3 Responses to Deadly Beirut blast wiped out 85% of grain silos

  1. Dennis E. says:

    Watch this really at the 22 second mark but I chose this video for the location from which it was videoed. The second explosion, really looks like a very small tactical nuke. You know there are nukes small enough to inflict this type of damage. I did see one video shows what appears to be a missile flying into the warehouse that had already exploded and then the nuke type explosion.

    It is believed that this was also a weapons storage facility as well for firecracker(s) and ammonium nitrate that was off loaded from a Russian vessel several months ago for some reason.




  2. Judy Clarke says:

    This was a bomb without the atoms, it was an unloaded mushroom. Both dangerous but an atomic bomb would have gone further and had after affects that would have been detrimental to those it touched and would continjue to be dangerous for months if not years to come. so it was an unloaded bomb.


  3. aaronwt says:

    It could not have been a tactical nuke since there was not any elevated radiation levels.


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