for dealing with plague cases, Schaffner said. Schaffner wondered whether Chinese public health authorities had more information that they have not released, such as reason to suspect more cases. “I’m very puzzled at the circumstances here, and what the actual hazard is,”  Schaffner said. A nine-day quarantine originally imposed on parts of a northern Chinese city where a man died of bubonic plague has finally been lifted, China’s official news reported two days ago. –Yahoo News
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Earth tremor causes panic in parts of Accra, Ghana

July 2014GHANA - An earth tremor hit parts of Accra on Thursday night with residents of Bortianor and neighboring communities confirming they felt the earth move. The Earth tremor which occurred around 8 pm lasted for about six seconds. Residents said though the earth tremor is not new, last night’s vibrations were of a higher magnitude. Meanwhile the Chief Executive Officer of Development Geo-Information Service (DeGEOSERV), Prof. Emmanuel Amamoo-Otchere is cautioning residents in the affected areas to either relocate or take steps to protect their buildings against earth tremors. He explained that even though the situation may not be frightening currently, the magnitude could increase and cause major destruction to life and properties in earthquake prone zones. Records indicate that in 1615, earthquakes occurred in Ghana with magnitude greater than 6.0 on the Richter Scale. The last three major earthquakes occurred in Ghana in 1862, 1906 and 1939. The 1862 Accra earthquake with a magnitude 6.5 on the Richter Scale killed three people and caused considerable damage.
The Osu Castle was destroyed. The effects of this earthquake were felt in Togo and in Benin. Two magnitude 4.6 and 4.9 seismic events occurred in Accra in 1871 and 1872. The epicenter of the 1906 earthquake was near Ho collapsing buildings and causing severe damage. The June 1939 magnitude 6.5 earthquake was the most destructive in Ghana’s history causing $67.3 million damage. This seismic event lasted about thirty seconds and killed seventeen people and injured about one hundred and forty. Its intensity centered on James Town. If the same force quake hits Accra today, the consequences will be unimaginable. Between 1964 and 1997 various minor tremors shook Ghana. The effects of two tremors that occurred in 1997 were felt in all the regions. –Citifmonline
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MERS may have mutated to airborne agent

July 2014SAUDI ARABIA – Genetic fragments of the deadly MERS virus were detected in the air of a barn where an infected camel was kept, a new study says. The findings show the need for further studies to determine if Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) can be transmitted through the air, the researchers said. Researchers collected air samples over three consecutive days from a camel barn owned by a 43-year-old male MERS patient who lived south of the town of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. The man later died. One of the camels in the barn was later confirmed to have MERS. The air samples contained genetic fragments of MERS that were identical to those detected in the infected camel and its owner, according to the study in the July 22 issue of the journal mBio.
The findings show the need for “further investigations and measures to prevent possible airborne transmission of this deadly virus,” lead author Esam Azhar, said in a news release from the American Society for Microbiology. Azhar is the head of the Special Infectious Agents Unit at King Fahd Medical Research Center and associate professor of medical virology at King Abdulaziz University in Jeddah, according to the news release. “This study also underscores the importance of obtaining a detailed clinical history with particular emphasis on any animal exposure for any [MERS] case, especially because recent reports suggest higher risk of [MERS] infections among people working with camels,” he added. According to the latest update released by the World Health Organization on June 16, there were 701 laboratory-confirmed cases of MERS reported globally, including at least 249 deaths. –US News
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Earthquakes are rising in Oklahoma: 2,300 tremors reported since January

July 2014OKLAHOMA - Earthquakes used to be rare in Oklahoma, a handful per year or so. Not anymore. So far this year, the state has experienced some 2,300 earthquakes, according to the Oklahoma Geological Survey, an average of more than 11 per day. Accordingly, the number of Oklahomans with earthquake insurance has jumped a startling 500 percent in less than three years, reports the Oklahoma Department of Insurance. While the cause of increased tremors in the Plains States remains under contention, residents, at the least, are preparing for the worst. The state agency doesn’t typically track the data and insurance companies don’t report it, but “we were getting calls from around the country,” says communications director Kerry Collins. So Collins called the state’s top five homeowners insurance companies—accounting for more than 70 percent of the market—and estimated an average: In 2011, only 3 percent of the state’s homeowners had an earthquake rider on their homeowners insurance policies; this year, 15 percent did. It’s not something people worried about before,” Mark Tedford of Tedford Insurance in Jenks, Okla., told the Tulsa World. “Now it is.”
While most of the seismic uptick has been too small to cause much damage, a 2011 temblor hit 5.6 on the Richter scale, setting a new state record and damaging more than a dozen homes. Two years later, the insurance commissioner advised residents to buy the extra coverage, which typically costs about $100 to $150 per home. The same year, insurers sold $11.6 million in earthquake insurance premiums, more than double the $5.7 million they sold in 2011. By comparison, homeowners insurance premiums were up just 18 percent in the same period. As the frequency and intensity of seismic activity has increased throughout the central region—add Arkansas, Colorado, Ohio, and Texas—so has speculation that hydraulic fracturing is to blame. As part of the process of extracting oil and gas from rock, wastewater is pumped back into the ground, a process scientists say could be exerting undue pressure and triggering quakes. The U.S. Geological Survey cautions that more research is needed; its own research so far indicates that fracking may not be responsible for the increase in small quakes, but it may be to blame for boosting the magnitude of the biggest quakes. In Oklahoma, the largest quakes occurred near injection wells.  –Business Week
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Earthquakes are increasing in the UK: highest level in a decade

July 2014 UNITED KINGDOM – New figures show the number of earthquakes recorded in the UK is increasing. The highest level of detections in the last decade is set to be registered for 2014, with 100 earthquakes already recorded in the first three months of the year and 149 in total up until July. This compares to 154 throughout 2013, 64 in 2006 and 111 reported in 2005, 2007 and 2011 – one small tremor, which centered on Jersey and Guernsey in the Channel Islands earlier this month. The quake had a magnitude measuring 4.2, making it the largest in the region for almost 90 years and the tremors were felt all along the south coast of England. The tremor was reported to have registered on British Geological Survey monitoring station equipment in Exeter, Devon. Environmental activists fear the Government’s desire to exploit shale gas reserves in rocks beneath the UK will cause small earthquakes. But ministers believe the technique used to tap into the potential supplies – known as fracking – will bring down energy bills and create thousands of jobs. The UK earthquake data covering June 2004 to July 2014 was released to Parliament in response to a written question from Labour’s Tom Greatrex.
Shadow energy minister Mr. Greatrex said: “It is vital that any shale gas extraction in the UK can only happen in the context of robust regulation and comprehensive inspection – seismic monitoring must be a key part of that. “Labour have repeatedly pressed the Tory-led Government for tighter regulation. “Belatedly, they have agreed to institute a traffic light system that cuts off any activity if tremors above 0.5 are detected.” Most of the 1,170 earthquakes recorded between 2004 and 2014 can be regarded as micro-earthquakes as they registered below 3.0 on the Richter scale and are generally not felt by people. There were 1,099 tremors below 3.0, a further 61 considered minor and therefore felt by many people but causing no damage, nine that were light and can cause minor damage to objects and one which was moderate. The most powerful tremor was registered as 5.2 in February 2008. Homes were shaken across large parts of the country when the earthquake hit. The British Geological Survey (BGS) reported the epicenter was in Market Rasen in Lincolnshire. Business Minister Greg Clark, who released the data, told Mr. Greatrex in his written response: “The (UK’s national seismic) network will detect almost all earthquakes of local magnitude two and above in the UK. “The network does detect events with magnitude less than two, but some will not be recorded as the ability to detect an event reliably diminishes with increasing distance from the closest seismometer stations. “The BGS network detects around 100 earthquakes in the UK annually.” -WMN
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This year’s mayfly hatch resembles something of biblical proportions

July 2014WISCONSIN – This year’s mayfly hatch in the Mississippi River reached Biblical proportions. The mayfly emergence is an annual event in which mayflies leave the Mississippi River after one or two years of incubation. The flies live for just a few days before they return to the water, lay a new crop of eggs, and die. The La Crosse, Wisconsin branch of the National Weather Service (NWS) reports that the mayflies caused a three-vehicle car crash as they descended over the town. The flies caused a bow echo on the NWS radar, which normally occurs during heavy rains, and proceeded to make a Wisconsin road slick, causing a driver to lose control of her car. Two people were injured in the crash, and one was treated at a local hospital. Wisconsin residents captured some stunning images— read: horrifying — images of the mayfly emergence, which happened on Sunday night. –The Week
                 The Mayfly hatch was so large this year, it could be seen on radar.

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