Divine Judgment? 14 days before the Republican Convention in state – North Carolina stuck by hurricane and earthquake

NC Disasters
2 major disasters in one week: Has the moral degeneration, polarization, and corruption of America drawn the wrath of God?

SPARTA, N.C. (AP) — The most powerful earthquake to hit North Carolina in more than 100 years shook much of the state early Sunday, rattling homes, businesses and residents. The National Weather Service in Greenville said the 5.1-magnitude temblor struck at 8:07 a.m., following a much smaller quake several hours earlier. There were no immediate reports of damage or injuries. Michael Hull was standing in his driveway at his home in Sparta when he noticed a group of deer running. “Not even a minute passed and the side-to-side motion started,” Hull said. “It takes you a minute to realize what’s happening, and you just can’t believe it. Then it was over. It was loud, like God was shaking a mountain at you, literally.”

Karen Backer was in her Greensboro apartment when she heard initially mistook banging in her kitchen for her roommate. “Nope, it was the cabinet doors ‘clinking’ open and closed! My neighbors on the other hand said they felt our apartment building shaking,” Backer said. “Well, sadly, nothing surprises me in 2020, but a hurricane and an earthquake in the same week is crazy.” It was the largest earthquake to hit the state since 1916, when a magnitude 5.5 quake occurred near Skyland, the weather service said.

The U.S. Geological Service said the quake’s epicenter was about 2.5 miles (four kilometers) southeast of Sparta, just south of the Virginia-North Carolina border. The USGS said the population in the affected region resides in structures “that are resistant to earthquake shaking, though vulnerable structures exist.” The quake was felt in nearby states including Virginia, South Carolina and Tennessee.  –AP

Earthchanges End Times

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1 Response to Divine Judgment? 14 days before the Republican Convention in state – North Carolina stuck by hurricane and earthquake

  1. Dennis E. says:

    It seems That North Carolina is a magnet for Hurricanes and Tropical Storms. But recently, there were several small earthquakes averaging about 2.0 last week within Appalachian Mountain Range just near the most recent 5.1. It was also reported that a 2.6 occurred in the same area the day just before the 5.1. They have had reportedly 2 aftershocks 1.7-1.8.


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